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  1. PinkFlamingo

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Ok! Here is the first fully functional version of my map. Would love to get some feedback on it :-) I'd say it's about 98% done but I release it now because I want to take a break from it and finish it at a later point when I have fresh ideas and renewed energy. Difficulty settings are not yet implemented. Assume it is somewhere in between HMP and UV now. There is a huge cave area in the eastern portion of the map that causes significant lag on my poor laptop (when playing in GZDoom). However, in dsda-Doom the lag is acceptable. I know I put waaay to many linedefs in this area. I will redesign it with more optimal (and less unnecessary) detail in a next version. Hopefully I can reduce the lag to more acceptable levels. I've added two new "textures", which are just simple blue and yellow recolors of the texture EGREDI. All the custom textures I used from the resource wad are also included in this wad so it can run as a standalone. Details: MAP 16: Infection (might change title later) Music: "Aorta" by Eris Falling (Tristan Clark) Download: CT_MAP16_Infection_by_PinkFlamingo_v1.rar (Map slot 16) Screens:
  2. PinkFlamingo

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Hi guys! I am still working on my map but I made some good progress the last couple of days. I am confident I can get it done before the month of June. Here's a progress pic:
  3. Great! I'll join this one fur sure. :-)
  4. The link is in the separate release thread.
  5. Yes! We finally managed to get this one out! I'm so glad now. Thanks to all the people that helped with this project and thanks to @AtticTelephone for coming up with the idea and providing the opportunity. I hope all of you will have as much fun playing this wad as we had making it.
  6. Hmm. We are almost certainly not going to change that. While it is indeed inconsistent, both the Uzi and double Chaingunner have been part of this wad since the very beginning and without them it just wouldn't feel right. The core principle behind this wad was that anybody could add/modify anything, so inconsistencies were kinda expected. Also, this was never supposed to be a very serious megawad. Everyone was just having fun being creative and making maps. For several of us, these were our first experiences mapping. It's a 'nostalgia' thing :-)
  7. Dead lost soul (corpse). Thing type 23 in the editor.
  8. This is it! My last edit! I can't believe it :-) Version 6.65.20 Download: NEGATIVEONE_v6.65.20.rar Changes: - Maps 31 to 35 are now compatible for deathmatch and co-op multiplayer. I've added a few extra multiplayer-only items and weapons here and there. - I've added @Captain Toenail, @URROVA and myself to the credits of Map 33. - I've removed @KILLA DIO from the credits of Map 30 because (according to KILLA DIO) they did not actually make anything in the current version of this map. - I've made several other edits to the maps, here are all the details: So. This is it. I'm not going to make any more edits. @URROVA, you can release it if you wish. Maybe check if the demos are still synchronized?
  9. PinkFlamingo

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    @Thelokk I'm in.
  10. Version 6.65.19 NEGATIVEONE_v6.65.19.rar Maps 21/21ZD, 27, 28, 29 and 30/30ZD are now also deathmatch and co-op friendly. For deathmatch I added some extra start points and weapons. For co-op I didn't change much this time, as these maps already had tons of enemies. I've added a death exit to map 29, as suggested previously by @URROVA: A voodoo doll gets killed when you blow up the Icon of Sin. I tested it a few times (at 200% health and armor) and it seems to work reliably. I found a few bugs in Map 27, but the other maps were pretty much fine. I tested all of them. They should still work as before. Here is a full list of changes: I am going to reserve maps 31 to 35 now to check and make sure they are deathmatch/co-op compatible as well. I may also make some final edits to maps 32 and 33. This wad will be finished by next Monday! :-)
  11. I don't know who made this texture. Maybe @Captain Toenail, @Rosh Fragger or @NiGHTMARE know? I am reserving maps 27 to 30 now. Trying to get all edits done before the 11th.
  12. I've added the mandatory death exit to my map. No other changes. 30mc_PinkFlamingo_V3.rar Looking forward to seeing this map pack released!
  13. Hey! I played your map on HMP and enjoyed it. The map looks great. Choice of textures was clean and tasteful. You also made good use of the rocket launcher for combat: lots of action and explosions throughout the map. Progression was a bit confusing around the blue key door: First, I didn't find the blue key. I was expecting to find it somewhere further along the road passed the blue door. Instead, it turned out to be hidden right next to it on a lower platform. Second, once I hit the switch in the blue key room I didn't know what it did. It lowered a barrier, right next to the door but this was not obvious to me. Perhaps a window could be added where the player can see the barrier lowering from the switch location? Or the barrier itself could be marked with a blue texture? Also, consider adding an extra exit sign next to the exit switch because I totally didn't notice the sign above the red key door. One last bug I noticed: the texture of the blue door is misaligned. One thing I didn't like was the song you chose. The song itself ('paranoid') is fine, but I don't think well known popular songs fit with Doom. I kept on singing the lyrics inside my head and it distracted me from the map. It's also fairly short and repeated itself four times during my playthrough. That's all. Great map! Cool atmosphere. Consider a different soundtrack.
  14. How about we set ourselves a deadline? And we release the WAD on the deadline? For example: Monday 11th of April?
  15. PinkFlamingo

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Hi! Wanted to say that I am still working on a map for this. This map is already my fifth attempt at making something "original". Progress has been slow but steady. I hope to get something playable out next month. Here are some work-in-progress screenshots: