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  1. Hell Interface


    It's awesome. Unloved and Countrycide two of my favourite "horror" wads.
  2. Hell Interface


    lol lots of the youtube backroom vaporwave meme stuff in this. Kinda reminded me of unloved. Not my cup of tea but was fun.
  3. Hell Interface

    Post a picture of yourself!

    then and now And yes I alrdy have these 2 little peckers on the right playing doom since age 3. They think fortnite is "for babies".
  4. Hell Interface

    Random Image Thread

  5. Hell Interface

    Most recent movie you saw

    How was the new Dune? About to DL it right now thx for reminding me of it. Better or worse than the original? Did they try to follow the book(s) closer with this one? I paint/play warhammer40k so I feel like I'm doing a disservice not checking it out!
  6. Hell Interface

    Most recent movie you saw

    The Gold Finch
  7. Hell Interface

    As a doomer, what's your favourite real gun to actually shoot?

    Yea makes sense. I don't regret going with the 20'' inch barrel in hindsight. Much more versatile. This is what I would imagine doomguy's SSG to be in perspective to us puny humans. - the exposed hammers + a short barrel:
  8. Hell Interface

    As a doomer, what's your favourite real gun to actually shoot?

    pfff most of our gun laws are bat shit insane, especially the transporting and storage of firearm laws. And god forbid you use one for self defense you will be in FAR more trouble than the actual criminal. You can go buy a drum mag that hold 100rnds but it has to be pinned at 5 and you can just unpin it if you rly wanted to.. BTW isn't there still a limit on the barrel length on shottys btw? I think I would have gotten a short one if I could but I forget now I bought it 7 years ago..
  9. my ssg. too bad can't saw it off though cuz ya know...Canada....
  10. Hell Interface

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    is this done? cani play???
  11. Hell Interface

    Show & tell us about your physical DOOM collection

  12. Hell Interface

    blindwound map03

    Thanks. Also redownload it if u want to play. Improved a couple things just now Thanks m8.appreciate your vids. I fixed where the second archvile spawns in so he won't wander into the secret area like he did in ur playthrough by making the secret door open close repeatable. Also raised the pillar in the archvile/imp courtyard so you can hide behind it without having to go right up close to it.
  13. Hell Interface

    blindwound map03

    I took some more time on this one. Decided to make a map03 because mapping is just so damn addictive. It's another "vanilla" doom2 map. I combined this to my existing 2 maps so the mew map is actually map03. I think this one may be on par or maybe slightly better than the first map? Critique away if you want. Thanks. tl:dr new map is map03 DL link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/esg01z2pplv9u74/blindwound3.wad/file map03: ------------- Name: blindwound3 Difficulty: uv Jumping: no Crouching: no Freelook: doesn't really matter Monsters: 100 resources: doom2.wad and a james paddock song Format: doom2 Secrets: 3 Tested with: zandronum pistol start: preferred
  14. Hell Interface

    I have surprise dental surgery Monday

    Ask to keep them. I still have mine You may get lucky usually they come out clean. I was smoking again the next day. Or you could end up looking like a chipmunk cheeks for a few days. Enjoy the pills
  15. Hell Interface

    blindwound2 (two short maps)

    Out of all the ways you can progress through the map (the 3 teleport routes and the different ways you can end up with the SSG), all the worst case scenarios happened to you LOL. You didn't even bother getting the secrets yet you still did rly well. Nice job bud thanks for playing. Thanks for the tips and for playing it.