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  1. Not really, Quake 1 and 2 already existed :p. Quake 3 was basically the combination and refinement of the multiplayer aspects of both Q1 and Q2. Quake 3's MP is considered far better than both Q1 and Q2, although lack of proper singleplayer campaign did disappoint some.
  2. Well truth be told, none of the enemies in Crysis are anywhere near as bullet spongy as the enemies in Unreal ;) On a serious note, yeah the enemies in Crysis are definitely bullet-spongy. But the "Predator-like" nanosuit abilities + the physics give plenty of options to deal with them. I liked trying various strategies (and finding optimal strategy) to kill the enemies.
  3. Crysis was (and probably still is) a fun game. Crysis 2 and 3 on the other hand....
  4. I think the reason why Unreal was not as popular as UT is because Unreal's SP was pretty much a once-and-done deal for most players (as Phobus mentioned). Not to mention that after about 6-ish months, Half Life happened and pretty much changed the landscape. Unreal's multiplayer, while fun, was not as refined as UT99. UT99 being completely multiplayer focused meant that the devs were able to make more MP maps/content for it while also making the gameplay more refined. It doesn't help that Unreal 2 was a complete failure.
  5. ReaperAA

    What is a 'Terry WAD'?

    Yes I guess it is.
  6. UT99 was released about 2 weeks before Quake 3
  7. ReaperAA

    The Maximum Doom Renaissance

    Well truth be told (from little of what I have seen of Maximum Doom on your channel), none of the levels compete well against the likes of Memento Mori (1 and 2), Icarus, Perdition's Gate or Requiem, all of which are among the better 90's wads. But then again, I am too spoiled by modern wads like Eviternity, Ancient Aliens, BTSX E1 and E2, Valiant, Struggle: Antaresian Legacy and other wads that even the best 90's wads don't hold a candle.
  8. ReaperAA

    Doomworld Fantasy Megawad

    BTW, I know this is just an exercise rather than an actual attempt (as you stated). But is it even possible to make such a wad? Because if there are maps from various wads with custom Dehacked monsters like 1 from Ancient Aliens, 1 from Eviternity, 1 from Struggle, 1 from Valiant etc. then all the maps would have to be modified and custom monsters would probably have to be butchered for this to work. I am not even going into the realm of levels from various source ports like (G)ZDoom mods here. How would this really work?
  9. ReaperAA

    What's The Worst Doom Map To You

    E3M7 is my current least favourite map in UDoom
  10. ReaperAA

    The Maximum Doom Renaissance

    BTW is every single map in Maximum Doom amateurish? Are there any decent maps (as in maps that can compete with the likes of Memento Mori wads or Icarus etc)?
  11. ReaperAA

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    And windows 10 users do not have a properly working version of Doom Legacy, and that does hamper its popularity.
  12. Well right now, the chaingun devalues the AR because it isn't much more inaccurate than the AR. Pretty much what chaingun also does. The only real advantage AR has right now is that it is a bit more ammo efficient.
  13. I don't know if it is me but I prefer the old AR sprites over the new one. I think the static sprite looks good but the reload animation sprites look not so good. Gameplay wise, I prefer the new AR because I can finally fire continuous now. With that being said, I do think that it could use less spread (near zero spread) for starting 2-3 bullets because both the Doom's chaingun and ARs in most modern games have this. And the spread shouldn't max out to more than where it is right now (3 for both horizontal and vertical spread) because I already think the spread is too high.
  14. Some more games I played using this version of minesweeper and including this small size but highly mined grid (50 mines in 9x9). Or even more ludicrous example. 70 mines in 9x9 grid All minesweepers should implement this kind of anti-guessing measures.
  15. ReaperAA

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    Same. And also on Heretic/Hexen which I consider great games. I personally watch his videos more for the entertainment factor than the actual reviewing. Still I love him. Karl Jobst's Doom related videos are almost must see for me. I also watch pagb666 and Decino's videos from time to time. I used to watch Gman and Icarus, but has been some time since I saw their videos.