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  1. looks awesome dudes! Can't wait to play this!!!

    I made a Doom Filter

    With Facebook's release of spark Ar an application for users to create and publish filters for its platforms. I made a Doom filter for Instagram! It's called "Space marine" and you can use it for free Try it out! works with most phones (needs Instagram) ! I worked with blender to model the helmets. Used in-game footage [stills] from eternal of the helmets as reference. of course I could have just ripped the models from the game, but wheres the challenge in that? Aside from making the helmets I also made two hdri skys for the reflection, which something other filters don't fully utilize. I would like to make a promotional video for the filter because 1.why not 2.Portfolio!! 3.because Doom Feel free to use and if you want leave a video reply so I can include you in the promo 😉