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  1. ReaperAA

    Thoughts on Witchaven?

    Anyone putting this above Hexen must be out of their mind (also Hexen's puzzly nature is overstated in my opinion) Speaking of Capstone games, I feel the devs there had good creative ideas but didn't knew how to polish their games. I feel like if they had focused on just 1 game (either Witchaven or TekWar) rather than both, the result would've been much more polished.
  2. ReaperAA

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    I was looking forward to Doom awards, but after reading this thread and especially all of the information posted by HiMyNameIsChair, I am thoroughly disappointed. I am all for having more award ceremonies, but the way the Doom Awards team managed it is just embarrassing. Not only was all of this badly rushed (no thanks to the self-imposed crunch), but then responding so poorly when the mistakes and shortcomings were pointed out. Frankly, instead of doing all this in like 15 days, the team (or is it just Harkos?) should've taken the time to plan and have the awards for next year instead. All this stuff tempts me to make a thread to talk and discuss about wads that I have played and enjoyed over the years.
  3. ReaperAA

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    It's okay. I also couldn't find a consistent method of beating that fight. That fight is nasty. And the reward is a measly soulsphere :)
  4. I wonder if NJ's Wayfarer mod (and Wayfarer's Tome) can made in MBF21 Dehacked. But that mod is for Heretic and I don't know if Heretic in DSDA-Doom has support for extended Dehacked features yet or not.
  5. Agreed. Although I would say that Resurgence did a good job at tweaking them. The movement speed of Plasma Marines is much more reasonable and the Afrits have half the health that they have in Scythe 2. Resurgence probably has the best balanced variations of those 2 enemies out of all the wads I have played.
  6. ReaperAA

    GTA VI Trailer

    I too was wondering about this. This trailer feels like Florida Man The Game
  7. ReaperAA

    Ever play Doom on a PHONE!?

    ^This. Doom is kinda playable actually when you get used to the controls. While I have never played Doom on mobile. I remember playing and beating all the singleplayer botmatch campaign of Open Arena (FreeDoom equivalent of Quake 3) in around.... 2014 or 15. Probably was on the easiest skills but I don't know exactly. Of course I would never prefer it over kb&m
  8. ReaperAA

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    Oopsie. I just realized I made a typo mistake and fixed my comment. I use F for Inventory Left, not L. Basically F and R for cycling through inventory
  9. ReaperAA

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    My Doom setup is generally like this: WASD for movement LMB to fire 1-7 number keys for weapons E for Use Shift for walk (autorun is on and shift is for not-running) Q is for turn right and alt is for toggle strafe (I can perform SR50 to the right by pressing Q-W-D-alt buttons, but SR50 to the left I can't do effectively with this setup because I would have to bind E to turn left) GZDoom specific buttons (for mods that make use of these features): Ctrl for crouch Space for jump RMB for alt fire Heretic/Hexen/Strife inventory system use: R for Inventory Right F for Inventory Left Q for Inventory use (and thus I can't do SR50 effectively in these games with my current bindings)
  10. What in the world is this thread? How the heck did it reach page 7 in just over 5 hours?
  11. ReaperAA

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    Is it? I have seen footages and videos of it and while it does have some really neat features (like even the nightvision and infrared modes), it didn't "feel" like a game I would prefer even against its contemporaries like Blake Stone or even Wolf3d. You're right to an extent, since we outsiders don't know exactly how much budget each company had. But one thing is certain, Valve contracted with Sierra simply because they were getting low on budget and they needed someone to help with distribution of HL. Valve wasn't a super rich company in 1998.
  12. ReaperAA

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    Citation? Subjective opinion. Only one of them is bad in my eyes and it isn't Half-Life. Valve was bigger yes, but they were still only around 30 people divided across 2 projects, Prospero and Quiver. Quiver ended up being renamed to Half-Life while Prospero eventually got canned. And they didn't had anywhere close to "unlimited budget". Valve as a company was dependent on Half Life's success in order to survive. They even made a deal with Sierra precisely because they "needed" someone to distribute the games as Valve were running out of money. Compare that to Capstone, who despite being the "small independent software house" was somehow also able to license id's engine (wolf 3d engine, which was the best engine out there when C7's development began in 1993), license the build engine (again top of the line engine for 1995), was able to get William Shatner for Tekwar and didn't meet their demise until several of their games had flopped. HL has the justification of being a polished game (unlike C7) and also bringing innovations such skeletal animations (was revolutionary) and also it's AI being ahead of other games at the time. To your credit, I do agree that Duke3D deserves quite some praise and I actually feel that it is underappreciated outside of "retro fps circles" probably because DNF tarnished the franchise. But that doesn't
  13. Another update. Removed points from AA, Valiant, Struggle and SOD to make room for Resurgence, Machete and JPCP. It's kind of ironic that the more wads you have played, the harder it becomes to assign points. 5: Ancient Aliens 5: Valiant 5: Struggle: Antaresian Legacy 5: Heartland 5: Eviternity 5: Sunlust 5: Faithless/ Faithless Trilogy 3: TNT2: Devilution 2: TNT: Revilution 2: Resurgence 2: Speed of Doom 2: Plutonia 2 2: 1000 Lines 3 CP 2: Machete 1: Japanese Community Project 1: Good Morning Phobos 1: Going Down 1: Overboard 1: MyHouse.pk3 Previous list update:
  14. I would just post this comment from Tristan from Devilution thread. Basically the summary of what happened back then. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1969558 It is old drama now and things have cooled down since.
  15. ReaperAA

    What's your favorite armor system in games?

    ^This. Quake 1/2 style armor system is simple to understand and also isn't "just another health bar" like armors in some games (cough NuDooms) Funny thing is, the armor in Doom 3's multiplayer is actually really good since, there it is 60% damage protection instead of measly 20%. Even just modding it to around 40% damage protection makes it much much more useful. Similar story with the shotgun in Doom 3's mp being much more reliable due to having tighter spread.