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  1. More of my Hexen playthrough with GeekVonDoom:
  2. More of my Hexen paythrough with GeekVonDoom:
  3. The last bits of my Mordeth playthrough:
  4. More of my Mordeth playthrough:
  5. More of my Mordeth playthrough, where more death occurs:
  6. More of my Mordeth playthrough:
  7. 20 years after its demo release, I finally decide to check out one of the most the infamous Doom 2 mods - Mordeth:
  8. Our hiatus is finally over - more of my Hexen playthrough with GeekVonDoom!
  9. VonDoom and I's Hexen Co-Op series will be starting back up soon! Here's the most recent episode from it:
  10. And now the finale of Encrypter:
  11. More Encrypter for Heretic:
  12. And here's part two of my Encrypter playthrough:
  13. I stumbled upon this Heretic mod here on Doomworld earlier this year and figured I'd give it a playthrough:
  14. Thanks for the kind words! While I do have commentary on my videos, I'm certainly no BigMacDavis (miss that guy's videos!). I tend to go into Doom mods blind, so my commentary is more of my raw experience rather than anything particularly insightful. That said, I do try to offer a walkthrough of how to access a PWAD's secret levels, if they exist. And my Hexen playthrough felt a bit like a walkthrough, as I'm quite familiar with the game's puzzles.
  15. The finale of WolfenDoom - Escape from Totenhaus: