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  1. roboticmehdi2

    doom shareware mods

    I use delphi doom using -devparm to load romero's e1m8 on shareware doom, this source port allows it. (it's the only reason I keep it, other than that there is nothing special about this source port. I am sure one can find more source ports that allow loading mods with shareware, maybe even older versions of popular source ports like gzdoom and etc...)
  2. roboticmehdi2

    doom shareware mods

    See what I found, John Romero's e1m8 "Tech gone bad" is a shareware mod, works with doom1.wad. I am interested in more shareware compatible mods, mainly map mods. (and not gameplay mods.)
  3. roboticmehdi2

    doom shareware mods

    Are there any mods for doom shareware? I remember sometime in the past I came across one and it was a decent mod actually despite being limited with shareware assets. Thanks.
  4. roboticmehdi2

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    I was excited to see an excellent looking mod for vanilla. Not much of these is done these days, most go directly for gzdoom. But my excitement was gone for reasons mentioned.
  5. roboticmehdi2

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    Inconsistent files, too many versions, too many files, the need for fix files, etc... It could have been as simple and as clean as: "d4v.wad, d4v.deh, d4v.txt" (3 files, plus maybe a dehacked executable for those who are not familiar with deh). But no, it is complex and messy. I will not have it, for now. Sorry, everyone has an opinion, this is mine, it can be ignored or taken as a feedback, like any other opinion.
  6. roboticmehdi2

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    I know. What I ask is, what difference is between regular and dos versions of d4v.wad (this exact file)? They are not the same files. (I checked 2.5.7, still not same). Most of the map wads have dehs of their own, what happened to them? why not included?
  7. roboticmehdi2

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    what is the difference between regular and ms-dos versions of d4v.wad ? (I am currently using version 1.1, not sure if there still is difference for 2.5.7)
  8. roboticmehdi2

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Thanks, it works now. Another question if you have time please: "Think of this mod as being a remastered or updated version of Doom 64 for GZDoom. We have Doom 64 EX, Doom 64 Absolution TC, GZDoom64, and Brutal Doom 64. Why you ask? I was personally dissatisfied with the quality of the GZDoom64 project, and Brutal Doom 64 (while it is a great improvement) is along the same lines but changes too much and deviates from the original Doom 64 experience. And thus, this project was born." Ok, but you did not explain Doom 64 EX and Absolution TC. Why make Retribution mod while we have those?
  9. roboticmehdi2

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Hi. I am trying to play versions 1.4 and 1.5 on gzdoom 2.2.0. You claim they were developed on/for gzdoom 2.2.0 but I am still getting that menu error "line 25 addoptionmenu". What's wrong? Does it work on gzdoom 2.2.0 ? Thanks a lot
  10. roboticmehdi2

    DOOM 3 "Hate"?

    I love Doom 3
  11. roboticmehdi2

    Low fps on fast retro

    Retro PC specs: socket 7, pentium 200mhz, 512kb L2, 24mb ram, tseng et4000ax vga, ms-dos, default bios settings, autoexec.bat and config.sys are blank(nothing is loaded). Doom timedemo demo3 runs at 21 fps. What could be wrong? People get better results with 486 and 8mb. I'll try to provide any info required.
  12. roboticmehdi2

    resurrection of evil demo

    I like game demos/sharewares. For some time I thought that Doom3ResurrectionOfEvil Demo did not exist, but still was unsure. Then I found this http://www.doomwadstation.net/doom3/demo/ but the download link does not work. I tried to contact site owner but no reply. Now I want to know, where can I download Doom3ResurrectionOfEvil Demo? Do you know any working links?
  13. roboticmehdi2

    help identify 90's pc and laptop

    http://www.minuszerodegrees.net/manuals/Toshiba/Other/Toshiba T2110 T2110CS T2115CS T2130 T2130CS T2130CT T2135 - Maintenance Manual.pdf very good 486 computer there, lucky you have the one with TFT screen (STN screens suck). Looks like 486dx4-75mhz(16kb L1 cache) + 8mb ram(minimum). Probably will keep doom at 35fps, might be enough for quake (though 25mhz fsb might be a problem).
  14. roboticmehdi2

    help identify 90's pc and laptop

    (deleted by myself)
  15. roboticmehdi2

    How to run Doom and Final doom on ePSXe

    thank you John Rambo 787! For years I could not get ps1 roms run on epsxe.