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  1. Pokemanic33

    I struck gold!

    Man, I would kill for some classic shovelware levels. I have a shareware CD but it doesn't have any levels, just a million editors (seriously, who needs that many palette editors?).
  2. Pokemanic33

    Fav gameplay mod+wad Combo?

    I like the combo of Roguelike Arsenal (and its monster pack) with Obsidian-generated maps. Obsidian can make some pretty good maps but they still have that Oblige-ish feel, which I think goes well with the roguelike concept.
  3. Pokemanic33

    Post your Doom textures!

    Does a wad need a TITLEPIC if it's three maps long? Probably not, but I wanted to anyway. In the true Doom fashion, it was made by finding a photograph I liked, crunching the fuck out of it, and then doing some sloppy edits. This is truecolor and it doesn't look as good paletted, so I may try to touch it up a bit more but I'm happy for now.
  4. Pokemanic33

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    When he first gave its grade my initial reaction was "wow, that's really low, but combat has always been his focus so that's to be expected." But I thought about it for a second and realized that basically the only comment he consistently heaped praise on the atmosphere and scripted sequences, so I find it hard to say he was being unfair. He just has different preferences and priorities. That said, I think it would have been wise to say as much outright in the review. Were it me, I would give the final grade and then follow it up with something to the effect of "it's really good at what it's trying to do, but it's just not for me and my grading system isn't built for this style of wad."
  5. Pokemanic33

    "Copper" / Quake style HUD messages

    Changing health pickup text to tell you how much you got would be very trivial with DeHackEd - you can change any string to say whatever you want. So you would just change the string that says "picked up a stimpack" to "got 10 health" and so forth. As for powerup ending warnings, I'm not sure. I'm sure there would be a way to script it in ZDoom, but that's out of my wheelhouse. And at any rate, if you were moving up to ZDoom requirements you would probably not want to use DeHackEd like I previously explained. I'm sure ZDoom has similar functionality, but again I'm not sure.
  6. Pokemanic33

    Testing WAD with custom textures in PrBoom+

    I know of the differences, but would those still happen in a WAD is in Boom format to begin with? Monsters may behave differently and such, but since the WAD is Boom-formatted in the editor I can't do anything beyond that, such as mixing flats and walls like you said. Given the right load order of resources, I can test essential functionality in a Boom port. Several textures will be HoM because other WADs don't seem to load so it's not an ideal setup for extensive testing, but it's an option.
  7. Pokemanic33

    Testing WAD with custom textures in PrBoom+

    I moved lostres up in priority and it did load fine, so that confirms that. Although it did launch, it had another problem: textures from the other WADs turned into HoM. All of this is a bit pedantic because I can just playtest in GZDoom and then run it through Prboom+ once it's done and the textures are properly added to the WAD itself I admit, but it has me curious.
  8. Pokemanic33

    Testing WAD with custom textures in PrBoom+

    That makes sense and is probably the cause now that you explain it more, sorry. I'll fiddle with loading order when I get a chance and see how that affects things. The strangest part of it to me though is still that the big doesn't affect Chocolate Doom but does affect the more advanced Prboom+.
  9. Pokemanic33

    Testing WAD with custom textures in PrBoom+

    I don't think that's the issue. For reference, the texture sets I'm using are entirely new assets, not just replacements. They all seem to play together just fine, and the issue also still presents itself in an empty WAD with no assets besides the base IWAD and the problem WAD (lostres.wad). In addition to that it only crashes when a lostres texture is used in the map; like I said, I'm fairly sure lostres.wad is the problem here, I just didn't want to necro its thread to ask about it there.
  10. Sorry in advance for what I assume is a basic question; this is my first time working with vanilla/Boom format and I'm still learning their "quirks." I'm working on a Doom 2 WAD in Boom format. Vanilla was the original target, but I very quickly jumped up when I learned that vanilla (for all intents and purposes) didn't support custom animated textures and switches. But in Boom, PrBoom+ seems to have issues with loading custom textures; I've narrowed it down to lostres.wad and PBoom+. It works fine in Crispy and Chocolate Doom (in a vanilla format WAD), and GZDoom, but crashes with exit signal 11 in PrBoom+. Does anyone have any experience with lostres and/or PrBoom+ that would have any idea what could cause this? I'm hesitant to ask such a specific and possibly dumb question, but I'm even more hesitant to do and and necro a two-year-old thread in the process. I'm not sure why Chocolate and Crispy Doom would be able handle it but not PrBoom+.
  11. Pokemanic33

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Definitely on some level, but I don't quite know to what extent. I find it all endlessly fascinating, and I think it genuinely enriches my life to think about, hearing and reading the stories and testimonies. I just don't know how much of it is suspending my disbelief and how much of it I genuinely think is "real."
  12. I haven't modified WADs really, but I have done a bit of tinkering with PK3 mods from time to time. I use a custom version of Smooth Doom with brightmaps (made by someone else) and some animations that were removed at some point, for example. I also had to edit a "deep water" mod to remove a slowing effect when walking through slime that the creator said they would remove and didn't. Little things like that. When it comes to traditional WADs, I like to leave things as they are.
  13. Pokemanic33

    Do profile pictures change your perception of a user?

    It tends to alter my perception of them aesthetically, but not anything more meaningful. I tend to associate profile pictures with the person behind them; for example, if someone has a profile picture of a silver-haired anime villain, I tend to picture someone who's young and maybe has a bit of an edge. I also immediately respect people's tastes more if their profile picture is a character from a series I like. It doesn't affect the way I think about them as a person beyond that superficial level. Unless it's a profile picture of a middle-aged white guy in his truck with sunglass and a baseball cap. That's the exception.
  14. Pokemanic33

    So where does your username come from?

    I was ~11 and needed a name for Minecraft. I was going through a bit of a Pokemon phase - or more accurately, a phase of interest in the Youtuber TheJWittz - and so I went with the name of a trainer class that conveyed my interest in the series. Fast forward almost a decade and I couldn't care less about Pokemon and I rarely watch JWittz's videos, but yet the name remains. I usually go by Poke but I keep the full name around for a couple reasons: Nostalgia. It's very much a "ten year-old came up with it" name with its typo and random meaningless number tacked onto the end, but it's mine. I'm attached to it, as dumb as it is. This one's a little weirder, but I like having a "full" name because then Poke can become a nickname, and I like nicknames. I can't say why, there's just something satisfying to me about being called by a nickname. Something to do with the casual closeness it implies I guess. Maybe also something to do with the fact that my name is Dustin, so I never really had a nickname in real life growing up (besides "Dusty" when I was very young and hated at the time but for similar reasons have grown more fond of as of late)
  15. That's what I was afraid of, that's a shame. I haven't looked much at the Switch's system-wide rebinding, but I doubt you could map an analog axis to a button in the way I would need for my control scheme.