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  1. AFAIK, imps deal slightly higher and cacodemons deal slightly lower damage here (Both do 4 to 32 damage here). Whereas in vanilla, imps do 3-24 and cacodemons do 5-40 damage.
  2. ReaperAA

    Heretic: The Way Raven Did?

    Forgot to answer this. Yeah, using Hexen textures in Heretic is perfectly acceptable around here.
  3. ReaperAA

    Heretic: The Way Raven Did?

    Actually, both Hexen and Heretic have very similar colors in their palette. Hexen's textures work much better in Heretic than in Doom. Faithless Trilogy is just one example where both Heretic and Hexen's textures coexist without any aesthetic mismatching.
  4. ReaperAA

    Heretic: The Way Raven Did?

    It is actually a bit of mix of both. It is not has switch hunt'y as Hexen, but certainly doesn't have tradition levels like Doom and Heretic.
  5. ReaperAA

    Heretic: The Way Raven Did?

    Well there is the Faithless Trilogy megawad by Jimmy. But yeah, there aren't many megawads for Heretic out there (the number of Heretic megawads can be counted on one hand). Most stuff is single episodic.
  6. jval already made a source port for that game called xGreed
  7. ReaperAA

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    MAP04: "Monuments of Mars" by Reflex17 UV, pistol start, no saves Kills: 110/113, Secrets: 2/2 Deaths on map = 0 Total Deaths = 0 A definite step down in difficulty and intensity compared to the last 2 maps. While I personally would have preferred the map to have more bite and intensity, the lower monster count, coupled with city aesthetics, does make the map more atmospheric. Still, I do think that indoor areas of the starting buildings (the one where there is plasma gun secret and the one that has a lift to take us to lift top) were too barren and empty in terms of both aesthetic details and enemies. Thankfully, the intensity does somewhat pick up when we enter the warehouse and then leave the warehouse for the final fight of the map, even if these fights are still pretty easy (and even easier if you discover the soulsphere + megaarmor secret in the warehouse). Overall, the map feels like a pre-2000 custom Duke3D map, which considering the vanilla Doom and 1000 lines restriction, is pretty good, but does rank lower than maps 2 and 3 in my book. MAP05: "Martial Vista" by Walter Confetti UV, pistol start, no saves Kills: 131/131, Secrets: 1/1 Deaths on map = 0 Total Deaths = 0 The map starts us in a nice looking lounge/bar area, occupied with low tier enemies to mow down. Sadly, the map doesn't do much from beyond here. While the map has nice interconnected layout, the combat is serviceable and the corridors are basic (though thankfully at least the aesthetics are improved from the previous RC versions). The only interesting part is the one that involves getting the secret. Once you get the blue key, from there, drop down to the flame tower area. You will see a teleporter open that takes you to the secret outdoor area. Although not hard to avoid the flame shots, it is at least interesting to see the flame tower being used an obstacle to reach the secret. While it is not a terrible map, it is almost certainly the weakest map of the wad in my eyes.
  8. Ok nvm, I actually managed to make these: 1k3rc3_dlights.zip This should also be compatible with Zandronum. Only one issue is that the projectiles thrown by flame tower don't have dynamic lights, because I was not able to implement them due lack of decorate entry for this projectile However, the flame projectiles of Hell Scorchers (which are identical in looks to the flame tower projectiles, but otherwise a different entity) have their dynamic lights implemented.
  9. This probably isn't a huge deal, but I just realised that there is no GLDEFS lump (dynamic lights) for new monster projectiles in GZDoom. Again, not a huge issue because most enemies I have noticed have correct projectile lights and the only ones that don't have dynamic lights at all are the new yellow (imp/caco/gargoyle) projectiles and the flame projectiles. If could take a look into implementing this if you want, but I won't be able do implement it before next Friday (due to real life stuff).
  10. I know that is not the answer you are looking for. But if you are only targeting your map for only one of the ports (and not all 3 of them) that you mentioned, then you can replace PrBoom+ and give DSDA-Doom source port a try (it is a fork of PrBoom+ and thus has pretty much the same feel). DSDA supports umapinfo and as many more QoL feature over PrBoom+.
  11. ReaperAA

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    MAP02: "Tharsis Awakens" by Tristan Clark and Dragonfly UV, pistol start, no saves Kills: 228/228, Secrets: 0/0 Deaths on map = 0 Total Deaths = 0 A huge jump (more than 4x on UV) in monster numbers compared to Map01. Though that large number is due to a lot of the enemies being lower tier enemies like zombiemen, imps, plasma troopers etc. Still, the map doesn't hesitate in introducing the good'ol mid tier enemies like cacodemons (which are now reskinned), hell knights, barons, revenants, mancubus and also 1 archvile. But while the map is a big step up from the first map, the encounters are still pretty easy because it allows the player ample space and opportunity to retreat to safer area during monster encounters. Only the final encounter with imps and revenants can be somewhat threatening if playing blind. The size of the map isn't huge, but due to the economical use of the layout and the fact that you have to loop through the central area multiple times makes the map seem bigger than it is. My only minor complaint is that aesthetically, it feel more like just a good techbase map and not one that follows the mars city theme as some other maps in the episode do. That and there are no secrets on the map. MAP03: "Lower City Grime" by Liberation UV, pistol start, no saves Kills: 162/163, Secrets: 0/0 Deaths on map = 0 Total Deaths = 0 This map is where things start getting a bit spicier. Although the enemy count is lower than the last map, their usage is overall more effective, with the blue key ambush and the final fight being the 2 main highlights. Still not a hard map by any means. The layout and progression is simpler and linear, but the map more than makes up for it aesthetically. Aesthetics wise, this map (like Map01) has strong mars city vibe. The main objective is to infiltrate and then fight through what seems like an industrial sewage plant (or something like that). And just like map02, this map also doesn't have any secrets which is very slightly disappointing, but not a big deal.
  12. You really are going to make source ports for all those obscure 90's fps games, are you? At this rate, it is not far fetched for me to dream about a Bad Toys 3D source port :)
  13. ReaperAA

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    I decided to take part, because I have already played the maps (so replaying them should be easier and less time consuming) and the maps have good replay value. I haven't played the first 1000 lines projects and only a few maps of the 2nd 1000 lines (the maps didn't interest me enough to complete it). But I had a blast playing this. Anyway, I will be playing this on UV (with maps 11, 20, 29, 30 and 32 likely on HMP) with pistol starts. Will use saves if I feel like it. MAP01: "Dust Devils" by Aquila Chrysaetos UV, pistol start, no saves Kills: 50/50, Secrets: 4/4 Deaths on map = 0 Total Deaths = 0 Right off the bat, you are introduced to some of the DeHackery of the wad. First of all, you will notice that the weapons switch near instantly, which is something that I wish more wads employed. Next is the changes to the weapons, like here you have a faster pistol, faster shotgun and the chaingun replaced by assault rifle (which is just awesome due to the faster fire rate and the perfect accuracy). The weapon animations are also smoother. The monsters are also changed. Imps have a new appearance, lost souls have less health and you are introduced to the 1st of the 3 custom enemies of the wad: The Plasma Zombie. These guys, as you guessed, fire plasma shots (similar to the arachnotron). As for the map itself, it is small, easy and soild as an opener map. The use of OTEX and good lighting to give this a cyberpunk-ish look makes this map look nice, despite having to adhere to the 1000 lines limitation. The encounters are serviceable and the verticality is nice. The secrets are also fairly well hidden, but not too obscure.
  14. ReaperAA

    What do you think of Doom 2?

    The SSG and the new monster additions make Doom 2 far superior to Doom 1 from a mapping point. Doom 1 only has hitscan, melee or simple projectile monsters, whereas Doom 2 has: Enemies that heal/create monsters and thus add combat urgency (Arch-vile and Pain Elementals) Enemies with area denial capability (Arch-viles on a high platform, using their LOS attack) Enemies that have complex projectile attacks that require more than just circle strafe to dodge (mancubus) Enemies with homing attacks (revenants) Enemies that are great as turrets, but without being hitscan (arachnotrons and revenants) The vanilla Doom 2 maps however definitely have their ups and downs. The starting 7 maps of Doom 2 are almost on par with E1 of Doom in terms of enjoyment and the next 4 maps are also fine for me. But starting from map12 is where things start going downhill in my eyes. The city maps are not fun to navigate (despite even knowing the layout now) with Citadel being the worst offender. The city episode also ends with Gotcha!, which is arguably Romero's weakest maps in the entire Doom 1 and Doom 2. The hell episode in Doom 2 also starts weak with maps like Nirvana and Catacombs, but it does get better with 4 maps that I really like which are The Abandoned Mines, Monster Condo, The Spirit World and The Living End (arguably Romero's best map from the 90's). Despite all the ups and downs. I don't think the average Doom 2 map is worse than the average Doom 1 map. E1 of Doom 1 is solid, but E2 is just okay and E3 bores me to tears nowadays. The city maps in Doom 2 are still more fun than Inferno. Though the music in Doom 2 is definitely much weaker than Doom 1's music. I would argue that Duke3D's city maps are "more" memorable than Doom 2's because of a little more realism in them.