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  1. Swalzi

    Doom QUIZ in PL

    What weapon did John Carmack used to free John Romero from accidentally locking himself in his office? A) Scottish Claymore B) Flail C) Battle Axe D) Katana
  2. Swalzi

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    We need a mapping regrets thread or things the mapper has learned after the map was released finished to the public. You made a cool map but there's one or few parts that make it suck in the context of the map. It would be educational and fun if they decide to chip in.
  3. Swalzi

    Let The Maps Speak For Themselves

    More description in the OP would be helpful. Spd7693 clearly put effort in the map, but there's no mention of: 1) Map difficulty - I didn't go in thinking this would be a lite-slaughter map. Ultra-violence difficulty is based on foreknowledge of upcoming battles and weapon locations. An example, the only rocket Launcher on UV is incredibly hard to find due to the god filter and horde of monsters. 2) Adjusted difficulty settings - HNTR doesn't have slaughter elements compared to the other difficulties. I would of played that difficulty, but the yellow key didn't exist in the version I played.
  4. The Lone Ranger. It has a mix of Castlevania, Guerrilla War, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros. 3 in one game. It puts many movie-to-game adaptations to shame during that era.
  5. Swalzi

    Let The Maps Speak For Themselves

    This is a pretty fun, lite-slaughter map with a classic 90's feel to it. The monsters shape the rooms that you're fighting for most of the map. Health and ammo is manageable. Barrels were surprisingly used to great effect along with the partial invisibility pickup. I played through it with -no monsters and God-UV before tackling it with saves on ultra violence. Finally, playing it all in one go with all kills and secrets. Demo included. There's a "Think fast or die!" and "If I mess up getting this secret, this map is going to suck" situations. Placing another plasma rifle would be helpful, because the one plasma rifle the player finds is in a secret. This plasma rifle is essential in making this map fun. There's this screwed up part after the blue key where the plasma rifle is needed. I had to use a meta-door open closing tactic, which I'm not a fan of. I recorded the demo with PRBoom+ with a gamma of 1. You'll see me stumbling in the dark searching for health sometimes. Kind of a hard map, but the fights are easy to remember. Great job. spd15-demo.rar I remember you posted here over a year ago. That "rocket launcher behind the fridge" secret in "map 1 - At Home" is one my favorite secrets in custom doom wads.
  6. Fun and deadly pair of maps. I like the use of minimal monsters. The map layouts were enclosed, but leaves enough space for the player to maneuver freely. Seeing the first enemy in my FDAs was a great use of lighting and it was cool. Freaking skeletons, man. I recorded five demos: two for map01, three for map02. I recorded the FDAs and "fric1-shoot" with Chocolate Doom. Map02-wins were recorded with PRBoom+ -complevel 2. The graphical glitches in the platforming section was kind of distracting in Chocolate so I made the switch to PRBoom for that section. I didn't bother UV-maxing map02 because of that "Thing" and platforming section. It's too hardcore for me. Fricas-demos.rar
  7. Cool stuff. So cool, I recorded four demos for it. Thanks for unleashing fun! Natura2000-demos.rar
  8. Swalzi

    What is something about doom that you absolutely hate?

    It's been mention already. I don't hate it with the burning revenge of a dragon, who lived aeons and was scarred by a repulsive human 36 years ago. I just dislike it. The safety pin for the rocket launcher and BFG. That pin has killed me more times than save me from accidentally killing myself or waste ammo. Constantly clicking the button when switching to the rocket launcher is lame because there's downtime when switching weapons. if I'm ever to release a Zdoom wad, I'll remove those safety pins.
  9. Swalzi

    BASIC_BASE - A First map

    I'll join the demo bandwagon. Chocolate Doom FDA UV. I had a good time playing this map. Short and to the point. Texturing remains simple and consistent. A couple rooms could have used some different textures. Blue key room is an example that could have used different colored walls. The electronic paneling, COMPBLUE wall along with the step in the north side of the room is fine. Monster and ammo placement felt solid. I didn't feel annoyed or thought, "this is too easy" by any of the encounters. I liked the teleporter to "hell?" segment because it activated my imagination. Teleporters gone wrong. Overall, this map felt like something I could see in the megawad Demonfear. I did go through the map a second time to see if the player gets soft-locked if they jump into the red key pit. They can and its inescapable. The player has to reload or start over if they jump in.
  10. "Asbestos Queen" by Jaxxoon R. There's arena fights, but I don't think they tipped the scale of being slaughter. I also recommend "The Rebirth" by Vader.
  11. Swalzi

    Currently working on a new map, what would you want in it?

    two revenant brothers behind a closed door that requires a key to open.
  12. Swalzi

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    Virtual Hydlide for the Sega Saturn. Randomized generation is the selling point, but very linear quest progression. I replay it because of the digitized graphics and scale of adventure. The player goes from dirty peasant with a club, to less dirty peasant with armor enchanted by fairies and flame sword.
  13. Swalzi

    LOWEFF - Vanilla Doom 2 mapset

    Yeah, it's intended for the blackguard to only appear in advanced source ports like GZDoom and Eternity. I was sitting on the resources for close to a year without adding anything new, until the last hour before release. I thought maybe I should just release it and put it somewhere using the Dead Lost Soul decoration. Thanks for this! I thought I had to use -merge when loading wads with custom sprites in Chocolate Doom. I run Rowdy Rudy's Revenge(RRR) with -merge because with Epic 2 and Rebirth, they just crash the game with -file. I loaded RRR with -file and it worked in Chocolate Doom. I haven't looked at the contents of the modified loweff wad yet. I don't play Doom in DOSbox, but it's user-friendly to run wads using -file. Thanks for demos! Your map02 attempts made me express amusements and happiness. Miracle rocket shots and setups going as planned.
  14. Swalzi

    LOWEFF - Vanilla Doom 2 mapset

    That's the way I like them! Glass cannons with extreme speed. You're right about the map being impossible on HMP. I just remembered MAP02 is the only map in the set with adjusted difficulty settings. I checked the other maps for key difficulty flags and only MAP02 suffers from this. I'll fix this soon and update the OP. Thanks for letting me know.
  15. LOWEFF --------- DOWNLOAD LINK (Dropbox) | 438 KB RAR archive Iwad: Doom 2 Dehacked: Yes. Advanced source ports don't need to load it with a dehacked patch as it's already in the wad file. Map Total: Three and all can be played on pistol-start Difficulty Settings: Only maps 1(2018 section) and 2 have difficulty settings Source port Target: Chocolate Doom. I recommend saving when reaching the exit sign at the end of map03. A visplane overflow can occur in a particular spot. Loweff.wad is three maps for Doom 2 developed across a period of six months, with half of one map from June 2018. A dehacked patch is required to play as there is a new enemy along with a few monster/weapon tweaks. First two maps are easy with the last being maybe dastardly. GZDoom and Eternity sourceports also have a couple additions. Another new enemy coded around MBF-dehacked usage and gibs. To play in Chocolate Doom: -merge loweff.wad -deh loweff.deh Screenshots: Doom Tweaks & Credits: