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  1. Dusty_Rhodes

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Woah woah woah, you make music you want to make! I simply agreed that sometimes it can get overbearing but don't let some rando on Doomworld dictate how you make music. It's important to take feedback but also make something you're happy with. I really can't critique your music if I haven't heard it either.
  2. Dusty_Rhodes

    Boom Trick: "Hidden Ink" Messages

    This is incredibly creative. Love the idea.
  3. Dusty_Rhodes

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I absolutely agree. People are making really great music for wads these days but sometimes they are just too musical. They carve your attention away from the map instead of enhancing it. This isn't always true and I love the Doomworld composers but I think this is a great point.
  4. Dusty_Rhodes

    What songs do you wish had MIDI renditions?

    Discreet Music by Brian Eno. I've mused about a truly ambient midi track in a wad before, this one being the ideal piece. I think a midi with no beat or harmonic progression or any of the other aspects on non - ambient music removed would make a fascinating back drop to demon slaying. Especially in the really artful maps we se by people like Ribbiks and Eternal. The only problem is that Discreet Music was composed with two sequences repeating randomly into a Frippertronics tape loop. How you would get close to that sound in midi is beyond me. Probably lots and lots of tracks of those two sequences fading in and out in random intervals with varying volumes and intensities. I'd very much like to see it, but I don't know if midi can do early electronic music like that justice.
  5. Dusty_Rhodes

    DBP49: Mausoleum Nefarium

    I tried so hard to finish my map in time heh. Oh well, playing right now and it's excellent!
  6. Dusty_Rhodes

    My cat plays with a fidget spinner

    Blessed thread. That cat really is a spinning machine.
  7. I don't have the time or energy to continue on my map, I'm really sorry. This project is awesome and I wish the best of luck to you all.
  8. Just wanted to say I'm dropping my slots. I'm dropping a few other projects. Sadly work has sapped my energy and I really haven't had the time to do this while also running CP. Thanks for your patience and I'm sorry.
  9. Dusty_Rhodes

    New "Lost" Duke Nukem Forever Ambience Found

    Nice and spooky Lee. I could definitely see this in the older build of Duke that got leaked lately. Very cool.
  10. Dusty_Rhodes

    Do you lie?

    I used to tell little "white" lies (a phrase I hate since it makes lying seem like less of a problem) all the time - whether it was to make someone think I was cooler or more interesting, explain something embarrassing away, etc. Nowadays I really don't like lying, even "harmless ones". The well worn phrase of "honesty is the best policy" is very true. The older I get I find the humility and trustworthiness of a truly honest person a blessing. So, I've been trying to emulate that and tell the truth 100% of the time. It's definitely a conscious decision.
  11. This looks incredible. Great work!
  12. Dusty_Rhodes

    Favorite Beavis and butthead moment?

    Classic. Too many for me to count. Love the thread though, Mike Judge is the goat.
  13. Dusty_Rhodes

    Next Vanilla Doom Utility?

    The Sky May Be has a dehacked patch that only works with 1.2. There's a few other wads that have oddities that only 100% work in earlier engine versions. On topic, love the thread friend! I don't know of much I'd want to add to vanilla Doom, but if I have any ideas they be here.
  14. Dusty_Rhodes

    WadC 3.1 released: now with tweakable knobs

    My condolences, I've been through the same. It's incredibly rough but just hang in there. Anyway, love to see the update to WadC. I've fiddled with it before and liked it. I am terminally stupid though, so coding and what not is a little out of my depth. I'm going to give it another shot, as the update looks like it will help dumb brain get a map going. I love the idea typing out a map. Nice and fast.
  15. Gibbon got on the nerves of one of the mods over a conversation about Doom 64. The mod locked all of Gib's threads. When he complained, he got a perma ban. Sucks but not much we can do about it.