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  1. Swalzi

    Anyone got any tips for getting better at Doom?

    Play with a wired mouse.
  2. Swalzi

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    Cool! This map is less frustrating in the beginning, and less grindy in the baron room with that extra plasma. The extra radsuits are nice for unlocking the secret level. I found a possible gameplay oversight that can softlock a player. I don't know if this is designed like this on purpose, but I wanted to give my insight.
  3. Swalzi

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    You really nailed the "Ultimate Doom" visual aesthetic. Pretty hard map on UV for me. A beautifully cramped layout being the primary obstacle. I wouldn't want to lower the difficulty too much, but I could see a fix and small additions to make the map a smoother experience. I really like this map. I didn't play the second version of this map, but I felt they were enough radsuits for UV. It's just that one unreachable radsuit that can kill a casual UV run.
  4. Swalzi

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    @DukeOfDoom I really like your choice of textures used in the screenshot you posted. Very fitting. I'd like to play it.
  5. Thanks for hosting this project. It's been several months since I played Doom and made a map for it. I'm updating my map. I found a few things to change. Changelog: • Changed door open linedefs to be "fast" from "normal." • Fixed blue torches to appear in the alcoves of embedded ruin along the wall. • Altered geometry where a wall would appear invisible and fixed wall texture alignment in the gorge. • Balanced deathmatch to be boring instead of unfun. BADWRONG_CANYON _v2.zip
  6. Name: Badwrong Canyon Textures: STONE2, BRICK 7, ASHWALL 3, scythe.wad ep2 sky Flats: RROCK 19, CEIL 5_2 , FWATER1 Difficulty Settings: Yes, split between two difficulties (HNTR,HMP / UV) MIDI: Scythe.wad map12 (D_THEDA2) Multiplayer starts: Yes Deathmatch: Yes, but it sucks. Build time: 3 hours BADWRONG_CANYON.zip
  7. 3 wall textures, 3 flat textures, 3 demon types. I'm in. I started my map today and hopefully it will be done by the 29th.
  8. Swalzi

    64 KB Challenge Demos [-complevel 2]

    Thank you. I think I did it right this time, lol. 64v06m057swalzi.zip
  9. Swalzi

    My attempt on a classic style Doom level

    I finished the map in Crispy Doom and it worked fine too. At the very end of the map leading to the exit, the floor with the ceiling light texture doesn't raise when the switch is pressed. It definitely feels like a 90's pwad doom map in visuals. This is the first map I've ever played that utilizes switches to open ALL the doors in the map. It was annoying but it's something different than the "run'n'gun" maps I've been playing. I don't want to say the map is boring, but it felt very static. Use switch to open door, ambush, go to next room in the literal sense. The beginning of the map is a good start, but when that is the entire map it wasn't fun for me. When I was playing midway through, it made me want to replay The Troopers' Playground by Matthias. His maps for that wad were made in 1996 and it holds up today. This a good attempt for a first a map but it didn't really catch onto me. I feel if the map flowed more organically and not through switches and door, I'd like it. That hallway ambush with the nukage was cool.
  10. Swalzi

    64 KB Challenge Demos [-complevel 2]

    Sure. You can download it here (64v06m057swalzi.zip). I edited the names on the lmp and txt files to match the naming conventions used on discord. I also edited the txt file to credit Ancalagon for the template I used. Thanks!
  11. Swalzi

    Unexplored Themes?

    I haven't seen any goofy space themes lately besides DBP24. I remember I first joined the forum, the only goofy space theme wads I played until now were Doomed In Space and Doomed Space Wars. I can now add DBP24 to that list. Someday, I'll make my own goofy space themed wad. Doomer Board Projects seem to hit the "unexplored themes" in the head at all times. I didn't know I wanted to explore a cyberdemon's anal cavity until DBP16.
  12. The 64 KB Challenge is two 32-map megawads lead by @Walter confetti with the goal of making a map equal to or less than 64 kilobytes. What we got are two action packed, byte-sized sets! You can download vanilla(32of64-v.wad) or limit removing(32of64-lr.wad) at /idgames. ------------------ I set a par-time for my ep1 map in vanilla. map 6, UV-Max in 0:57
  13. I generally like custom monsters in Doom as long as they fit Doom's art style. My favorite custom monster is the Scythe 2 evil marine. I can see why a player would dislike it, especially since it doesn't follow the same rules of movement the player has to. How the enemy is configured is kind of true to what Erik set the enemy out to be, a deathmatch player. I made a wad called LOWEFF that includes them but they're slightly tweaked. Added more duration to their attack state so the player can react with an attack of their own, and lowered their pain chance. I feel the evil marine fills out a role in Doom's roster. High-damage glass cannon that can push players out of comfort zones. Erik has this awesome setup in map15, "End of the Line" for the evil marine that utilizes line-of-sight in a creepy damp area to fight him. It's a more intense fight than in map16, "Mr. X." I haven't seen him anywhere except Scythe 2. If anyone know any wads that include this same ultra-fast Evil Marine (Resurgence doesn't count but I like them in that wad too), please let us know. Preferably vanilla or boom. Zdoom is fine too. Thanks.
  14. Swalzi

    Any lesser known short but sweet wads?

    Joe-Ilya's Hell Clash EP2 replacement for Doom comes to mind. Hell Clash has a low score rating. I didn't care to read the reviews and downloaded it. I just wanted to have fun no matter how bad it is. When I finished playing it, I thought it was an enjoyable experience. Lots of outdoor areas, fun gameplay, and texture combinations were not used offensively on my eyes. I went and read the reviews after completing Hell Clash. Most of the reviews typed were "90s aesthetics" and "not interesting enough." I'm not familiar with Joe-Ilya's works other than 64kb vanilla project and unknowingly some of the DBPs I've played. I think I'm just not into the meme of rating his wads low but Hell Clash in particular I thought was fun to play. If anyone is into "90s aesthetics" mapping then give Hell Clash a try. I'll admit, starting map01 made me laugh a bit. --------- More recommendations: Rowdy Rudy's Revenge, 10 maps - Vanilla wad for Doom 2 with fun dehacked sorcery. Keeps baseline Doom gameplay. Doomed Space Wars, 12 maps - Zdoom mapset for Doom 2. Keeps baseline Doom gameplay with visual enchantments. Asbestos Queen, 7 Maps - Boom wad for Doom 2. No Sleep For The Dead, 9 maps - Vanilla wad for Doom EP1. Dinner, 9 maps - Vanilla wad for Doom EP2 made in 1996.
  15. Swalzi

    BACULUS: 2020 WAD Overhaul

    I've been playing on ultra-violence and I'm up to map 20 playing with Crispy Doom. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a megawad. Crunchynut44, the overall design of the maps I've played so far are very consistent in quality. Whenever I'm about to run out of ammo in my arsenal, I find a box of shotgun shells. Levels never seem boxy. Freedom of movement during tight encounters. It's a mentally engaging megawad. Enjoyable. I ran into a major bug in map 19 and a couple nitpicks. I'll be sure to report further bugs if i find any.