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  1. apollyon094

    Wads you love, but dread to replay

    Any slaughter map, honestly.
  2. apollyon094

    Share Your Sprites!

    I have a question: has anyone ever made rotational sprites for the Doom II monsters? My OCD can't stand dead demons having only 1 rotational sprite.
  3. apollyon094

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Could you link the texture pack?
  4. apollyon094

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Plutonia is good, sue me.
  5. apollyon094

    Terry Sux

    Whore! Slut! Sandwich that never knew bread!
  6. apollyon094

    Worst Doom Source Port?

    Second spot is VaVoom IMO, hasn't been updated in years. Any "3d" doom port aside from risen3d just looks ugly to me. Although I do appreciate the guy who made it, he was the one who reverse engineered Strife so it could work on ZDoom and a million other ports. My top spot is "Doom Pack II". It had clickbait ads on menus (that's right, advertisements!). It's menu screen was just a pixelated version of a stolen Doom 4 art. It came with a wad called #1dwango.wad which is one of the worst wads I have ever played, not even something like freedoom or doom unregistered. Just a shitty deathmatch wad that looks boring with unaligned textures everywhere.
  7. apollyon094

    A Random Mapping Contest!

    Grapevine Elites? Sure thing, I can whip up a terry wad in about an hour
  8. apollyon094

    If Classic Revenants Could Fly...

    Why stop there? You can add +NOCLIP to the revenant's DECORATE info.
  9. apollyon094

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    This is a level generator I'm working on. It uses something similar to a cellular automaton. A famous cellular automaton would be Conway's Game of Life (RIP John Conway). There are 256 prefab-rooms which connect in certain ways. You give it a seed for the middle-square method (select a middle of size 3). The seed is taken and run through a modulo 256 operator and that is the initial room. You then select rooms that can connect to the rooms using the middle squares method until the middle squares method repeats (it stops producing random numbers after 100 iterations, then loops) So far I only have 5 states and made it generate mazes (so that everything can connect no matter what). The "cellular automata" is in a Moore neighborhood so that rooms can connect diagonally (so far just a Von Neumann neighborhood since I'm generating mazes and nothing connects diagonally). Red is the spawnpoint First image: view by states. Second image: view in doombuilder.
  10. apollyon094

    Doom 2 the Way id Did

    I love it, feels a lot like something ID would make.
  11. I doubt the devs really care about it anymore. Hasn't been updated in years and the got repo hasn't had commits also for years. I'm sure just adding it's multiplayer compatibility to GZDoom would help a lot and would make GZDoom more compatible with Skulltag mods. Plus, GZDoom is being updated constantly. I get a lot of bugs that are fixed in GZDoom for Zandronum.
  12. apollyon094

    Hexen: Edge of Chaos Update

    Inb4 this mod now has the possibility of the final version never being released and just dying just like Mordeth. Ouch. On the flip side, ez Mordeth cacoward if you ever complete the project.
  13. apollyon094

    What's the deal with Archviles?

    What mod was it from? I'm working on a DOOM monster pack of my own that combines multiple other monster packs (with permission and giving credits) and would like to see it.
  14. apollyon094

    Favorite Doom Weapon?

    The BFG10K in Skulltag