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  1. carter

    Abaddon [WAD]

    Thanks for the criticism, fixed the post for the jumping and crouching thing.
  2. carter

    Abaddon [WAD]

    -SCREENSHOTS- (in order) -INFO- -DOWNLOAD- Abaddon.zip -WALKTHROUGH- (for smol brains)
  3. Good wad! Didn't play much of it but I enjoyed the time I played it, this is exactly the type of wads I want to make but im not very good at making wads, good job.
  4. carter

    Labyrinth Doom Wad

    Where can I play this
  5. carter

    How do you change the map name

    Thanks so much!
  6. carter

    Slade Question

    That is not what I mean, I know I can do that. I have a lot of files, and moving the whole block is STILL too slow. Is it possible to move the whole thing ALL the way up in one click? Cause I have A LOT of custom stuff.
  7. I can't seem to figure out how you change the map name, can someone help me? I am using GZDoom Builder, game configuration is GZDOOM: Doom 2 (UMDF)
  8. carter

    Slade Question

    So in slade, I am trying to add some stuff, but I have a lot of custom textures. Is there a way to move files up and down faster in slade, and not one by one?
  9. carter


    Well this took me a while to respond.. whoops Anyway, besides that I felt like most people would dislike my map, I have no idea why. Thank you for the reply, i'm hoping to fix the blocky linear lands.
  10. carter

    My new map in development!

    Thank you for this.
  11. I am now making a new wad, with 2 maps. Please give me some tips and tricks to improve this as much as possible, or Tricks and Traps! (Reference to doom2.wad) (Tested With GZDoom 4.1.3) Here's some screenshots in Ultra-Violence (Skill 4) (Note: These images are in random order.) (Note 2: Map 1 is still under development, Map 2 is not even a map yet.) So, tell me things I can use, and improve this as much as possible. Judge by the screenshots if you are looking for anything stupid, something I need to fix, or something I can improve. I will post more screenshots in the comments, later when I have more to show. If you have questions, leave it in the comments.
  12. carter

    My first map!

    What do you expect from a first wad?
  13. carter


    Oh, thank you for that.