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  1. Swalzi


    I like the use of lamps and electronic sector devices to fill up room space. The acid hazard bridge is a nice pace stopper that is cool too.
  2. Swalzi

    Swalzi's Junkpost

    Thank you for playing Ehypt! I have some new maps to share :) ----------- I thought to put my mapping chops on again with a helpful restriction. 64 vertices! Inspired by Quill's community project, v64. Features 90s stuff like dehacked, sound, replaced sprites. Maps are chocolate doom compatible but limit-removing port is recommended. 64V_SJUNK - An 11 map doom break. It isn't hot enough to be summer is it? DOWNLOAD - dropbox - 64V_SJUNK.wad To run in Chocolate Doom: -merge 64v_sjunk.wad -dehlump dehacked.deh
  3. Life sucks, but Life can be pretty cool sometimes. I thought I'd post a thing I made some years ago. I might share more single maps or compilations I made in the future for this thread. Map quality will vary from crappy to less crappy maps. I'm looking more to just kick this stuff off the curb. I present you: EHYPT - What treasure lies in this isolated crypt? A single map, limit-removing adventure. Play on nightmare or multiplayer for Doom veterans. DOWNLOAD - dropbox - EHYPT.wad
  4. I'm throwing my hat into the ring. The two rules I'm setting for myself: 1) RELEASE THE MAPS AT THE END OF THE MONTH. ON DOOMWORLD. 2) Make progress and share progress.
  5. Swalzi

    Source Ports Doomworld Uses [adding up later this month]

    Crispy: 6 Woof!: 2 DSDA-Doom: 1
  6. Swalzi

    What was your first map like?

    I made a few starting rooms for maps but never completed them. I still have the first map I made in 2018. I did eventually add an exit to it last year just to say it's done: I think a month after making my first incomplete map, I made another one. This time fully completed with difficulty settings and multiplayer for a community project. The map was barren with enemies and is linear with points of no return. I don't have the original enemy layout anymore but I knew it wasn't going to stand out, so I added over 1000 demons. I received thoughtful feedback towards the gameplay, but didn't apply them due to the finalized combat design being over the project's deadline. Thankfully, Ancalagon recorded a uv-max run so no one has to suffer through it.
  7. Countdown to Extinction by Obsidian is a really fun one. I don't remember a level that features over fifty monsters in any of the maps. 50 Monsters by AD_79 is cool too.
  8. Swalzi

    Most Favorite And Least Favorite band

    Most Favorite Currently: The Groundhogs Music Genre That Is Most Likely To Make Me Depressed: Country
  9. Swalzi

    Let's talk about mbf+ / a new complevel

    I quickly went through the MBF21 status doc and couldn't find what I was looking for. Would it be possible to simulate the aggressive behavior of the Lost Soul from Doom 64 in skill 4 and below? Where the lost soul is constantly charging at targets like Nightmare difficulty Lost Souls in Doom. I remember playing around with dehacked a year ago for vanilla-format. Reducing the Lost Soul's reaction time to 0, but that didn't do anything.
  10. Take it easy. I believe in you. I highly recommend trying to learn how to put the wad together yourself, especially being the project lead. I didn't know how to compile maps with different texture resources until yesterday. I took it on just to learn something new. I have no plans to further update the compilation I fixed, but I do allow Dubbag and anyone assisting him to use it as a base. It took me two hours to fix textures not appearing in certain maps and make the archive look organized. Thirty minutes of those two hours were figuring out how to add patches that used a combination of wall textures. Thankfully, only a few maps used custom textures in the first part. I dived into the editor, play test map01 in PRBoom+, Skip levels until I immediately see a hall of mirror effect, then get to work on fixing the textures. The archive file size can be reduced drastically, because not all textures from cc4 and ogre are being used. The few maps that used custom textures all required patches. As much as I like to keep file size optimal. It's the year 2021, and people can afford 15 megabytes of space on their hard drive. Unless someone really wants to manually delete 1000+ cc4 textures.
  11. Half-Moon part 1 compiled. I categorized the files in the wad archive so it can be easily sifted through. Duplicate files were deleted. To authors who used custom textures, please look at your maps thoroughly. I believe I got most of the missing textures and flats, but I may have missed a few. Download: hfm1-RC1.zip
  12. I'm compiling Dubbag's beta with fixed textures and I'm going to download El Inferno's map (map02) to see if I can run it in PRBoom+. I should be able to wrap up the compiled wad soon. I'm not compiling the second 32-map megawad. This is a time consuming process lol.
  13. Swalzi

    Favourite Slaughter WAD?

    Survive in Hell by JCD. I think I got up to map23 before I went on a gaming hiatus. Half of the maps in the megawad are dense with monsters and starting those levels seems daunting at first. JCD gives a lot of room to choose my own pacing with dense monster maps. Surprisingly, the hardest levels in the megawad are the levels with low enemy counts from what I remember. Mars City, map21, is one of the coolest levels I've ever played and a great finale episode starter.