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  1. TheMightyHeracross

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    Mega Man 16 Bit Deathmatch Action Doom 3: Action Heretic Hell Revealed 3: Heaven Revealed Cyberdreams 2: Cybernightmares Immoral Conduct 2: Ethically Questionable Behavior
  2. TheMightyHeracross

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    I had a dream once where I was just casually talking with a couple of friends while sitting on the ground right in front of the first door in Barrels O Fun, except without any demons or barrels.
  3. TheMightyHeracross

    [Poll] Freelook users - do you also use autoaim?

    PrBoom w/ autoaim, ZDoom family w/ no autoaim. On mobile I'll use very low sensitivity autoaim with freelook because aim os harder, even with a controller.
  4. TheMightyHeracross

    The philosophy of level design

    What the hell does this have to do with the "philosophy of level design" lmao
  5. TheMightyHeracross

    a new doom.wad? thoughts on sandbox and community

    No gameplay changes would happen in the theoretical "new doom.wad." That would require a modification of the game's code unless you used ZDoom, 3DGE something like that. I think the Doom IWADs are balanced pretty well as they are. The pistol isn't meant to be any more than a weak starting weapon in the first place and I find occasions where I go to the pump shotgun for its faster fire animation. The monsters don't need to have fancy AI for the hell of it, they all serve their purpose. And as mentioned before, those types of edits are trivial even in old-ass Dehacked, let alone DECORATE, DDF, or ZScript. If everyone ditched the original IWADs and started using new, constantly updating ones, do you know how many existing WADs and PK3s would break? They rely on the stock, never-changing, vanilla assets, even just the regular behavior of the enemies. We wouldn't just need a new .wad, but a new .exe. The source ports would need changes in source code all the time. GZDoom would need to constantly update its gzdoom.pk3 file, and I'm gonna guess Graf is waaaaay to busy as-is to keep track of IWAD updates. Lastly, we have no legal right to distribute edited Doom IWADs anyway, so your idea has 0% chance of working at all, let alone serving a valuable purpose.
  6. TheMightyHeracross

    Cacowards 2018 Mentionation Thread (don't toot your own horn ffs)

    Project: Kate by Jimmy
  7. TheMightyHeracross

    What are you listening to?

  8. TheMightyHeracross

    SEGA Forever - every SEGA Console title for free on IOS and Android.

    Splatterhouse guy at around 1:00. Nice!
  9. TheMightyHeracross

    Quake Champions has made me appreciate Doom's MP more...

    I'd be surprised if they didn't, seeing how he was in Quake 3 and all.
  10. TheMightyHeracross


    Bump. I missed your post the first time, sorry! You can totally use them in an official release! It should have everything except the Vile and Elemental replacements, since those are placeholder sprites and aren't in dire need of brightmaps anyway. The file just got a tiny update- it adds brightmaps to the sparkling on the Baron's lizard-head-cannon-thing.
  11. TheMightyHeracross

    Guess the movie

    "Cabbages! Knickers! It hasn't got a beak!"
  12. TheMightyHeracross

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday!
  13. TheMightyHeracross

    The Most Uncomfortable Movie Scene You Have Ever Seen

    The beginning and ending of Kids.
  14. TheMightyHeracross

    Obscure Songs

  15. TheMightyHeracross

    So what has changed?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe he refers to the scrapped "Call of Doom" version of Doom 4?