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  1. roboticmehdi2

    Rage demo

    As far as I know, there is a demo version of every id game out there, not sure about Rage. Is there a Rage demo? why not?
  2. roboticmehdi2

    Doom3 1.3

    Do you have a fresh Doom3 1.3 (patch 1.3)? If so can you upload it as zip? I need it to run some old mods made for engine version 1.3 (I know there is run13in131 but I get some glitches with it, just want the intended engine 1.3) (I know there is doom3 1.3 patch setup available, but it won't install on my computer, keeps saying it did not find the game)
  3. roboticmehdi2

    doom 4 maps for doom 1-2

    I guess not :-)
  4. roboticmehdi2

    doom 4 maps for doom 1-2

    Are there any good/detailed doom 2016 maps for doom 1-2 ? (not weapons, huh, got plenty of that) Also, uploader is not responding, any chance to download this map?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXkZsKSD-Fc
  5. roboticmehdi2

    file access log

    Hello, I need a program or a way that logs the access history for selected files. I only want to know if the files were accessed(read, modified) by any program/application since time xx:xx or since the start (basically I specify the start/beginning of logs). Basically the info I need is this: ***************** These files were accessed since the start: a.abc b.dfg c.hju etc.... ***************** Doesn't matter which program accessed them or at what time. Any help? I am on windows 10 by the way.
  6. roboticmehdi2

    half-life version help

  7. roboticmehdi2

    half-life version help

    I need information about half-life versions and their release dates and stuff. Any information, any links? (except this one https://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Game_versions , which I already found, but missing the build and date information for pre-2005)
  8. roboticmehdi2

    wikipedia's list of best games

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_PC_games Also it is interesting to note that according to this list, doom3 has sold more for PC than other dooms(1/u, 2, final, 2016), despite the fact that many say that doom3 was not as good as others( not me though, I like all). doom2016 has not even made it to that list (yet) (because the list shows only over 1 million sells) Also: half-life2, half-life, doom3, crysis and counter-strike are top 5 best selling PC first-person shooters.
  9. roboticmehdi2

    DOOM Demo

    Can steam version (of DOOM Demo) be "cracked" to work without it? (LOL it is strange trying to crack something already free but I don't use steam and never did and never will) I asked my friend who uses steam, he will bring me on monday the DOOM Demo files, I will try to crack it by going through such tutorials online. But if anyone here can help he me, I have never done it before, it would be great.
  10. roboticmehdi2

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    looking for maps shown on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmLZn1hvSck map1: 0:05 (starts at 5th second into the video) map 2: 0:51 (starts at 51th second into the video) (if they are from doomu or doom2 please tell me which maps they are) thanks.
  11. roboticmehdi2

    DOOM Demo

    Is there a way to download DOOM 2016 Demo (hopefully no time-limited) for PC? Note: No steam or other DRMshitty things.
  12. roboticmehdi2

    (q1 and q3) VS (others)

    I never play anything with music/soundtracks at all, only enjoy ambient sounds. Remember when I was playing GTA Vice City I hated car radio music and it was pain to switch to silent channel every time I got into new car. So I found the tracks and simply deleted them, this time game would give error and not launch. I knew it was checking for file presence, so I found mp3 to adf converter online and replaced the tracks with same name but blank/silent tracks, problem was solved. Anyway, it is good to hear your thoughts on q1/q3 vs others. Like I said, I really like quake 1 and quake 3, but no matter what I do I cant like quake 2, totally bad game for me. Same with quake 4 and quake wars. Quake 1 for me is the best in quake series and one of the best games of all time.
  13. roboticmehdi2

    (q1 and q3) VS (others)

    What I think about quake games is that quake1 and quake3 are good, but others are just bad. And I think mainstream idea is like that as well, from what I see on other topics and forums about quake series. Just why and how is quake 2 is not that good, not as good as quake 1? I mean graphically something is wrong with quake 2, the enemies, also there are much less number of mods for quake 2 compared to quake 1. (Also a poll on doomworld results in 66% in favor of quale 1 and 33% in favor of quake 2, approximately) NOTE: notice that quake 2, quake 4 and quake wars are tied together, storywise. While the best two quakes, 1 and 3, are story wise unique or no story at all. So I am not sure if this has anything to do with the above statements. Just want to hear your opinion.
  14. roboticmehdi2

    wikipedia's list of best games

    Actually include some good non-pc games to this list (tetris, mario, legend of zelda, star fox 64, etc..) and it will become a very pretty list of best games. (again this is not based on what games I like, i hate a lot games on that list ex:minecraft, but still believe it deserves being there) (this is best games the way I see it, without considering my own taste)
  15. roboticmehdi2

    wikipedia's list of best games

    Oh hey! I found something even better! Check this out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_PC_games This is, I believe, is the most truthfull list I have seen so far. Those stupid non-pc games are not there so the list became much better. Dooms, quakes, DN3D, crysis, .... all there.