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  1. dististik

    Dehacked monster won't melee attack player

    The odd thing to me is it wasn't a complex level, I just opened up Doom Builder, made a small square, and then plopped in a player start and the custom monster to make sure I did everything right.
  2. dististik

    Dehacked monster won't melee attack player

    Well, it was just running around for the longest time but I made a new level from scratch to have a blank slate and now it works fine lol. Thanks for the help.
  3. dististik

    Dehacked monster won't melee attack player

    No sound is fine, I haven't picked out sound effects for it yet. I was running it in PrBoom+um with -complevel 11.
  4. dististik

    Dehacked monster won't melee attack player

    My bad, here's a link to the resources WAD I've been putting together that includes the sprites for it: Link
  5. I was working on my first Dehacked monster of a Demon variant last night and while I got most things working, for some reason it won't attack the player. I gave it a melee state and coppied the order that the Demon has for it's melee attack states, but no dice. I have a feeling I'm just overlooking something, but in case it's a little more complicated here's my patch: Link. My monster is thing 75 (replacing the Chainsaw). Thanks for any help in advance!
  6. Apologies if this has been asked before but I'm curious, how would I go about making vanilla compatible sound effects/converting WAV sound files into DMX PCM? I know Slade can convert graphics to the proper format but I can't seem to find an option for sound files (if one exists). I've tried converting the file to an 8-bit WAV PCM but then when I launch the WAD in PrBoom-plus it sounds like the game is reading the file as static.