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  1. QuaketallicA

    thoughts on hyperdetailed doom wads?

    I agree. I'm mostly a vanilla-leaning kinda guy myself when it come to aesthetics, but I think it's easy to get carried away with detail even using Doom's default textures and limitations. The thing about visual detail is that you want a good balance of it. Too much of it and the player feels like they're appreciating some fine art in a museum...which reduces the pacing of the action to exactly that. Keeping things spaced out and simpler has the advantage of less new information to process, so the brain can go back to fragging faster. The way a level flows and feels in gameplay will always trump visual prettiness, but that doesn't mean the two are mutually exclusive obviously. You can still look impressive and feel great.
  2. QuaketallicA

    Duke 3D Alien Armageddon

    While I'm certain I'm not the first to call attention to this mod, I just wanted to do so anyway. This thing is awesome on so many levels. I just discovered it, and I'm absolutely in love with it. Gets my vote on Moddb for Mod of the Year. Go give it a download if you haven't before. You will feel the same way. I don't want to spoil any more than that, but this thing is HUGE. And it's got BALLS of STEEL. https://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-nukem-alien-armageddon/news/duke-3d-alien-armageddon-year-end-update
  3. QuaketallicA

    Retro FPS thread - other games to play

    I imagine they would have released a patch for that. I usually play Blood on the middle difficulty or 2nd to highest (which kicks my ass even when saving like crazy!) Blood is a hard af game. I enjoy it and Shadow Warrior, but I've always had a huge preference for Duke3D over its younger siblings of the Build family.
  4. QuaketallicA

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Doom (and Doom ports)

    Probably all the f-bombs. Hey at least he doesn't self-censor the swears anymore.
  5. QuaketallicA

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Doom (and Doom ports)

    When you've played all the bad games of the NES and Genesis eras, eventually you start to really scrape the bottom of the barrel. He kind of has to struggle to find weird obscurities to talk about. It's nice though seeing a video about a more familiar well known title, especially a game he actually likes a lot. I enjoyed his fairly recent Contra video a lot too.
  6. QuaketallicA

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Doom (and Doom ports)

    Probably. Personally, I was hoping for a section on Doom 3, since he's done PS2 era and Wii era videos now. I suppose though he only wanted to focus on the classic Dooms from when he was growing up. Here's hoping it gets a video though, because Doom 3 has become something of a classic in its own right.
  7. QuaketallicA

    AVGN does DOOM

    Crap. See I knew I wouldn't be the first...I had a gut feeling. Even though it only came out just today.
  8. QuaketallicA

    AVGN does DOOM

    You've been looking forward to this. Admit it.
  9. It seems like nearly every music video I look at on Youtube, if I make the mistake of veering south of the equator, down below into ye old comments section, there's usually a couple predictable kinds of comments: 1) The Fanboy -- OMG ____ is such a great group! Best thing ever! (Wow, fans are watching this video, who'd have thought that?! I would've guessed haters would flock to music they dislike). 2) The Nostalgic Old Timer -- Hey! I was there! Yep, back in 1606 I was there for the original live performance of Macbeth, killer set list that night. and finally, the kind that makes me cringe every time 3) The "I'm a Kid and I Still Think This is Good," and, by corollary, the "Still Good XYZ Years Later!" In the case of the former, shut the fuck up okay, nobody thinks you're special, you just look like a jackass. You have a taste in music. That is all that matters. Nobody gives a fuck what age you are. In the case of the latter, what were you expecting? Music doesn't depreciate in value over time, the way automobiles, computers, or basic decency in American politics do. It's still going to be the same exact song 100 years from now; 10,000 years from now; a quintillion years from now, provided we can still listen to music then. So why on earth would you expect people's opinion of a masterpiece to be different today? Is there going to be a date on the calendar when we collectively wake up from artistic slumber and suddenly all think Stairway to Heaven is hot garbage? Music just gets more exposure over time, and if anything, it is a lot easier now to find more obscure, underrated bands and works that never got radio airplay or topped charts in their day, and people may rate those works more highly now. The great irony of course, is if a song really did become super dated and forgotten...you wouldn't be there commenting about it in the first place. --------------------- My mini-rant over. Are there any kinds of predictable comment-tropes you find online that make you cringe? Share below.
  10. QuaketallicA

    Doom Dad Jokes

    Why did the Doom Guy cross the road between dimensions? Because Samuel Hayden asked him not to Why did John Romero make you his bitch? The Longer the Icon of Sin takes to make a game, the Stronger He Becomes Why does a Revenant scream horribly at the sight of you? He thought you were a mirror and his reflection was morbidly obese. A Pain Elemental's Mouth is also its Birth Canal. No question/response there. Just thought I'd point that out. How do you attract an Archvile's attention? Message it. Standard blood rates may apply to all Messages for the Archvile. What's the best way to barbecue a skewered Whiplash? No really, does anybody know? It sounds like a good dish. What do you call the Argenta homeworld? (In case you didn't get it, Sentinel Prime is a Transformer)
  11. QuaketallicA

    Doom Dad Jokes

    I can imagine Norm MacDonald making that kind of a joke lol. (RIP)
  12. QuaketallicA

    Doom Dad Jokes

    This one is actually pretty clever and genuinely funny. My favorite joke on this thread.
  13. QuaketallicA

    Doom SFX used in Doctor Who?!

    Really? It was in the X-Files movie? Which one, the first or second? I saw them but I must've missed that.
  14. QuaketallicA

    Doom SFX used in Doctor Who?!

    Huh. Wow, I watched Galaxy Quest, didn't notice it was used in that film too.
  15. QuaketallicA

    Doom SFX used in Doctor Who?!

    I guessed that might've been it. Still, quite a coincidence that they chose to use it on an episode that is so similar in theme to Doom.