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  1. Dusty_Rhodes

    What's your favourite food?

    Man what is that? Looks impeccable.
  2. Dusty_Rhodes

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Took this after work, might as well finally post something here.
  3. Dusty_Rhodes

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I feel a bit of judgment coming from that look
  4. Let's go! Can't wait to check this one out. For anyone wondering if it's worth playing, their stuff always is!
  5. Dusty_Rhodes

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    DOWNLOAD Here's the updated version of E2M1, fixed the bug @DFF pointed out (thanks!) and added two more pinkies and some imps to the acid room. It makes it much harder. I changed the switch to S1 rather than GR and removed the midi. Hope that's all that needs to be done, please give me a head's up otherwise.
  6. Dusty_Rhodes

    Favorite classic Doom maps/WADs?

    I love the pneumonic device! Great list.
  7. Dusty_Rhodes

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Thanks for playing! Any suggestions for a different midi? I'm not married to this one. I don't want D_E2M1 because it's default, but it's also what I tested with and I'm thinking it may be better.
  8. Dusty_Rhodes

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Here's the (probably) finished E2M1: DOWNLOAD Name: Lunar Abnormality Mapper: Dusty_Rhodes Slot: E2M1 Music: MidtheWayiDDid2 Julian's Fragging Again by Mr. Freeze Tested In: Prboom+ (cl2), Chocolate Doom, Doom.exe v1.9 (Dosbox) I couldn't make something clever for the acid room secret, so it remains unchanged. But I did rework nearly every room, added a new one, upped the monster count, and rearranged numerous things. I also added a deathmatch area, nothing crazy (definitely not my best DM map) but it's probably more fun than all these doors and teleporters. Please send feedback, I'd love to know if I can improve anything!
  9. Glad to see this project come to a close soon! Really excited to play it.
  10. Dusty_Rhodes

    Doomworld Merch?

    In an attempt to get the thread on track again, I'd love a Doomworld tee. Those designs from @Bank are pretty cool. I second @Redneckerz in wanting a Doomwiki shirt!
  11. Dusty_Rhodes

    Green, Brown & Blue

    Really fun level! I was a little confused by the but otherwise really enjoyed the progression and fights. Cool geometry on this one. Really detailed and fun!
  12. I'm in for the third year in a row! This time, I actually have a plan I've been meaning to work on . . . . Hopefully something gets released this year heh
  13. Dusty_Rhodes

    What kinds of chill music do you chill to?

    Brian Eno mentioned, Dusty appeared. It's hard to not love side one of Evening Star by Fripp and Eno; check the title track.
  14. Dusty_Rhodes

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    You, Yumheart, and I keep ending up in projects together. You love to see it. I'll use this as an update for my map as well, I've made a fair few changes, and am currently working out a DM arena. I'll send some screenshots in a bit. Thanks again for the feedback.
  15. See buddy, told you they'd like it ;) Seriously though, it's been amazing helping you out with this map, testing it, and watching grow from a concept to a complete wad file. It's an amazing level and I'm so glad to have gotten to know you over the course of its development. Here's to many more!