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  1. TheDoomDude

    Favorite Doom Boss

    I couldn't remember the name of the duo so I just put the Baron Brothers lol.
  2. TheDoomDude

    Doom themed DND

    So I'm making a homebrew Doom themed DND campaign and I was wondering if the stats I made are fair and balanced? Let me know your thoughts on them down below. Heres the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_nqs_mY103V5csJRbsH9_u7g74NNnqKm-ajXEtwmmRs/edit?usp=sharing
  3. TheDoomDude

    Any possible Doomguy actors of your choice?

    They also need the muscles for the part, as Doomguy has always been pretty beefy, unless we are doing the 2016 design, then it doesn't really matter. As for my top 3 it would be John Cena (He wasn't bad in the Bumblebee movie), The Rock (Hes got the eyebrows for it), or if we could go back in time, Arnold,as he had both the face and body for Doomguy, but hes past his prime nowadays.
  4. TheDoomDude

    Favorite Doom Boss

    For everyone wondering about the option for Final Doom, I put it as a joke in reference to Civvie 11's video.
  5. TheDoomDude

    Favorite Doom Boss

    Doom 3 must have been a warm up for Doomguy if the Hellknights were as bad as Barons. Very interesting though, I did not know this. Thanks for the information.
  6. TheDoomDude

    Favorite Doom Boss

    I mostly went off of the Doom wiki to find out what counted as a boss for the Doom games I havn't played yet (This includes Doom 3), and they were not listed as one. Sorry I left them out, but to be a little fair two hell knights seem pretty tame compared to two barons.
  7. So how have you been here recently?

  8. TheDoomDude

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    Thank you all for the replies. It nice reading ya'll responses and seeing the reasons people love doom so much.
  9. TheDoomDude

    Favorite Doom Boss

    Whats your favorite Boss Battle. Mind would have to be the Hell Guards from Doom 2016 just due to how much they keep me on my toes and due to them being able to attack from two different angles.
  10. TheDoomDude

    The Titan. . .

    So does anyone happen to know the height of Titan by any chance?
  11. TheDoomDude

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    Thanks for the information.
  12. TheDoomDude

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    What is this Plutonia you speak of?
  13. So hows Doom 2016 review coming along? Hope you are having a good day. 

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    2. TheDoomDude


      Holy crap, this is alot more than what I was expecting. Thanks for writing this.54a.gif.91117905e42863d899ac809510debcc6.gif

    3. SamuelNMEvander
    4. TheDoomDude


      Your welcome, anytime. :D

  14. TheDoomDude

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    Like I said before, I'm sorry I left it out. Anyways thanks for participating.
  15. Finally reached the rank of Green Marine, lets see if I can get even higher.