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  1. Swalzi

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    @Ryath I'm sorry to say, but I'm dropping out of NaNoWADmo. Reason is due to not enjoying the mapping and direction my wad is going. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Swalzi

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    Map01 is 90% completed. Short and small but action packed.
  3. Swalzi

    Favourite maps by mappers

    Romero: Doom - e1m7: Computer Station Eric Alm: Scythe 2 - End Of The Line Joshy: Resurgence - Mt. Katoomba Darkwave0000: Speed of Doom - The Path To Hell Pcorf: Doomed Space Wars - Laser Power Generator Tango: Mayan Mishap - Sacrificial Scramble Skillsaw: Ancient Aliens - Leave Your Sol Behind Eternal: Epic 2 - Astral Base
  4. Swalzi

    Share Your Sprites!

  5. Swalzi

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thanks for the compliments! Sure! I use a commercial sprite editing software called Aseprite for recoloring Eriance's monster (INCA) sprite. I've included pictures of my process. I'm still a beginner using this program. My biggest issue at the start was the slow process but it eventually became a fast task.
  6. Swalzi

    Share Your Sprites!

    I just partially finished recoloring a monster sprite set by Eriance, Death Incarnate. I need to refine the sprites a bit though. This recolor brightens the armor and reveals its flesh. All chase, melee, pain, and death frames are done. I don't have current plans on coloring the projectile firing stance or Xdeath animations. I chose this sprite because of its physical heft. It looks like it can run into a crowd and start punching things to death. A mid-tier dedicated melee monster.
  7. Swalzi

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    My mapping skills aren't great but this sounds fun. I'll join.
  8. Cacoworld is nice to be put on a list, as previously mentioned in the thread. It sounds related to a "Doom-fan community" and keeps the domain name short and simple.
  9. I'm working on resources for a MBF-Boom mapset. There's a new mid-tier melee enemy that uses the Revenant punch, but I want it do a bit more damage in more advanced source ports. This is my first time delving into Eternity. I've been trying to get a an enemy melee attack damage formula to work in Eternity over the past day and I'm having a hard time understanding how to build the custom melee damage formula. I can get static damage to work, but not the custom damage formula I want to use. I want the melee attack to deal between 9-72 damage, formula is (random(1, 8) * 9. Very simple to do in Decorate with the A_CustomMeleeAttack codepointer. In Eternity, A_Scratch is the custom enemy attack codepointer. I check the Eternity wiki entry for A_Scratch and found that the user can assign a custom damage formula, unlike MBF. This is where I get lost and confused as I'm pointed towards A_SetCounter and A_CounterOp to create the damage formula. I'll post my attempted Eternity code below along with the Decorate code. Eternity code: // Too confusing. New monster replaces Light Amp Visor graphic sprite. Melee: PVIS E 0 A_FaceTarget PVIS E 4 A_SkelWhoosh PVIS F 4 A_FaceTarget PVIS G 0 A_CounterOp (1, 2, 3, 12) // 1 calls first counter, 2 calls second counter, 3 calls third counter is also considered destination // 12 is hit dice roll < destination = operand1 * random(1, operand2) > // 9 = 9 * random(1, 8) // This is where I pray that it works even though it doesn't make sense. PVIS G 0 A_SetCounter (1, 9, 0) // (Counter, Value, Operation) PVIS G 0 A_SetCounter (2, 8, 0) PVIS G 0 A_SetCounter (3, 9, 0) // Destination, totally lost on this one. Damage is static, 9 damage only. Setting it to 0 deals no damage. PVIS G 4 A_Scratch (2, 3, "weapons/sawhit") // 2 = usecounter, 3 = counter which is also the destination. goto See Decorate Code: PVIS G 4 A_CustomMeleeAttack(random(1,8) * 9, "weapons/sawhit") I have no idea what I'm doing with Eternity code, lol. I can't articulate what I'm doing with the Eternity code as I'm grasping at straws and hoping it works. The monster itself walks around and attacks but the damage is static. I'm hoping it's more simple than I'm making it out to be. Help is appreciated, thanks.
  10. Swalzi

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    The second screenshot with the corpses stacked on top and stuffed into the crumbling masonry looks radical. Awesome screenshots!
  11. Disagree. House centipedes are our friends.
  12. Swalzi

    What are you listening to?

    I've been having this song stuck in my head for a while. The way the singer sounds out "The Incredible Cock" is memorable. It's a stupid song but I laugh to myself thinking the composer didn't know what else to do with the song so he just looped it five times. It's perfect. It features a pretty smooth bass and guitar line. Catchy NSFW song by Mark M.:
  13. I like Erik Alm's Scythe series and Scythe X is no exception even though it isn't fully completed. What I like about his Scythe series is the replayability and somewhat simple map layouts and visuals. Megawads I go back to play again with Scythe 2 being my most preferred which got me into map making. I use Scythe 2 maps as a guide for designing my own maps and they helped me with layout, triggers, thing placement, everything. Scythe X in its entirety feels like a mix of both Scythe and Scythe 2 in terms of length and encounter difficulty. Episode 1 has the most Scythe influence. Episode 2 is more like Scythe 2 but still has a bit of Scythe. Very short and fast paced wad with quality maps all the way through. I've recorded UV-max Pistol Start casual demos for Scythe X that includes all levels with mouselook turned on. Recorded in GLBoom+: Swalzi Scythe X Demos map01: Pretty good opener. Nothing too gimmicky besides two of the weapon pickups, the rocket launcher and shotgun has no ammo pickups. In multiplayer, there are more enemies and ammo for the shotgun. Chainsaw is placed at the end, but it does have a use if the player misses to many shots with the shotgun. Short and easy describes the bulk of the levels in the first episode. map02: This level is more of an extension to the first level. I like the Blur Sphere secret, it's a powerup I don't see often with the wads I'm currently playing. It can be a fun powerup for early levels in a map set. Combined with close-ranged imps and shotgunners, it's helpful. The green armor secret is clever due to a new player is more likely to get it by accident than on purpose. It requires shooting at a computer behind a fence that makes a cute explosion noise. The dark and dank crusher corridor is the iconic of part of the level for me. It's very simple but atmospheric along with the fences and imps. The last secret features a berserk pack and a rocket. It's a pretty funny secret since there is no rocket launcher in the map. Done on purpose? Most likely. Erik wants the player to be the rocket after picking up the yellow key. The player rushing into the ambush crowd with a loaded fist is a symbolism of a rocket exploding and killing its enemies. Then a nice return to the crusher corridor with a new threat. A chaingunner waiting to shoot you. The explosive barrel is helpful and stylish if the player doesn't destroy it on their run though here. map03: The player is offered a branching path. I tend to take the right path due to easier shotgun access, but the forward path also offers it but with more resistance. It's kind of hard to utilize the RL in this map due to the enemy crowd spreading or just doesn't feel necessary for the situation. That chaingunner in the tower bothering you? Blow that asshole up, it be more satisfying if there were explosive barrels up there so I don't have to waste 2 or 3 rockets on him. There's a few encounters with duo chaingunners and they're the best targets for rockets. The vent secret is a neat piece of eye candy with the 3D effect. inside and out. map04: I really like the 3D bridges here. Compared to the last map, there are encounters where the rocket launcher can be easily utilized. The monster traps in this level are a bit more dangerous due to them being more of a surprise than the previous levels. I don't understand the chainsaw since there is a lot of shotgun ammo. Bullets can be saved for doors, lifts, and hitscanners. The chainsaw can be used for the next level to make it go faster, but I think the player is more likely to get hurt a lot with the lost souls in the next level. Forgot to mention that the first episode seem to be more based on continuous play than pistol start due to the maps being short. At this point, secrets are getting one-dimensional. Open a wall and there's a thing, eughhh. The secrets makes this level easy, but health kits are uncommon in this level. map05: Woof! Woof! This wolf is disguised as a house dog. I like the idea behind the map, but to me it feels sluggish on pistol start. A choice between 12 rockets and 250 bullets. IMO, chaingun is easier whereas RL is faster. It's very likely the player is going to run of ammo for both and have to use the shotgun which feels even slower probably because the player has no mobility and is pretty much stuck in a corridor for the remainder of the map. The cacos usually float too high for mancubi fireballs, so infighting is uncommon. I've recorded a rocket launcher demo and chaingun demo to see how it plays out. I think a choice between a plasma rifle and a BFG would be more interesting. Make the chaingun the side weapon. The map is balanced enough for what weapons Erik gives to the player, which is good. It's a more compelling map in multiplayer, primarily due to more cacos and a cyberdemon. The atmospheric part about this map is the player can see map02. I like to think that this place has some sort of cloaking mirage device that makes it hidden from sight as this area isn't visible in map02.
  14. Swalzi

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've recently built a habit of turning my mouse slightly to the right when berserk punching. It increases the intensity of the smashing left hook Doomguy is delivering.
  15. Swalzi

    Exomoon megawad on /idgames!

    Thanks for providing this! I still couldn't get the v1.5 RAR archive to open but I think I'm the only one in the thread affected by this. Maybe I need to find another archive opening program. I've been having a blast with this megawad on UV Difficulty! I just finished map10 and it's probably my favorite map so far along with the soundtrack. It blends so well with the pacing of the map. Fast paced mapset with a plentiful amount of ammunition. I highly recommend this megawad for anyone who likes run and gun combat. Great OST too!