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  1. ButteredToast

    Email Doom

    yeah, big oopsie for me.
  2. ButteredToast

    Email Doom

    also, just asking but I legitimately cannot find the rules page, link would be appreciated
  3. ButteredToast

    Email Doom

    okey, oopsie
  4. ButteredToast

    Email Doom

    I don 't think there's a yt tutorial for this, just kinda compress the DOOM.wad with winrar so that it is just below gmail's file size limitation (which is like 10/15mb or somewhere near there.)
  5. ButteredToast

    The BFG - is it a practical military weapon?

    The Japanese: I'Ll tAKe YoUr ENtIrE stOcK!
  6. ButteredToast

    What songs do you think should NEVER be in a Doom wad?

    Initial D songs, the beat drop is too hard for doom 1&2 and whatnot, with doom 2016 or doom eternal's dynamic music it could work.
  7. ButteredToast

    The BFG - is it a practical military weapon?

    Artist's impression of "German wunderwaffe", as described by Hans Wheraboo.
  8. ButteredToast

    The BFG - is it a practical military weapon?

    mini BFG 10k probably will work as a naval weapon, it's certainly easier to aim than conventional cannons. BFG 9000 would just be far too slow. The normal BFG 10k could serve as the space age Gustav cannon, wiping out entire colonies from across the solar system or even destroying colonies in other solar systems.
  9. ButteredToast

    Why is it that....

    They were going to hold a surprise birthday party for their friend Joe, but they didn't realize that Doomguy got there first.
  10. ButteredToast

    Weird dream I had based on the Icon of Sin

    It's the pacifist TAS, I believe. Also, the co-op TAS was cool asf when the players wallrun against each other.
  11. ButteredToast

    What's your favorite name for the icon of sin

    Picture of Goat
  12. ButteredToast

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    first one was because of grammarly, second one was probably some network issue.
  13. ButteredToast

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Hey cell, remember v e r b o s e d o o m?
  14. ButteredToast

    What doom 2 monster weapon is your favourite?

    Heavy weapons guy because...
  15. ButteredToast

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    I """""Speedran""""" Hangar on nightmare, the best time I got was (IIRC) 13 seconds.