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  1. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    starting day 21 of the idgames archive playthrough: https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  2. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    on day 20 of playing through the entire /idgames archive https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  3. well, a large chunk of the wads were uploaded may 12th. but, the first 10 wads i played were from all of april. i'd say like week 6 or so.
  4. 100 wads (of the 110 wads i've played) are may '94. we're still in may. the wad i played before going to bed was may 18th. we're on page 23. the first wad for june 1st is at the very very bottom of page 31
  5. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    after a long hiatus due to my PC being screwed, i return to play through the entire idgames archive: https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  6. the mission never dies.. well until i reach may 1st 2018. if something happens to my rig again that prevents me from streaming, i'll do my best to say it here and on twitter
  7. alrighty folks, it's time. in about 5 minutes day 19 begins. https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  8. i dunno if anyone is still looking at this thread. but if anyone is, my PC has been down for a while, i got it up and running and should be back to the archive playthrough by monday next week.
  9. joshthenesnerd

    How did you come up with your username?

    my name is josh....i'm a nerd....my favourite console at the time is the NES (it's still in the top few, but not my favourite.) had this name since june 2011 and i've used it long enough that it's almost a part of me and i won't change it for a very long time. the profile picture you see to the left is a recent development, but i quite like it.
  10. joshthenesnerd

    Favorite Source Port?

    someone could make a bot that keeps track of every time a sourceport was mentioned by a different user? but, i don't know how to do so, and i don't know anyone else who does either
  11. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    gonna start day 17 of the /idgames archive playthrough in a couple minutes: https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  12. joshthenesnerd

    Favorite Source Port?

    i have 8 sourceports on my computer as of this moment. i think my favourite ports of the 8 are zdoom 2.8.1 and chocolate doom. side-anecdote: i was having trouble with something in chocolate doom on stream and fraggle himself told me to update my chocolate doom. have i done that yet? i should check......
  13. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    day 16 of playing through the entire archive https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  14. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    continuing archive playthrough day 15: https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  15. joshthenesnerd

    co-op things placement in plutonia

    I've set up a plutonia co-op zandronum server for me and a friend, and the enemy placement is very different. you know the long hallway you spawn staring down in map01 of plutonia? mastermind right at the end. is there a way to have the singleplayer placement? is there some kind of commandline parameter or pk3 that will do that. plutonia is hard enough already. edit: friend of mine and i are gonna just try to kick the enemy placement's ass. hopefully it works. anyone know how to delete topics you made?