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  1. What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    zombiemen:barney's shotgunners:otis imps:no nickname demons:pinkies (it's official, but oh well) barons:cows cacos:tomatoes/ it's a spicy meata ball lost souls:skulls cyberdemons:rocket goat masterminds:mother brain
  2. Doom Streams

    continuing tim wilit's raven series: https://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  3. What is your favourite secret Level?

    honestly, my favourite secret level is e2m9 fortress of mystery. it's a very short level, but it keeps its action solid. both rooms have difficult encounters. and that's why it's my favourite. tense as all hell. and each room (if done in a particular way) will make lead you wish you had stayed in the last encounter.
  4. Last night i uploaded the pwad i've been working on for the past couple months. it's called "in the mess of it" (episode 1 of mole doom if i make sequel). here is the link to the wad: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/m-o/messofit it's very much inspired by the original iwads. hell, the final level has an homage to tnt of all things (just kidding, i love tnt:evilution) if you have a keen eye you'll be able to point out what's inspired by what. if you'd like a plot, i'll give you an excerpt from the readme "if you want a plot i'll make one up: you play john ninmole. a scientist at the research center on phobos. you were called in one morning on your goddamn day off. something has gone wrong with the teleporter again and it's your job to fix it. this happened just recently, but when it did the whole other moon disappeared. when you arrived to your station everyone was dead. you quickly grabbed a pistol off a dead security guard and prepared yourself for the most stressful workday of your life. and the worst part is you're not even supposed to be here today!" unlike original doomguy, moledoomguy has a name it is "John Ninmole" (if you're that curious to know what the player's 2-4 are named in co-op, they are Missi Fit, Jay Camel, and Terrence Wade) under the spoiler tag at the bottom will be a couple screenshots and a playthrough with minimal secrets it's made in the vanilla format and is even compatible with chocolate doom (though in map 7 and 8 the one of the skyboxes has a hom effect. this is only in chocolate doom) i tested it with chocolate doom and zdoom 2.8.1 it's for doom 1, replaces all of episode 1. maps e1m1-e1m8 and e1m9 if you played it, let me know what you think and let me know what i can improve on. playthrough: screenshots:
  5. Doom Streams

    i'm gonna do a playthrough of the mapset i've been working on for the past few months before i upload it to the archive: http://twitch.tv/joshthenesnerd
  6. Is it possible to flip a texture upside down in UDMF?

    oh you fuckin' better!
  7. Fucking .net Framework 3.5

    we can swear on the forums? alright! wait.... @Linguica can you confirm this is allowed?
  8. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    what would happen if they disappear? where will we put our wads? :O
  9. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    dude, there's no way i'm putting those 2 parts of the tree on my hard drive lol
  10. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    i meant terrys and x-rated.
  11. MAYhem2016 Map 20 "The Performance"

    i felt your pain so hard when you were going through that. you really did not enjoy that room.
  12. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    i think it might be kinda cool to have the entire archive on one's hard drive. except for those 2 parts of the themes section.... you know the two... you know...
  13. New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    actually, when i discovered the game, it was all due to links to fragglescript and SMMU
  14. New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    Doom Arcade -> ZDoom -> you makes 2. if zdoom is linked on a wiki page, the fraggle number is 2