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  1. Flippy685368

    GTA VI Trailer

    GTA franchise was dead for 10 years, but it now alive because GTA VI is going release on 2025, gta fans are just waiting for gta vi, but now, here is
  2. Flippy685368

    which doom textures are useless or barely used?

    guys, i need delete, im really sorry
  3. Flippy685368

    which doom textures are useless or barely used?

    oh, so what now?
  4. find a texture that no one or barely using that texture
  5. Flippy685368

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    a flipped L and a regular L
  6. Flippy685368

    What's your favorite video game?

    GTA, Doom, Blood (good gameplay), sonic, mario, fnf, and ETC
  7. Flippy685368

    random GIF thread

  8. Flippy685368

    random GIF thread

    post gif here pls don't spam so many time
  9. Flippy685368

    Random Image Thread

    one of Penguin mod memebers made this on discord
  10. Flippy685368

    Random Image Thread

    name of this game?
  11. Flippy685368

    Random Video Thread

  12. Flippy685368

    Ultimate Doom Builder or doom builder?

    i find why udb is better here : UDB has a native 64-bit build with several performance optimizations, better Linux compatibility, and an improved OpenGL-based 3D mode. UDB requires at least OpenGL 3.3 capability to run, whereas GZDB-BF, like other DB2 forks, rely on Direct3D, the rassons is on https://zdoom.org/wiki/Doom_Builder#:~:text=Ultimate Doom Builder (UDB),-A continuation and&text=UDB has a native 64,DB2 forks%2C rely on Direct3D.
  13. Flippy685368

    so, where super shotgun come from?

    guys wow, this topic is a hot topic!
  14. so, i use UDB so which you are choosing?