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  1. roboticmehdi2

    Ultimate Doom for Doom: exists?

    Thanks all.
  2. roboticmehdi2

    Ultimate Doom for Doom: exists?

    I want to have a single folder in which there will be single executable (1.9 registered, because it's the most standard, due engine behaviour differences and demosyncs and benchmarks, etc..) and also have iwads: D, D2, UD, plutonia, tnt. Most vanilla mods aren't for UD/plut/tnt anyway, so having executable specifically for them I don't want. A few differences in gameplay is not important for those. Only UD is problematic among this trio, and I can't mod myself. That's why was asking if exists UD mod for D.
  3. roboticmehdi2

    Ultimate Doom for Doom: exists?

    Because I don't like multiple executables, want to keep only one, and D reg 1.9 executable is more important than UD executable.
  4. roboticmehdi2

    Ultimate Doom for Doom: exists?

    Hi ! Is there exist such thing as Ultimate Doom pwad/"mod" for Doom registered 1.9? (maybe with 4th episode replacing one of previous episodes) I don't like having multiple executables, and I could not run UD with D reg 1.9, it doesn't show 4th episode and idclev doesn't help either. I am also not sure if it is a legal thing to exist, but UD is a free patch for D reg anyway. It probably won't be 100% accurate, because UD had different executable, but close enough is close enough. Thanks in advance.
  5. roboticmehdi2

    Share a random fact about yourself

    This topic started 2 months after I returned from army. 2020 was a good year for my country, and thus for me, despite all the negative things happened around the world. I often get confused/stuck in life.
  6. roboticmehdi2

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    it's DOOM.WAD -> DOOM Registered (3 episodes) and I am sure it's not corrupt, sha1: 7742.........CBD NEW GAME freezes, LOAD GAME works fine. Edit: Also tried doom2.wad, works fine. Only doom.wad freezes with new game. Edit2: ultimate doom also works fine, doesn't freeze when NEW GAME is selected.
  7. roboticmehdi2

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    Hi, nice project! Thank you for this. When I start fdoom (0.8) with doom.wad and select New Game, it freezes, on dosbox. Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong? Anyway, here's what I did: First started a new game from fdoomt25, and saved a game in some map. Then from fdoom, instead of new game, I loaded the saved game, then I can warp to any map using cheat, and it works this way. Edit: new game doesn't freeze with doom1.wad or doom2.wad or doomu.wad (ultimate doom), only with doom.wad(registered).
  8. roboticmehdi2

    Have WAD Expectations Changed?

    I don't think so. There have been good and shitty mods then and now. In my opinion the real change in "wad" expectation is that some current doom fans expect mods to be for fancy gzdoom with with fancy stuff, and then saying stuff like "can't believe that's running on doom engine". I think a real mapper is the one who makes good maps for vanilla, or limit-removing engine at most.
  9. Hello, I like psx doom music "Credits & Demo". Is there a way to make it play while playing some map? I know it can be done by typing "idmus **" for examle but there is no credits map, just titlemap(which combines credits after the intro but it also plays titlemap music before the credits).
  10. roboticmehdi2

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Any idea what map mod is this ?
  11. roboticmehdi2

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    @Chainie thanks a lot !!
  12. roboticmehdi2

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Hi Chainine! Thanks for the reply, but, are you sure? Because I scanned through all the maps there and can't find the map in the screenshot.
  13. roboticmehdi2

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Hi, anyone can tell me the name of this map mod ? (not the guns mod). Thanks in advance.
  14. roboticmehdi2

    My thoughts on Doom3

    Hi, I want to share my thoughts on Doom3. If that's allowed? Because the last time I shared my opinion about a thing called gzdoom I got lots of bad responses and my topic got locked. Anyway, a few years ago I said that I love Doom3, but now I think it's not as good as a thought it is. The reason I said that because I have a strange hobby of collecting shareware/demo versions of my favourite games. And I really loved Doom3 Demo. But recently I played full Doom3+ROE, and why I think it's not as good as I thought: 1. Rendering. All things appear as if someone oiled them. 2. D3+ROE feature lots of closed spaces, but not enough of mars and hell. Marine rarely goes outside and for a short amount of time. Also really not enough hell levels. 3. I didn't like the boss in hell of D3. What's even that, sending fires to all directions, for a moment it felt like a game of dota or something and not fps. Hell in ROE was better. 4. Why doesn't doomguy wear a helmet or something, can he withstand the extremely low pressure of mars? 5. Shadows and legs. By default the player shadows are disabled, but enabled in multiplayer. I always felt strange by not seeing by own shadow as if I'm ghost walking around. So I found how to enable it in singleplayer. Again it felt very strange because this time I look at my shadow and it feels like the shadow is "flying" around by itself, because I can't see my legs and feet. So in both cases it's not realistic. The only place where I can see myself and my shadow is in toilet mirror. 6. Also the plasma flying around doesn't illuminate it's surroundings, neither during the flight nor at the impact. At least we have muzzle flash. To sum it up: Doom3 is a good game, but not as good as it could have been. And I still mostly love it. Also, if anyone can help me to address these shortcomings would be great. Are there any good singleplayer/multiplayer mars and hell maps that you can suggest? Is there a mod that adds legs? Is there a mod that makes plasma illuminate it's surroundings ?