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  1. i've played the wadpaks... wadpaks and related compilations are soul sucking abominations and anyone who compiles them should be tied up and beaten.
  2. joshthenesnerd

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    the newfounded enthusiasm didn't last long. i don't want to see this die completely. please, if something can be done to help this along i want to help. even if it is something small, i want to help this get done.
  3. joshthenesnerd

    Your favorite WAD's to just kick back and relax playing?

    iwad content: KDITD, shores of hell (they are the classics and the best of the original doom) pwads: switcheroom (i have raved on switcheroom a lot, but if you have beaten doom1 all the way through play dtwid and then play switcheroom you will have a good time) gameplay mods: colourful hell and legendoom. these 2 mods are amazing and when put together they turn e1 from walk in the park to more challenging than i bargained for
  4. i really like chaingunner's suggestion of tei tenga. it's a good short name that isn't hard to read and probably isn't trademarked by id or anyone. it's a unique name making it easy to remember (both words starting with the same letter also makes it easy to remember) and it pays homage to doom's inception in tom hall's doom bible.
  5. joshthenesnerd

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    archvile haters. because i hate archviles and i am very annoying in general.
  6. joshthenesnerd

    Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom

    that's carmack's law.
  7. joshthenesnerd

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    in the mess of it 2: josh finally got off his ass and worked on it
  8. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    onto day 27 of playing through the idgames archive https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  9. I think I would have a pet caco. (assuming you can choose its size) I think it would be great to have one that is wide enough to go through your average doorway so it can fly into your house and out of your house. But, if the monster's attack is possible to happen when it is angry or scared (like in a new situation or something), then I think I would probably not want a doom monster as a pet. If we were to expand this to enemies from all games, I think I'd be cool with a pet vort from half-life because without the vort-controller they're super nice. But, with vortigaunts their sentience would really make them like Brain from family guy which is basically a long-term roommate whose actions you are constantly responsible for even though they are fully sentient. also 3 fingers on each hand is enough to play video games with a 360/ps controller or play a boardgame like chess or castle panic.
  10. this looks like a really cool project. i can't wait to see it done. definitely subscribing to this thread
  11. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    day 26 of the idgames archive playthrough: https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  12. joshthenesnerd

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    i started working on a map for deathmatch (never did a deathmatch map before) i got a nice amount of geo done in the first room. and then i accidentally made a wonky sector. gzdb didn't like that. the program crashed and i never saved. this is what it looked like before it went screwey: i'm sure the ideas from this will end up somewhere else (silver trim idea came from something i'm working on with someone else, the general idea came from e4m9) the idea won't die, but the map seems to have. maybe i will try to return to this concept again for another dm map.
  13. joshthenesnerd

    Do you guys know any good gun mods

    check out legendoom. it add's in fallout's legendary enemy/weapon mechanic. essentially, between 0 and 5 or more enemies (depending on the size of the level) have a chance to go "legendary" and that means, when their health goes to 0% for the first time it will shoot up to 300% and their speed will shoot up to 3x as well (they'll flash red and scream when they go just so you can tell) and when they die they drop a weapon with a cool effect. potential weapon effects include: potions and armor bonuses doing +1 more (passive stacks) doing more damage to a specific monster (i.e. hell nobles, imps and viles, pinkies, undead etc.) infinite ammo when invisible. i could go on and on about the effects. and when levels are bigger you have more legendary enemies to contend with. this mod also has its own special hud that comes in with it. it pairs well with megawads such as ancient aliens and (my favourite doom 1 mapset) jaws_in_space's switcherooom. it also is good with other mods like cactushedge's colourful hell. it's compatible with any mod that doesn't mess with the weapons in anyway (that's right even your custom realm667 enemies can go legendary too)
  14. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    continuing the playthrough of the /idgames archive: https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  15. joshthenesnerd

    Doom Streams

    more archive playthrough: https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd