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  1. Pokemanic33

    Do profile pictures change your perception of a user?

    It tends to alter my perception of them aesthetically, but not anything more meaningful. I tend to associate profile pictures with the person behind them; for example, if someone has a profile picture of a silver-haired anime villain, I tend to picture someone who's young and maybe has a bit of an edge. I also immediately respect people's tastes more if their profile picture is a character from a series I like. It doesn't affect the way I think about them as a person beyond that superficial level. Unless it's a profile picture of a middle-aged white guy in his truck with sunglass and a baseball cap. That's the exception.
  2. Pokemanic33

    So where does your username come from?

    I was ~11 and needed a name for Minecraft. I was going through a bit of a Pokemon phase - or more accurately, a phase of interest in the Youtuber TheJWittz - and so I went with the name of a trainer class that conveyed my interest in the series. Fast forward almost a decade and I couldn't care less about Pokemon and I rarely watch JWittz's videos, but yet the name remains. I usually go by Poke but I keep the full name around for a couple reasons: Nostalgia. It's very much a "ten year-old came up with it" name with its typo and random meaningless number tacked onto the end, but it's mine. I'm attached to it, as dumb as it is. This one's a little weirder, but I like having a "full" name because then Poke can become a nickname, and I like nicknames. I can't say why, there's just something satisfying to me about being called by a nickname. Something to do with the casual closeness it implies I guess. Maybe also something to do with the fact that my name is Dustin, so I never really had a nickname in real life growing up (besides "Dusty" when I was very young and hated at the time but for similar reasons have grown more fond of as of late)
  3. That's what I was afraid of, that's a shame. I haven't looked much at the Switch's system-wide rebinding, but I doubt you could map an analog axis to a button in the way I would need for my control scheme.
  4. Apologies for the noob question, but how configurable are the controls on console? I had no interest in this port until Limited Run announced their collector's edition (never thought I'd be considering spending eighty dollars on two 25 year-old five-dollar games I already own but here we are...), so I'm kind of lost on it. I have a specific control setup I like (movement/turning on the left stick and strafing on the shoulder buttons) and I could set that up just fine on the PC version, but do the console ports feature the same degree of customization?
  5. Pokemanic33

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Goddamn it just keeps going, how did you get that within the file limit?
  6. Pokemanic33

    Anime avatars confuse me

    I know it's hard to tell
  7. Pokemanic33

    Does Minesweeper have one and only one solution?

    Technically depending on the version you're playing (9x/XP I think at least) you can memorize the boards, but in practical gameplay yes, there is going to be some guesswork. It's annoying but I suppose that's what you run into with such a simple number generator.
  8. Pokemanic33

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Recently downloaded Open Fortress and holy fuck am I in love with that. It's like Quake 3 with bits and pieces from other classic FPS and it's perfect.
  9. Pokemanic33

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    I stand corrected, that's pretty badass. I don't remember encountering really any of it in actual gameplay though, which is a shame. It's been a few years since I've played it though and my memory is effectively non-existent though so take that as you will. If the level design contradicts this AI like you say though that's definitely still a problem and I think my base point still stands, even if my reasoning was misinformed.
  10. Pokemanic33

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    This is an interesting point. I love the "midcentury European city invaded by dieselpunk-esque science fiction techonlogy" aesthetic too, but it's hard to take it in isolation because of just how much it's been used outside of Half-Life 2. I've been playing custom Garry's Mod maps for so long (longer even than Half-Life 2 itself) that the aesthetic feels almost less like Half-Life and more like Garry's Mod.
  11. Pokemanic33

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    Half-Life 2 is an excellent tech showcase, but it definitely feels a bit like a tech demo at times. A lack of cutscenes also mean that the story has to be told through scripted exposition dumps where you can't do anything but walk around and listen, which turns the game into an absolute slog on repeat playthroughs. The enemy AI is incredibly basic as well, with most enemies walking into the barrel of your gun. The first game by contrast holds up a lot better by virtue of its impressive tech being worked into the gameplay more effectively. Half-Life's enemy AI is dynamic and complex, and still remains impressive to this day. It creates a fun and interesting gameplay dynamic on top of being impressive. This is subjective, but I also much prefer the first game's plot, with the military and alien forces not only fighting you but also each other. It's more interesting than just the humanoid alien bad guys of Half-Life 2.
  12. Pokemanic33

    What are the worst lyrics you have ever heard?

    I've probably heard worse and just can't think of it right now, but the first song that came to mind is Blurred Lines. Not that the lyrics are necessarily badly written in and of themselves, but holy fuck is the subject matter gross.
  13. I like to think I have a fairly competent grasp on vanilla level design, but I don't have the dedication to make vanilla/Boom compatible maps
  14. Pokemanic33

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    I was ten(-ish) years old and I needed a name for Minecraft and I liked Pokemon at the time (or perhaps more accurately I liked the Youtuber TheJwittz). It's a dumb name and I'm not super fond of it but I've used it pretty much everywhere since and I've got a nostalgic attachment to it (typo and all). I don't have any better ideas but I tend to go by the abbreviated Poke as opposed to the name in full.
  15. Pokemanic33

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    The game plays normally but at random intervals every few minutes it pulls up an Excel spreadsheet to simulate playing the game at work at an office job