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  1. joshthenesnerd

    Favourite Track from the Classic Doom Series

    doom 1: tie between i sawed the demons and facing the spider (special mentions to donna to the rescue and untitled) doom 2: tie between healer stalks and into sandy's city (special mention to the dave d taylor blues) tnt evilution: no contest, none of the original music for TNT compares to into the beast's belly plutonia midi pack: plunge saw by bucket out of those, i think my favourite is plunge saw. it's given me a newfound joy for that level. the midi makes it so exciting to go through and i've played it several times over the past few days because of that midi. edit: I'm listening to the map 01 tune from revilution for the very first time.... bucket is a musical madman genius and i salute him
  2. joshthenesnerd

    Favorite Episode from Ultimate Doom

    each episode i love for different reasons, but i think my favourite episode is episode 3 (sorry to john and tom) episode 3 is just sandy's imagination going wild and i absolutely love it. the exploration of previous levels (most notably from tom's E2M2 and E2M7) gone to a whole other realm with levels like slough of despair, mt. erebus and limbo. stuff represents other stuff even less, it's just pure abstract, exploratory and puzzly. the first level and final level aren't great but the rest of the episode is fantastic. though, many will probably disagree with me on the quality of unholy cathedral and slough of despair. i often feel like sandy's design doesn't get as much love as it deserves. like, sure it's ugly but there's just a fiendish fun to his traps and puzzles plus the man is great at designing exploratory levels (which is so hard)
  3. if anyone is checking my feed: no, the archive playthrough is not dead. just slow. last stream was over a week ago. sleep schedule was screwed, trying to get it back to normal. next stream tuesday.

  4. joshthenesnerd

    E1M9 - Military Base

    if you want an extra level in knee-deep, get the OG xbox version of doom. there's an extra secret level in episode 1. sucks though.
  5. i'd like to give all the points i can to switcheroom.
  6. thanks @PeterMoro for that shoutout. it's an honour to be considered an inspiration. I should probably talk about I've made about 10 and a half maps that got officially released. 1 and a half of those were made for dying camel's demons 1 and 3. (that half map was later finished by dubzz) I'll do my best to go through everything... my first map JNNHangar is up on the archives. it was mostly inspired by doom builder 2. it was more of an educational thing rather than a real map. there was some inspiration towards the end from Romero's e1m8b (and although not a wad, the red key trap was kind of inspired vaguely by raiders of the lost arc.) don't play that map. it's awful. i also made a map for dying camel's demons 1 which was inspired by doom 2 map 12 the factory. in between those two I made a 9 level mapset for episode 1 of doom called "in the mess of it." I'm pretty proud of that one. it has inspiration from all over the official IWADS and some megawads. (see spoiler for specifics) i one of these days i need to do a video playthrough of my mapset and do a design commentary because there's probably a bunch of things i forgetting something
  7. joshthenesnerd

    Things about Doom you just found out

    i always thought the vile was saying why stretched out into 4 syllables. "wha-ha-ha-haiiiii?"
  8. joshthenesnerd

    The pistol. Love it or hate it?

    there's a lot i think is great about the pistol. the sound is great, it doesn't spread, the sprite looks really good, it's great for shoot switches you can't reach but that good is weighed down by one big bad. the animation is so unsatisfying. like, the shotgun's animation is so satisfying and it feels smooth. same with the chaingun and the rocket launcher. but the pistol's animation is just a clunker and it just makes it feel like a slog to use.
  9. joshthenesnerd

    What are you playing now?

    i'm working through the official content in my own time just to reset. i decided before i start this playthrough to do a fun pk3 (just for my own personal use) just for the master levels as one file to play through without changing maps. and it became a massive thing (see spoiler if you're curious) i finished up e4 and i'm about to move on to the lost episode and then doom 2.
  10. joshthenesnerd

    What are the dumbest map names you've heard of?

  11. joshthenesnerd

    The definitive "what difficulty do you prefer and why" thread

    personally, i play on UV because it feels like a lot of mappers make for UV as the "Standard" or "intended" difficulty for their releases. even doom 1 kinda feels a little empty on HMP to me.
  12. joshthenesnerd

    What are the dumbest map names you've heard of?

    In my e1 replacement, I made a map called operation station. I probably shouldn't have made it rhyme.
  13. joshthenesnerd

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    my first source port was zandronum. i didn't use zandy for multiplayer until long after it wasn't my port of choice. after that it was zdoom (i think like 3 or 4 months before the final update), and then because my pc at the time was ass i went back and forth between LZDoom for offline play and regular zdoom for streaming. after that i checked out chocolate and for a time i used chocolate doom more than zdoom ports. and when i got a gt1030 (i was cheap, and still am)i started using gzdoom completely. i think there's a video on my youtube of me playing through a portion of KDITD with gzdoom before i got a dedicated video card and it just ran awful. the sectors were just flickering and it was bad. some time in my joint usage of LZdoom, Zdoom and chocolate doom i also started using crispy doom. crispy doom is probably my favourite sourceport, but 80% of the time nowadays i'm using gzdoom.
  14. joshthenesnerd

    Things about Doom you just found out

    the opening to e2m6 is a happy kitty
  15. joshthenesnerd

    Fatal Deminity (Open Doom 3)

    ok, playing with you is getting nowhere. so here's the skinny, jack; people don't like it when you crib other's names against their consent. it gives people a bad taste about you. people won't want to work with you, and the only thing people will say about the project is about the name and they won't give you a fair shake. that's just how things happen. it's not doom, it's not this community, it's just how the world works. please, bratish, change the name to anything that isn't taken. or else i will return to you with the jargon of bandits, good sir.