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  1. Is this texture filtering turned on? Dude, you...
  2. Here's mine: Adolf Hitler Caligula Howard Phillips Lovecraft Moctezuma I Guy who reading this <3
  3. ValeriyPipick

    Pa][etizer/DOOM 2 Vanilla

    Barons and archviles spawn lost souls now? What the heck is going on here?!
  4. ValeriyPipick

    What's the deal with Archviles?

    1) Extremly powerfull hitscan attack 2) Tons of HP 3) Ability to ressurect enemies. But actually archies is very cool!
  5. ValeriyPipick

    What are your favorite gameplay mods?

    Gameplay features in Smooth Doom is optional and insignificant, main purpose of this mod is enchanting of graphics.
  6. ValeriyPipick

    What are your favorite gameplay mods?

  7. ValeriyPipick

    Do you guys make checkpoints?

    No, it is boring and makes game very less intense. If i can't finish the map without saves after tons of attempts i just lower difficulty.
  8. HMP for the first play of map, UV-fast for second.
  9. ValeriyPipick

    What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

    Reading artistic books, drawing, meditating, training with heavy things i can find at home like metal chairs (gyms are sadly closed).
  10. ValeriyPipick

    Good wads with short maps? (like Scythe)

    I reccomend all the wads from Doomer Boards. Here is their last project.
  11. ValeriyPipick

    What was your first doom game?

    The Ultimate DOOOOOOOOOOOM.
  12. ValeriyPipick

    Random Image Thread

  13. ValeriyPipick

    Is the wad and a sourceport all I need to play?

    1) IWAD 2) Sourceport 3) (Optional) Custom WAD you wish to play.