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  1. carter

    Abaddon [WAD]

    Thanks for the criticism, fixed the post for the jumping and crouching thing.
  2. carter

    Abaddon [WAD]

    -SCREENSHOTS- (in order) -INFO- -DOWNLOAD- Abaddon.zip -WALKTHROUGH- (for smol brains)
  3. Good wad! Didn't play much of it but I enjoyed the time I played it, this is exactly the type of wads I want to make but im not very good at making wads, good job.
  4. carter

    Labyrinth Doom Wad

    Where can I play this
  5. carter

    What makes a level fun?

    ...oh no
  6. carter

    How do you change the map name

    Good to know.
  7. carter

    How do you change the map name

    Thanks so much!
  8. carter

    Slade Question

    That is not what I mean, I know I can do that. I have a lot of files, and moving the whole block is STILL too slow. Is it possible to move the whole thing ALL the way up in one click? Cause I have A LOT of custom stuff.
  9. I can't seem to figure out how you change the map name, can someone help me? I am using GZDoom Builder, game configuration is GZDOOM: Doom 2 (UMDF)
  10. carter

    Slade Question

    So in slade, I am trying to add some stuff, but I have a lot of custom textures. Is there a way to move files up and down faster in slade, and not one by one?
  11. carter


    Well this took me a while to respond.. whoops Anyway, besides that I felt like most people would dislike my map, I have no idea why. Thank you for the reply, i'm hoping to fix the blocky linear lands.
  12. carter

    My new map in development!

    Thank you for this.
  13. I am now making a new wad, with 2 maps. Please give me some tips and tricks to improve this as much as possible, or Tricks and Traps! (Reference to doom2.wad) (Tested With GZDoom 4.1.3) Here's some screenshots in Ultra-Violence (Skill 4) (Note: These images are in random order.) (Note 2: Map 1 is still under development, Map 2 is not even a map yet.) So, tell me things I can use, and improve this as much as possible. Judge by the screenshots if you are looking for anything stupid, something I need to fix, or something I can improve. I will post more screenshots in the comments, later when I have more to show. If you have questions, leave it in the comments.
  14. carter

    My first map!

    What do you expect from a first wad?
  15. carter


    Oh, thank you for that.