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  1. TheMightyHeracross

    Doom II Community Lifespan

    An easy make-your-own-FPS engine would not kill Doom mapping. Mapping for Doom is huge because people like Doom itself- otherwise we'd be seeing a lot more GZDoom indie games than Doom 2 megawads. No matter how easy the engine is, it will never be easier than just mapping for Doom because you'd need to make all of the resources and design the gameplay from scratch, basically. And if people wanted to do that instead of mapping Doom, Doom would be dead already. But as it turns out, Doom's gameplay as-is is fun enough to keep people interested this long, and I can't see an "easier Unity" being a threat to that.
  2. TheMightyHeracross

    Doom II Community Lifespan

    That take is room temperature at best. If you don't mind me asking, it says bottom graph is new posts, but what is the top graph? Page visits? New members?
  3. TheMightyHeracross

    Doom II Community Lifespan

    The peak "most online" members for this forum so far was in 2015- considering that this forum was made in 1998 that seems like a good sign to me. Same with ZDoom- its "most online" count peaked just this last June, for a forum made in 2003. If anything it seems like it's making a comeback. The fact that new AAA Doom titles are coming out and doing well is probably helping matters a lot. I don't think the Doom community is going anywhere for a while.
  4. TheMightyHeracross

    Things that you Loved but now Hate

    Windows. I've since switched to Linux Mint and haven't looked back.
  5. TheMightyHeracross

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    Because it's the most well known. People who play Brutal Doom religiously probably aren't Doom community regulars, they probably saw TotalBiscuit or whoever play it and got into it. They probably don't know about many other gameplay mods except maybe the stuff that's popular on Zandronum.
  6. TheMightyHeracross

    What if Doom was never released?

    Well, in this alternate universe, id still exists and made Wolfenstein 3D. (I guess ShadowCaster also got made). Carmack wanted to take the 3D thing further, and remember that there were different ideas for that game before it became Doom as we know it. So if Doom never happened, id Software would probably have made another product nearly as successful, or as successful, as Doom. There's three possible scenarios that I am aware of at the moment: One idea was that id makes a deal with 20th Century Fox and creates an Aliens-themed shooter. Another was making a new Wolfenstein game. Or, id could listen to Tom Hall and create a new Commander Keen game. We can assume that the Aliens game would probably be technologically comparable to the real id Tech 1 engine. Because they'd be working with the Alien franchise, the game would likely be even more horror-oriented than Doom, and early would-be-Doom-clone FPS games would be more horror oriented than action-oriented (even if Doom was pretty scary itself back then). However I imagine this game would not be nearly as mod-friendly as Doom, because it was licensed from Fox, which (I'm assuming) wouldn't take as kindly to people hacking and modifying the product, and especially selling those modifications in stores. Co-op would probably still exist, but deathmatch (as we know it) would be less likely. Perhaps, competitive multiplayer is instead imagined as marines vs xenomorphs, and therefore PvP gets its start as an asymmetrical mode similar to Ghouls vs Humans. If we take this path, Quake, Build engine, Marathon, and Dark Forces all could still exist (though they might be different, because the butterfly effect is a thing), however modding support probably wouldn't be as mainstream for quite a while and standard deathmatch as we know it today might take longer to become prominent. If they made a Wolfenstein game, it'd probably be a lot like Laz Roja's WolfenDoom games. This path is the most similar to the modern Doom timeline. However, this game would probably have far less horror elements than Doom, because Wolfenstein's graphic style is far less gritty and dark than Doom's, and more cartoony. In a reverse scenario from the Aliens game, horror elements would hardly be present, like in Wolfenstein 3D. Perhaps those scrapped stealth elements from Wolfenstein 3D would get implemented- if so, this influence would show up in later FPS games for sure, and the genre becomes slower-paced and cover-based. The military shooter as we know it today might show up as early as the late 90s, and the shift to realistic-style FPS games overall would start earlier than the real timeline (with Goldeneye 007, Half-Life, etc). If not, then the game keeps the arcade influences of Wolfenstein 3D, and later FPS games keep this lives/high-score approach as well, for a while anyway. In either case, the game would still probably be a hit, and again there's no reason Build engine, Marathon, or Dark Forces couldn't exist (though while similar technology would be there, the lack of horror elements might mean Quake or its counterpart would end up as a very different game, stylistically). Things would be very different if id went with Tom Hall's idea and made a Keen game. There's all kinds of ways this one could go. If this new 3D Keen game kept Wolfenstein or would-be-Doom-style gameplay, we'd probably get something similar in atmosphere to Chex Quest, without the product placement. The first person shooter market doesn't receive its violent reputation to quite the same extent (early on, at least), and the hysteria is more focused on, say, Mortal Kombat. However, since Wolfenstein still put M-rated violence on the table, violent shooters could still be made (the Capstone Wolfenstein engine games like Corridor 7, Operation Body Count, etc still happen). E-rated, kid-friendly FPS games probably become common. Dark Forces might still happen. The Build engine could still be created as well, and Duke Nukem 3D might still happen- except this time, possibly staying stylistically similar to its platformer predecessors, instead of its M-rated turn, with its graphic violence and nudity. Marathon might still exist in this case, because it started as a sequel to Pathways into Darkness, (which was influenced by Wolfenstein 3D). So perhaps, Marathon would pave the way for violence in FPS games- still not quite as gory as Doom in its satanic, ultraviolent glory. And if people who liked Wolfenstein were turned off by id's return to kid-friendly, cutesy old Commander Keen, then perhaps Marathon might be a bigger hit than "Keen 3D," and be seen as the true continuation of the genre after Wolfenstein. This comes with many implications- for example, FPS games taking influence from Marathon would mean that the genre would become more story-based. An even more drastic change would be that the Mac computer becomes more prominent in the computer gaming market-if Bungie was more successful than id by a wide enough margin, and Marathon becomes the alternate universe Doom equivalent, we might see an alternate universe where Macs are more popular for FPS gaming than Windows PCs. If Keen 3D stayed a platformer, then freelook and jumping would almost certainly be implemented, and the z-axis limitations of Doom would not be present. However, making a first person platformer with sprites would be very difficult, for all kinds of reasons (90 degree freelook, sprite billboarding, 3D floors, etc). So, if this game were a platformer, it'd probably be a third person platformer. Therefore, the FPS genre would be set back a while, but, if the game was successful, id would have a hit 3D platformer game in late 1993 - early 1994- about 2 years before Super Mario 64 (though, still sprite-based and 2.5D, unlike Super Mario 64). Again, Marathon might take the place of Doom as the game-changing FPS game, keeping the violent FPS alive and well. Quake wouldn't exist, but Dark Forces still might. Build engine would probably still exist, though with Marathon as the dominant FPS game, its "hit" shooter would probably be different from Duke Nukem 3D as we know it. With Keen 3D bringing the 3D platformer to computers, and Marathon dominating the FPS genre, Duke could either be an FPS game like today, or it could possibly be a 3D platformer, following the success of id's Keen 3D. Some other points I didn't mention: * System Shock probably releases. Looking Glass was doing its own thing around this time, and had its own 3D engines separate from what id was doing. System Shock probably wasn't too influenced by Doom, since it was kind of RPG-ish, like Looking Glass's Ultima games before it. It probably sells better, not being overshadowed by Doom, and Looking Glass doesn't lose money on the project. System Shock 2 would also be more successful, and overall we'd probably see Looking Glass surviving a lot longer than it did in the real timeline. * Blake Stone probably still exists, as would Corridor 7, Operation: Body Count, Super 3D Noah's Ark, and even Nitemare 3D probably. * Rise of the Triad would either not exist or be different beyond all recognition in all of these timelines. In the Keen timelines, Tom Hall probably sticks around for a long time, his ideas being realized. In the Wolfenstein timeline, there is no scrapped Wolfenstein 3D sequel or Doom Bible to serve as the base for the real timeline's ROTT, and Tom Hall might not even leave. In the Aliens timeline, since it keeps the dark, gory nature that turned Tom Hall away from Doom, he might go on to make his own game with Apogee, but again, without a Doom Bible it would be very different. *Heretic, Hexen, and Strife might still exist in the Aliens and Wolfenstein timelines, because id would still probably license out id Tech 1 (which, for these games, would be very similar to the real thing- the differences in the games are more gameplay style and atmosphere than the actual technology) to other developers. However, in the Keen 3D timelines, they probably don't exist. There's probably a ton of stuff I didn't take into account here. They might have made a totally different game than Aliens, Wolfenstein, or Keen. Anything could happen, to be honest, these are just a few ideas I had over the past hour I've spent typing this out. But most likely, these things are still true: *id Software makes a lot of money *John Carmack still becomes widely known as a genius programmer *FPS games and 3D gaming in general blows up in the 90s
  7. TheMightyHeracross

    why did id software choose the palette?

    Yes. The palettes are defined in the PLAYPAL lump which can be replaced by a PWAD like any other lump. Also, BTSX is vanilla compatible, so you could load it up with the original game via DOSBOX if you want.
  8. Only got 7 maps done, college stuff got in the way. Should be OK for the rest of the month though so I'll probably make 2 more and call it an episode, maybe get some feedback before November.
  9. TheMightyHeracross

    Doom Annihilation was lame. What a disappointing movie. :/

    If you want 100% accuracy to the source material, this is the only Doom movie you'll need: Given the history of video game movies this one's actually above-average tbh.
  10. TheMightyHeracross

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some shots of E1 from my NaNoWadMo project. It's vanilla, but the screenshots are ZDoom 2.8.1.
  11. TheMightyHeracross

    What wads do you prefer?

    Honestly you have very little choice in terms of GZDoom maps WADs, and vanilla/limit-removing/Boom are too similar too really pick between one of them, especially compared to any UDMF-compatible port, particularly ZDoom derivatives. Picking a preferred format is silly anyway. It's all about how any given map uses those features.
  12. Sign me up for a Doom 1 WAD, though school will probably get in the way.
  13. The story I always heard was that was originally based on this Stone Temple Pilots song:
  14. "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him." What I'm curious about is what all of this means for standalone games that are sold using, for example, the GZDoom engine, like Hedon or Operation ECHO. Does this still apply? Where's the line drawn?
  15. TheMightyHeracross

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?