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  1. Maggle

    Compound Fracture [Dino Crisis FPS]

    I love this game's PS1 artstyle, the atmosphere, the weapons, the Dino Crisis-y premise, everything! Definitely checking this game out.
  2. Maggle

    Favorite FPS Arsenals

    Blood, F.E.A.R, Painkiller, Unreal/UT99, Quake 4, Quake 3, Dark Forces, RtCW.
  3. Maggle

    first 2 times posting on doomer baords and i get this

    if this is how they welcome their new members and treat people, then don't post there. Especially since they'll treat you even worse if you stick around for a while. Also, to all the people saying "take advise, even if it's blunt" what fucking advise? Are you high? "Flat, No lighting" and "Fuck you, I can make fun of you if I want" aren't "advise", it's toxic bullshit and objectively worthless. Nobody in the history of mankind has ever improved their work from people screaming "BOOOORRRIING!" at them.
  4. Maggle

    What Do The Japanese Think Of Quake?

    what do west appalachian coal miners think of operation body count?
  5. Maggle

    The Doomworld Forest

    I eat some berries. Hopefully they don't kill me
  6. Maggle

    Would You Make Quake 1 Similar To Quake 2?

    I'd change all the Quake games to make their shotguns not completely suck.
  7. Because Wolfenstein started as a stealth action series, and was always about sneaking into hostile military installations full of Nazis. RTCW is the first "true" sequel to Wolfenstein 3d, and the first sequel to the series in 9 years by that point. Wolf 3d is only the third game. The first two were more like a primitive Metal Gear. There's no reason for the series to be defined by Wolf3d. Even Wolf 3d requires a far more methodical approach to the action than most of its contemporaries. If you try to run in guns blazing in W3d, you're going to get your ass handed to you. You have to approach corners carefully because there could be an SS or an Officer there. Because of how damage works in Wolf 3d, you could lose half or two thirds of your health. If you die, you get sent back to the beginning of the level with a pistol and 8 bullets (which is a nightmare most of the time). Lose all your lives, and you go back to the title screen. So you have to be cautious. ID Software intended to add a lot of stealth mechanics to Wolf 3d to be more faithful to the first two games, and only didn't because the engine was too primitive to accommodate. Wolfenstein was never an arena shooter series, wasn't intended to be, and never will be. RTCW comes the closest out of all of them, but still isn't one. Wolfenstein lends itself to a more tactical style of gameplay far more than Doom, for example. That's why the Wolfenstein reboots play more like a modern shooter, while the Doom reboots play more like an old-school shooter. They did try to make a Doom 4 with modern FPS mechanics, but thankfully decided against it in favor of 2016 and Eternal. Not because that's inherently bad, but because it doesn't fit Doom. It does fit Wolfenstein, however.
  8. Maggle

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    I'm seeing a lot of people who don't like the term "Boomer Shooter" saying it reminds them of "Stubborn Old People" who "hate anything new", and it's almost like.... that's the joke? That kind of mentality is very common in Retro Gaming communities in general. They act the same way about video games as Boomers do about the younger generations.
  9. Maggle

    Thoughts on the Marathon Trilogy?

    Marathon has some pretty nice ideas, is pretty impressive for its time, and is overall a good series of games that suffers from tanky enemies, lengthy maze-like levels, sometimes unreliable and egregiously inaccurate weapons, and some annoying switch puzzles. I'm halfway through Marathon 2, and while it gets rid of most of the switch puzzles, it replaces it with some of the most god awful swimming controls I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing in a video game. I'm not kidding when I say that if you're stuck in water with a bunch of enemies around you, you're done. May as well reload a save right there. Marathon is a mixed bag, but I encourage a playthrough if you're a fan of retro shooters, or if you're a Halo fan. It's fun to see how many mechanics, weapons, and design conventions Bungie brought over to Halo. Plus, all three games are free. So if you really despise it, the only thing you really wasted was your time.
  10. Maggle

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    I had to vote for almost all of these, but in particular I'm really tired of hearing about Brutal Doom, Source Port arguments, or from someone who seems to think slaughter is when a level has a bunch of dudes in it, and is therefore "bad" or whatever. I also don't like the super-overplayed Doom related ones. Like Best/Worst Powerup/Map/Gun/Monster/etc. These aren't automatically bad by their nature, it's just the repetition and the fact that every argument for or against a certain thing has just been made to death already, that makes these really annoying to keep seeing pop up. If you're still accepting things to add to the poll, I'd like to nominate "Is jumping/crouching/mouselook cheating?". In a game that has literal cheat codes hardcoded in the game and anyone can activate god mode at anytime during gameplay by typing a sequence of letters on their keyboard (and everybody knows the code), we're going to suddenly pretend to care about cheating? Who cares if people cheat on their own time, anyway? It's not a competition. Let people play the game however they want to play.
  11. Maggle

    Why Weren't Heretic 3 and Hexen 3 Made?

    Because after the "Serpent Rider" saga ended, Raven saw really no need to keep making sequels to those games, so they decided to be the "guns for hire" for other studios. They worked with Lucas Arts on the Jedi Academy games, with Activision on the Star Trek Elite Force games, and with Id Software on Quake 4 and Wolfenstein 09. Singularity would be their last full game back in 2010, before they basically became DLC factories for Call of Duty.
  12. Maggle

    Your Favorite Doom Armor?

    The Blue One. 200 armor points and 75% damage reduction, hell yes
  13. Oh, damn. This looks really nice! The billboard has an interesting piece of world-building as well. Apparently the Earth got destroyed or something prior to the events of this game?
  14. Maggle

    Are Game Awards Pointless?

    If you want to be really technical, all awards are pointless, I guess. It's not like you can exchange them for a car or something.