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  1. QuaketallicA

    How do I make it through school.

    1. It's your last year, which sucks that's it's still another whole year (but it will go by fast). After that, you may never see them again once you enter high school. It won't last forever. 2. Kids your age are always jerks. I know adults like to look back fondly or think well of their children, but the truth is, kids are immature jerks, and people are generally a lot nicer and more respectful once they're grown up.
  2. QuaketallicA

    So... internet shutdown on september 30th

    Might be the nicest lie to breakup with somebody with.
  3. QuaketallicA

    How Can I Get Mortal Kombat Trilogy For PC?

    You can also try one of the countless M.U.G.E.N. Mortal Kombat games out there, which are free to download. They're like fans' own custom variants of the games, with MK sprites and levels ported to MUGEN engine. Not quite the same as the originals, but worth checking out nonetheless.
  4. QuaketallicA

    How Can I Get Mortal Kombat Trilogy For PC?

    Unless you want to get into something technical and somehow port the PS1 "Mortal Kombat Trilogy" onto PC, then I would have no idea how to help you.
  5. QuaketallicA

    How Can I Get Mortal Kombat Trilogy For PC?

    I got MK1 + MK2 + MK3 through GOG Galaxy. It's not the same as the 2011 version that had the arcade quality graphics; rather, it's the DOS versions, however the graphics are only very slightly downgraded (lower resolution images, but nothing missing like on consoles), and I can walk you through the setup to improve the quality if you like (hint, set upscaler to 2xsai, I find that to be the sweet spot for MK1 and 2. I use none for MK3. But play around till you find one you like). MK1 and 3 have the same CD quality music you'd have heard in the arcade version. MK2 has midi music, but I use the pro patches lite version of Gravis Ultrasound (which you can find online). Then you need to install those files into MK2 directory and change the audio in-game to Ultrasound rather than standard SoundBlaster. GOG Galaxy also sells MK4 now too, which only just came back a year or two ago. Both the first 3 games and now MK4 sell really cheap on sale (maybe like a $1.25 each). MK4 may be a little more since it came back more recently, but less than the $5/6 it was stuck at for a while. I'd pick up both, since MK4 is a really underrated title. P.S. GOG Galaxy only has the original Mortal Kombat 3, not the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, so it doesn't have Scorpion, classic Sub-Zero, Kitana, Mileena, Jade, etc. that UMK3 had.
  6. QuaketallicA

    What weapon is that?!

    I can say with 100% certainty that the opposite was true for me.
  7. QuaketallicA

    He Came From Beyond

    I just discovered this project through the Cacoward Mentionation Page, boy have I been missing out. Your project looks great, @Szuran! Reminds me a bit of Borderlands, except they probably just used shaders for a comic-book like style whereas you physically drew every art asset on paper (great sketches, btw). Since this is a total conversion in the GZDoom engine, not just a Doom mod, I think it may even be fair to put the final project (whenever you're ready) up on Steam or GOG and sell it for a couple of bucks. I'm sure a lot of people, myself included, would be happy to get it.
  8. QuaketallicA

    What weapon is that?!

    Better question is why start with Doom from 2016 over Doom from 1993?
  9. QuaketallicA

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    Oh yeah I remember hearing about that! Would be a cool idea. I don't know how true the engine thing is though. Didn't that game rely on megatextures? Or was that the idTech after that... The latest id engine seems well-optimized for higher fidelity/performance in (relatively) smaller levels. I don't know if it could handle a huge, Battlefield-style map, but I'm just speculating based on what I've seen, I have no idea.
  10. QuaketallicA

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    Sounds cool but that require reworking every enemy in the game to make a new Cyber variant? New models, new attacks, etc. Sounds like too much work for a free update.
  11. QuaketallicA

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    I think they should leave it be for the moment. Like others have said, how are you going to top Eternal? We have Doom 16, Eternal, and Ancient Gods 1/2 I think most likely they will follow the original's pattern and move on to Quake next. I wonder how they would refine the modern Doom formula and apply it to Quake though. I think the two most defining aspects of the Quake singleplayer, apart from the iconic weapons, enemies and then-novel engine, is the abstract, non-linear level design pushed to new limits thanks to real 3D and the creepy, gothic atmosphere from the architecture and Trent Reznor tracks. They can definitely bring back the classic Nail gun, Lightning gun, etc. and find ways to revamp those; they have already sort of succeeded in mimicking the Quake 1 setting in Quake Champions. However, how would you translate the abstract level design into a game loop that relies on linear succession of combat arenas? I could ask the same question of Doom, and before Eternal I would not have thought such a formula would be appropriate or even work at all. So we'll see. No doubt with the same passion and energy they brought to Doom, Hugo Martin (if he leads again) & co. could do something marvelous to revive Quake in a big way. Before any of that though, I feel they owe it to the community to add in a proper Deathmatch in addition to Battlemode. Now, I got to say, I really didn't give Battlemode enough credit at first. I thought it was just terrible and completely unbalanced because I'd get wrecked every match with no chance of holding my own on either side. After sticking with it for a bit (and beating the main campaign on UV so that I mastered the end-game weapon loop) I found Battlemode to generally be actually rather well-balanced and a lot of fun. Playing as the Slayer is a lot more terrifying but also a lot more fun and rewarding, and even playing as the Demons is fun. It's still got issues, such as the Mancubus imo being a big, slow, fat target (all others seem better) but it's actually a good multiplayer mode, if you wait it out. Nevertheless, it's still kind of sacrilege that Doom of all games who invented arena deathmatch doesn't have any kind of it. So I really hope they add that in an update. I also really hope they give us some kind of custom Master Level editor, where we can at the very least change health/armor/ammo/enemy positions on the pre-existing base game and DLC levels. Or maybe some kind of mod that lets us do that.
  12. QuaketallicA

    How much space does your folder occupy where you play doom?

    31 GB Holy shit! That's a lot of wads. My file space is at such a premium...I've had to uninstall most things I've installed over the years because there's simply not enough room. I used to have a couple "HD texture packs" for Doom but since I don't care for them anymore anyway, I deleted them from the drive to save on space. Had to do the same for a graphics mod for Star Wars Battlefront II (mod folder for that game is enormous, I think the HarrisonFog remaster was taking up a good 40 GB or so itself, and over time I yearn for vanilla graphics anyway)
  13. QuaketallicA

    So... internet shutdown on september 30th

    Also, don't many airport computers still run on Windows XP or even older OS's? Or any business that requires legacy software because recreating/buying a new one in modern OS's is not feasible/practical?
  14. QuaketallicA

    I'm Glad Doom Eternal Is Hard

    I was having a blast doing the Super Gore Nest Master Level on UV classic mode, every encounter I thought was really well-thought out and challenging. I actually didn't even find a rocket launcher you were supposed to get, so I landed up slaying a Marauder with nothing but a basic shotgun/grenade launcher attachment, which forced me to think outside the usual strategy and was quite satisfying. Only thing is, I wanted to take a break (got tiring after a while) so I saved and quit...only to find out it doesn't save your checkpoint. And I was near the end of the level, so over an hour of playing was lost. I wish they would warn you that you're gonna lose your progress if you quit now or better still save your checkpoint if you leave.
  15. QuaketallicA

    Retro FPS thread - other games to play

    Also, if you do enjoy Half-Life, then there are several great early 00s shooters that took inspiration from or felt like a spiritual successor to Half-Life. Doom 3 is an obvious one, but also FEAR (which has Max Payne/Matrix-style bullet time slow-motion). The original Far Cry and Crysis by Crytek also felt to me like a torch-carrier of that classic PC shooter vibe. They don't really have as much to do with Half-Life's style of gameplay, but you definitely get the feeling that these are PC titles first, unlike some of the later entries in the Crysis series. They have a similar action/sci-fi/thriller setting as opposed to military shooters which were gaining in popularity during that time.