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  1. roboticmehdi2

    Is W.J. short in

    why is SS blue and WJ ?
  2. roboticmehdi2

    What is Your Job/Career?

    Technical instructor of construction machines. (batman at nights)
  3. roboticmehdi2

    Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

    I was against initially, but due to pressure from work I had to take vaccine. Had to choose between pfizer-biontech and sinovac, sputnik also will be available in my country. Chose the "safest" (classic type), Sinovac. Awaiting second dose. No side effects or any symptoms at all. (I am middle age)
  4. roboticmehdi2

    Is there any reason not to always run?

    He runs way too fast, unrealistic. So I "walk" only and assume this is normal running. This is a reason.
  5. roboticmehdi2

    Microsoft Windows 11 confirmed exclusive to 64-bit CPUs.

    I am still on win7 because win10 won't stop updating by itself and consuming my expensive gigabytes. I know there are some weird ways to stop this, and latest win10 versions might even allow user control over it, but still. I have early win10 dvd and it directly jumps on updating the moment I connect to internet. So, no. Win7 gets my job done and is very good. I am in no need for win10 or win11 at the moment. Edit: my pc had win10 when I bought it. I installed win7 on it, and I am happy with it.
  6. roboticmehdi2

    here is a debate

    Mouse only
  7. roboticmehdi2

    Whats the deal with the "Lost Soul Corpse"?

    Doom press release beta has diffent lost soul appearance and it leaves corpse when it dies. Maybe it's remanant from that.
  8. roboticmehdi2

    what is your greatest doom games of all time

    Doom v0.2 is the best doom game ever. So much fun!
  9. roboticmehdi2

    list of your source port to play doom

    No dots, no commas, reading your post is kinda pain. I use vanilla on a 486 or pentium1 for true true vanilla experience. (with dosbox on modern pc to check out the mod) I use crispy doom for big limit removing mods. I stay away from mods that require source ports with custom stuff.
  10. never noticed that, good question. edit: maybe so that he can put that metal thing on his fingers?
  11. roboticmehdi2

    Imagine that you win the lottery.

    I would quit my current job and do the work that I enjoy, plus add in some traveling with my family, and help people in need, especially make better conditions for children orphnas who suffered in a war.
  12. roboticmehdi2


    Really good.
  13. roboticmehdi2

    Could PSX Doom be remastered like Doom 64 was?

    It's not more doom though, same thing with some changes (some good, some bad). I don't understand whats the point in paying for that. We already have psx doom as a mod, multiple of them. Had for d64 as well, mods/TCs/etc. I like psxdoom and d64, but this doesn't feel right. It's just a cheap way to capitalize on good game made in the past. Love you guys.
  14. roboticmehdi2

    Could PSX Doom be remastered like Doom 64 was?

    please don't
  15. roboticmehdi2

    What happens when we die?

    I don't know. I am cofused. I am agnostic.