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  1. My opinions on some of the things: The Good: - Shotgun pellet increase from 7 to 8. This actually makes it much better and it doesn't become obsolete after getting SSG. - Fist has higher priority than chainsaw. Good for berserker/tyson players. - Buffed Pistol. - Removal of RNG damage. RNG in everything else(monster behaviour, weapon spread) is okay but RNG damage is absurd. - Not picking up powerups (berserk, health/armor bonuses) unless below certain health. This means they are not wasted. - Lost soul change is good. More aggressive but less health (I like it) The Bad: - Change of hitscan weapons to projectile weapons and buffing of zombie/hitscan enemies. - Revenants always lock on. As if they are not already annoying enough. - Health/armor bonuses provide 2 points instead of 1. The Ugly: - Spider Mastermind is wayyy too dangerous at close/mid range. - Pain Elementals have "body blocking protection" AND "spawn 2 lost souls". I think only one should exist as it would make them too dangerous/OP. - BFG change. Wayyy too drastic of a change, to a point when it would break balance of maps that make use of it (either making things too easy or too hard). Also it consumes 75 cells instead of 40 which means byebye ammo.
  2. ReaperAA

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Replace "playing games" with "watching cartoons" in my case
  3. ReaperAA

    Recommendations for E1 WADs to play

    I don't know. While its true that they are made by Romero himself, they are also a bit on the modern side both in terms of aesthetics, layout and gameplay difficulty (e1m8b has a tricky start and e1m4b has a tough end fight) Though they are must play maps nonetheless.
  4. ReaperAA

    Recommendations for E1 WADs to play

    Fava Beans DTWID E1 Lunar Catastrophe Deathless E1 Romero's e1m4b and e1m8b
  5. ReaperAA

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    I heard somewhere that only 4.3.2 onwards has the save game bug and 4.3.1 doesn't have this issue. Though I guess if it doesn't improve much then I should use 4.3.0 (to be on safe side). Thanks for the advice.
  6. ReaperAA

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Well I was gonna go with Blood. But I just discovered that SW(classic) is completely free on GOG/Steam, and there is a source port for it called SW Proasm (SWP 4.3.1). So I may go with that. Also when it comes to Blood, it is worth waiting a while as there is not only an official remaster by Nightdive but there is also another source port being developed called NBlood. It is reverse engineered port based on Eduke32 which means that it would offer QoL improvements of Eduke and it would use native code instead of java. It is also not based on the alpha/leaked code, which kinda makes it (somewhat) legal. https://forums.duke4.net/topic/10377-nblood-blood-port-running-on-eduke32-engine/
  7. ReaperAA

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    @Pegg @Agent6 Speaking about difficulty in Duke3d, I found Come get some (skill-3) to be quite challenging(but not frustrating) when I first played it. I find it pretty easy now, but only because I know how to play Duke3d and I am fully aware of the levels, enemies, weapons etc. I have heard that both Blood and SW are significantly harder than duke3d. So what difficulty level of Blood and SW would u guys call as the most equivalent/equal in difficulty to the "Come get some" difficulty of Duke3d.
  8. ReaperAA

    How the hell is The Simpsons STILL making new episodes?

    Look into my eyes Simpsons is temporary, But DooM is ETERNAL.
  9. ReaperAA

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    I have seen some videos of both. Aesthetically, Shadow warrior appeals to me more than blood. But I am a gameplay over graphics guy and if blood has superior gameplay than I will go with that. From the videos, gameplay also looks similar. This is why I created the thread to ask people which is better from a gameplay perspective. I want to play one game at a time. If I like one and have time, I may play the other as well.
  10. ReaperAA

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    How does blood's (and also shadow warrior's) level design compare to Duke3d. I really like Duke's level design.
  11. ReaperAA

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    I play and enjoy Duke3d but I have never played blood and shadow warrior. I have decided to play one of them. I made this poll to get opinion about which game is superior. And by superior I don't mean thematically (otherwise blood would win). I mean gameplay wise which includes stuff like level design, weapon behavior, monster design/ balance and physics. Also take cost of games, source ports into consideration. Please post reason why u consider one to be superior to other. (*** Side Question. Which is the harder of the two games? )
  12. Nothing beats the Redeemer from Unreal Tournament franchise
  13. Using the right weapon for the right situation is extremely important. For quickly changing weapons use keys that are close to the movement keys (WASD keys) for quick weapon change. For example in quake 3, I have: Q - set for lighting gun E - set for rocket launcher R - set for railgun F - set for plasma gun Also learn the maps and the spawn timing of items. For example in Quake 3, yellow/red armors spawn after 25 seconds, megahealth spawns after 35 secs(120 seconds in tourney maps).
  14. ReaperAA

    REFRACTED REALITY (formerly Infinite Void)

    This is mapping madness
  15. I do play BD but mostly just for Extermination day (Because I really like Eday and it works best with BD). I like the headshot system tho.