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  1. CommanderRex328

    Favorite sound in the the original Doom games?

    gibbing explosion meat goo sound and the super shotgun sounds...
  2. CommanderRex328

    Favorite Doom Weapon?

    the plasma guns in classic doom 1, i love stunning barons and destroying rows of shotgunners with it. the super shotgun in doom 2, ah that damage, that sound of *boom tk tohk tk* the reload sound and the fire sound are both satisfying and what makes it double is to see it destroy a large cluster of imps and pinkies in an alcove... doom 3's plasma gun, i mean, satisfying sound of "ptoom poow p-p-poooow" and the damage. its smooth. doom 64's unmaker easily. doom 2016's gauss rifle, idk what i have used this gun alot. like i take it out alot in that game when im jumping and all if not then the shotguns. havent played eternal yet however.
  3. CommanderRex328

    What's the deal with Archviles?

    Its fast, thing is... it revives enemies. enemies like chaingunners who can stun you and damage you easily and itll be hard for you to dodge them, they're hitscan. and archvile is too... archviles can be dodged if you take covers with walls but if theyre used in corridors (which they are) itll be hard for you to find a wall to protect you from being flown all the way thru hell to heaven back to earth and beneath. so your only option is to backtrack but then when you do that he'll run to you or he'll revive enemies which makes him a pain in the rear. there. he has too much health that even spamming the plasma gun or the rocket launchers is tedious to do against him.
  4. dang... a wad with over 60 maps... thats really huge. like how are you all gonna manage that? unless if i missed something. let me know. man, this looks super good. itll help with the quarantine :DDD
  5. CommanderRex328

    Does Doomguy shit? He has no bathroom in his Fortress of Doom

    Gosh i laughed too hard my intestines came out of my mouth, god damn it. may the doomgods bless you...
  6. the magic of doomguy to me is, that he isnt us, the player. but the player becomes him... he was a loser fng marine who fecked up (huh, i feck up everything too...) when people are playing doom 2016, doomguy is full of rage, in a weird but hysterical and nice way, we become this adrenaline fueled monster too... in classic doom, eerie tracks are playing like Suspense on E1M5, with Spectres in dark hallways. we happened to get "a tad bit disturbed", the soundtrack describes doomguy, and doomguy describes us... see how in E1M8, the soundtrack gets all sad and eerie, its because he is gonna die and go to Deimos... its this magic of the soundtrack and doomguy connected to us... the player adapts to doomguy (someway) and becomes doomguy... when the good music kicks in, doomguy becomes that adrenaline fueled badass and so do we... i didnt mind him talking with the "rip and tear" in eternal... because in the new games thats what the player feels like most of the time. in Doom 3, we get to see his face alot but not enough... he is probably terrified, probably not. doesnt seem so. but at the end of doom 3 when the cyberdemon appears. he says "WTF?" when he sees it, so do we. thats always our reaction to the cyberdemon... :D (man what a load of weirdness i added in this post to make it seem interesting... ugh)
  7. CommanderRex328

    Do you like putting background music while playing doom?

    Eh, when im at shitty levels like E2M4. i turn off the music with some nice tunes and i change map flaws that i hate, if i see SP_FACE texture on any map, i replace it with my own custom texture of scrolling wall of sandy peterson faces instead of whatever stretched faces that come along, just for fun tho.... WHEN IM REALLY BORED...
  8. CommanderRex328

    How dark should Doom be?

    as dark as daisy's death.... sorry... so sorry...
  9. CommanderRex328

    you can´t just shoot a hole into the surface of mars

    Haha, ive seen your Downfall parodies. ik you removed them and moved onto this content, its pretty good to see you here John :D and these doom memes too... Satan: NOOO YOU CANT KILL EVERYONE IN HELL Doomguy: Haha, shotgun goes boooooooooshhhhh
  10. CommanderRex328

    Does Doomguy shit? He has no bathroom in his Fortress of Doom

    Man... idk, there's probably some filter in his suit that turns his shit and piss into raw genuine adrenaline energy or he could just go to the ripatorium and take a good little shat at the demon corpses... I DONT KNOW!! THIS NEEDS ANSWERING!!!
  11. CommanderRex328

    What are the biggest misconceptions regarding DOOM?

    that it is meant to be just a mindless action shooting game and that doomguy is a beast that is always full of rage when he is human and has humanity and shows it many times... this is what i see new doom fans say most of the time (not all, i dont want to generalize)...
  12. CommanderRex328

    What are your fav and least fav or hated doom textures?

    ahah, agreed. im not even sure what they represent, theyre also used in Map09, The Pit. i guess....windows? nah.
  13. CommanderRex328

    What are your fav and least fav or hated doom textures?

    the black ones with a white frame?
  14. CommanderRex328

    What are your fav and least fav or hated doom textures?

    thats my eye after i look at too much FIREBLU and SP_FACE...
  15. CommanderRex328

    What are your fav and least fav or hated doom textures?

    i never got along with the marble textures... Wow people like FIRE_BLU....its okay except for the fact it gives me eye strain like SP_FACE and causes seizures...