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  1. PinkFlamingo

    PUSS XXXIII: DIE ROWDY [ December Speedmapping ]

    Updated versions of my maps: PUSS33_PinkFlamingoMaps.zip Changes: Icy Manipulator: - fixed a slimetrail on a roof light - manipulated icy ledge to make grabbing the secret plasmagun easier Nakatomi Art Gallery - fixed blocking Christmas balls - fixed bleeding window midtextures - added a few extra cells for more bfg action
  2. PinkFlamingo

    Share Your Sprites!

    I actually like the second imp the most (the one with wounds and exposed parts). Could be used as an imp replacement in horror-themed wads.
  3. PinkFlamingo

    PUSS XXXIII: DIE ROWDY [ December Speedmapping ]

    Map Name: Nakatomi Art Gallery Author: PinkFlamingo Music: Mysteries of Egypt by Jimmy Build Time: 4:00 (+-2 hours for layout and gameplay, +-2 hours for decorations) Co-op Starts: Y (+ some extra enemies and stuff) Difficulty Settings: Y Comments: This is where Nakatomi Corporation keeps their fine art: paintings, sculptures, artifacts. Mostly Egyptian and Meso-American. Screenshots: Download:PUSS33_NakatomiArtGallery_PinkFlamingo_V1.rar
  4. PinkFlamingo

    PUSS XXXIII: DIE ROWDY [ December Speedmapping ]

    @BluePineapple72, thanks for the playthrough! Glad you enjoyed my map. Here is my second (and probably) final version (I'll update the original post above as well): PUSS33_IcyManipulator_PinkFlamingo_V2.rar changes: - difficulties implemented (easier modes have different monster configurations and more health). - added candles on teleporter pads to improve their visibility (maybe??) (I didn't put a candle on the icy ridge as you suggested, because (1) people might actually use the automap (as you said) and (2) because you can also easily strafejump to the brick building on the right...) - moved some dummy sectors further away from the playable space, because their sound could confuse players
  5. PinkFlamingo

    PUSS XXXIII: DIE ROWDY [ December Speedmapping ]

    Map Name: Icy Manipulator Author: PinkFlamingo Music: Unnamed Song by Kniggit (previously featured in map 16 of Negative One) Build Time: 3:30 mapping time + some testing (probably too long :-/) Co-op Starts: Y (and extra stuff added as well) Difficulty Settings: N(ot yet fully) - play on UV ("expert") for best experience Comments: My very first PUSS map! I actually used a stopwatch to time my mapping. Managed to get this done in about 3h30min editor time. Then I re-read the rules and saw that we were supposed to count time including playtesting as well! Oops! Guess I've spent more than 30 minutes testing this :-/. Still... this is the fastest map I've ever made with pretty much no prior planning. Thematically I'm not sure if this fits the project. It's more of a Christmas map than a Die Hard map. It does stay within the stated boundaries of the building though. Screenshots: Download: Update (version 2): PUSS33_IcyManipulator_PinkFlamingo_V2.rar
  6. PinkFlamingo

    PUSS XXXIII: DIE ROWDY [ December Speedmapping ]

    The resource pack seems to have an issue with GZDoom (versions 4.7.1 and 4.10.1): Seems fine in dsda and ZDaemon.
  7. PinkFlamingo

    Post your Doom textures!

    Love that flamingo! :-p
  8. PinkFlamingo

    DECOTEX - a texture resource for mappers [v1.3.3]

    This is great. Would love to see more texture packs with this kind of 'decorative' theme.
  9. Please, drop the map 33, 34 and 35 slots; and put whatever is finished in one of the regular slots. Quality is more important than quantity. If those maps are too short/gimmicky, just re-order the slots and put them somewhere in the beginning. I seriously think you need to release an updated version of the wad in this thread as soon as possible so we can actually playtest everything. At this point all we seemingly do is discuss. Concrete decisions need to be made.
  10. I like the wolfenstein and keen replacements :-) Can I claim map 12? Want to make a space station map. Also, if I understand it correctly, we can add a few custom textures to our maps?
  11. PinkFlamingo

    UNFINISHED.wad [RC1]

    Map Name: Temple of The Frog King Author: PinkFlamingo Resources: Textures from Gothic DM texture pack, Final Doom: Plutonia, psyren (marble cthulhu) and Shadow Caster (frog faces) Music: "Benny's Exploration" from the PC game "I have no mouth and I must scream". Format: Doom 2 limit removing Comments: I began working on this somewhere in the middle of last year. It was intended for the CP 'Community Trunk' but at some point I ran out of inspiration and made a completely different map. This was supposed to be a medieval fantasy village with a castle/keep in its center. You were supposed to collect several keys in various areas to unlock the mechanism that would raise a bridge allowing you to enter the keep. The village itself was never made but I did make the final castle area, as well as several dungeon and sewer rooms which were intended to be below the village. For this release, I quickly connected these rooms with teleports. There are no difficulty settings and health/ammo are somewhat haphazardly placed but this is certainly beatable. Screenshots: Download: TempleOfTheFrogKing_by_PinkFlamingo.zip
  12. Is the server down at the moment? I keep getting the message 'cannot connect to the master server'. EDIT: Resolved! Thanks a lot :-)
  13. This is my recent submission to an upcoming CP called 'Constriction: 1024'. I have already received a bit of feedback but would like to see someone play it blind on video to better understand how they approach the fights. It's a short map (2:30 to complete) and quite claustrophobic as the whole map needed to fit inside a 1024x1024 square (that's the gimmick of the CP). Note that difficulty settings are implemented a bit different: monsters stay exactly the same amongst all difficulties but the items and weapons change. So feel free to check out the different difficulties. Name: Deviant Depths IWAD: Doom2 Format: Boom, Complevel 9 Map slot 01 Tested in GZDoom g4.7.1., dsda-doom 0.21.3. PinkFlamingo-Deviant_Depths-V1b.zip Thanks!
  14. MAP##: 01 Name: Deviant Depths Author: PinkFlamingo Music: "Action Hero" by @ZeMystic File: PinkFlamingo-Deviant_Depths-V1.zip Tested in: GZDoom g4.7.1., dsda-doom 0.21.3. Requires OTEX textures to be loaded with this Description: This map was originally meant for @MFG38's community project 'Devious Deviance' released earlier this year (hence the weird map name). However, due to a severe lack of inspiration and motivation, I never managed to complete it in time and it ended up in my 'unfinished maps' folder. When I began brainstorming ideas for Constriction 1024, I realized I could use the opening segment of this unfinished map as a base since it was roughly 1024 x 1024 large and just like Devious Deviance, it was using Otex textures exclusively. So here it is! In the spirit of the original map, difficulty settings are a bit unusual: All monsters are exactly the same for every difficulty. Only weapons and items change. I am curious what you think of this :-)
  15. PinkFlamingo

    Share Your Sprites!

    I can imagine a Mario-Kart style racing mod with these!