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  1. TheMightyHeracross

    Cacowards 2018 Mentionation Thread (don't toot your own horn ffs)

    Project: Kate by Jimmy
  2. TheMightyHeracross

    What are you listening to?

  3. TheMightyHeracross

    SEGA Forever - every SEGA Console title for free on IOS and Android.

    Splatterhouse guy at around 1:00. Nice!
  4. TheMightyHeracross

    Quake Champions has made me appreciate Doom's MP more...

    I'd be surprised if they didn't, seeing how he was in Quake 3 and all.
  5. TheMightyHeracross


    Bump. I missed your post the first time, sorry! You can totally use them in an official release! It should have everything except the Vile and Elemental replacements, since those are placeholder sprites and aren't in dire need of brightmaps anyway. The file just got a tiny update- it adds brightmaps to the sparkling on the Baron's lizard-head-cannon-thing.
  6. TheMightyHeracross

    Guess the movie

    "Cabbages! Knickers! It hasn't got a beak!"
  7. TheMightyHeracross

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday!
  8. TheMightyHeracross

    The Most Uncomfortable Movie Scene You Have Ever Seen

    The beginning and ending of Kids.
  9. TheMightyHeracross

    Obscure Songs

  10. TheMightyHeracross

    So what has changed?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe he refers to the scrapped "Call of Doom" version of Doom 4?
  11. TheMightyHeracross

    what games were a part of your childhood?

    Lego Star Wars II Pokemon Pearl, Soulsilver, Gale of Darkness, and Explorers of Time Doom Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast Battlefront
  12. TheMightyHeracross

    Are there any polygonal engines that used sprites for FPS?

    I believe SS1 is actually a 3D engine, yes.
  13. TheMightyHeracross

    What's RIGHT with you!

  14. The point that I was making there was that around the time I realized I wasn't buying the whole story about God and Jesus, Heaven and Hell, etc, I actually did look at arguments for and against the Bible before deciding that I didn't believe in it. I kind of half-agree with you- it is something you decide, but on the other hand, there's a point when someone's not going to believe something that they don't think makes sense without some evidence. Do you think you could sincerely convince yourself that Santa exists, for example? Same thing- I could try to "choose" to believe in God, but in the end, I wouldn't be fooling myself.
  15. It's a response to the fact that you consider atheism "alarming," "arrogant," "misguided," and "idiotic," and that people only become atheist because it's the "cool thing," or "because the famous people do it," and not because it's a sincere lack of belief in any deity. See, what I'm getting from this attitude right here is that you see atheism as some sort of act of rebellion, and don't see the possibility that some people simply don't believe in any higher being. You try to ask what the belief would "cost us," as if that's why we don't believe in anything. We're, as I understand it, defending ourselves not because we're out to get you or your belief (whatever that may be), but because we don't like your assumptions and attitudes towards atheism. Also, on a mostly unrelated note, I'd like to say that I don't really like that Pascal's wager logic. For one, I agree with you that we don't exactly know the truth- which would make choosing a god just to "be safe" quite moot, as the real chances of that working out are slim. I mean, after all, there are a couple thousand deities that humans worship, and if there is a real deity after all it may (and, in my opinion, probably) won't end up being any of those. Secondly, the wager assumes that you can just pick a god and make yourself believe in it. But honestly, as someone who made sure I did everything to convince myself otherwise before deciding that I was an atheist, I can tell you that trying to convert to a religion just in order to avoid being damned to some cruel underworld would not work out for me, even if I wanted.