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  1. Apologies for the late notice but I'm dropping out of my map slot. Hoping the best for everyone still in!
  2. dististik

    [-cl 21] Firefly.wad (RC2)

    I've gotten through the first two maps on UV so far; goodness these are some very very clever fights. Really enjoying the wad so far!
  3. dististik

    [-cl 21] Firefly.wad (RC2)

    Oh wow this looks really cool. I look forward to playing it!
  4. dististik

    What is the WAD that made you get better significantly?

    Alien Vendetta. I streamed my pistol start UV-Max clears (with saves) of the whole wad, it was late into the stream one night and I hit MAP26 and for the very first time all set long I had the sinking feeling of "Oh no, this might be too hard for me". I got a lot more quiet as I tried my hardest to figure it out and eventually called the stream on that map. After a good night's rest I looked up a few max demos of the map and with that assured myself it wasn't too hard; I could absolutely do this. Since then nothing has felt truly impossible, I've just questioned whether or not I wanted to put in th effort to figure it out.
  5. Congrats on release everyone!! It was a lot of fun working on this. Thanks to @HiMyNameIsChair for all their incredibly hard work on making our map look gorgeous, it was a true honor getting to work along side you ♥️
  6. dististik

    What Got You Into Doom?

    I got into Doom relatively recently, actually. In 2019 my boyfriend was talking about Sigil (he had talked at length about Doom related things in the past) and it sounded cool so I asked him how one plays the 1993 game. I had recently binged through getting every achievement in New Blood's Dusk and was in the perfect headspace to have more of something similar. So, that night I bought Ultimate Doom on Steam and he helped me get GZDoom running; I remember blasting through the first game (although I resorted to cheating a lot in episode 4) and even streaming my first playthrough of Sigil, which remained the main reason I even wanted to play classic Doom, as the very first Doom thing I streamed. After that I played through Doom II in my own time and none other than Eviternity was the very first PWAD for that game that I tried out. Truth be told, I wasn't a fan of it at first because I had a particular idea of what I wanted out of the game (in retrospect, relatively pretty easy levels that I could make my way through at a reasonable pace only using GZDoom auto saves at the start of every level, continuous, quite the far cry from how I typically play now) and Eviternity properly kicked my ass. Even then, I was addicted to replaying Ultimate Doom, seeing how far I could make it without dying. Eventually, my boyfriend convinced me to try saving more than barely at all and I came back around to wads I otherwise bounced off of and finally started to enjoy a ton of custom content (including the aforementioned Eviternity). While I remained passively interested in Doom thanks to the tons of insanely high quality free fan projects, what I think solidified Doom as a thing I wanted to actively stick with was streaming Jenesis. While the wad itself has its ups and downs, that was the first time the lovely Twitch Doom community found their way to my stream (all the love in the universe to KvotheSixString, it's always an absolute pleasure to have them around) and genuinely, they're why I want to keep playing new stuff and exploring what more the community has created in all the time it took for me to finally get to it. The larger Doom community being responsible for insanely passionate projects from huge game-replacing level sets to source ports to speedruns is truly incredible and it makes sticking around so beyond worth it.
  7. Recently noticed I've never actually replied to this thread. Well, to rectify that: 10 to Eviternity II 10 to Eviternity 10 to Micro Slaughter Community Project 9 to Alien Vendetta 8 to Sunder 6 to Heartland 2 to Sigil While I haven't finished Eviternity II yet, it'd have to royally screw up in what maps I have left in order for me to suddenly turn around and hate it, which I find it very hard to believe it'll do. I'm sure I'll change my mind in the future, but for now these are the sets I have the fondest feelings for.
  8. Was honestly really intimidated to try this at first what with Nightmare and all, but after taking the plunge it's actually a load of fun. You guys did excellent; congrats on release!
  9. Was a pleasure testing this one out; very good first outing!
  10. dististik

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Speaking of MAP35, found a couple slime trials today on it (extremely cool map btw)
  11. dististik

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    I haven't finished the wad yet but this midi blew me away. Absolutely my favorite so far.
  12. dististik

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    I use Woof! which has an option in it's settings to pistol start maps but DSDA-Doom also supports the -pistolstart command line argument which has the same effect. For GZDoom I recall seeing a mod floating around that both gave you a live level stat count over the classic HUD for kills, items, and secrets as well as making you pistol start, but if my memory is betraying me and it only does the former I'm 100% certain there's a mod out there that just resets your inventory every map.
  13. dististik

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    Found a strange midtext bleeding issue in Eviternity 2 map18 (RC4) in the north-east of the main hub. This graphical bug doesn't happen on DSDA-Doom (neither on hardware or software rendering), looking at the map itself my limited knowledge doesn't see anything wrong with how it's set up, and Dragonfly also thinks it seems that nothing is wrong with the map itself. Screenshot: