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  1. Elio AF

    Funniest DOOM bugs thread

    Ghost monsters. Every time it occurs it's just a huge "holy shit" moment. It occurred to me once while playing one of my own maps- a baron got resurrected. Yea, good luck splash-damaging that thing. At number 2, I'd probably say the mancubus fireball clipping. Never occurred to me on a stock map, not even Dead Simple, but it just caught me off guard while playtesting another map of my own. I had a good laugh about that one, since I thought I had already encountered the full effect of the bug. Guess I was wrong. Lethally wrong.
  2. New version, I fixed the bug where you can get stuck in map 6 Hurrytfup.wad
  3. Here, the new version. Changes: New textures New RSKY2 New map (map 26) Various changes throughout the maps (mostly 06 and 19) Supports multiplayer for both co-op and dm on all maps. Get it here: Hurrytfup.wad
  4. Elio AF

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Version 4.42: MAP07 is now beatable. It requires a few tricks and skips, but if you pay enough attention it is doable. You can now exit. Tested on Prboom+ and Zandronum. V4.42 Also shrinked arachnotron and mancubus height to 56, to make sure the map is beatable. The concept is still incomplete, so I'll have to reserve it again before the deadline.
  5. Elio AF

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Reserving map 07. I want to see its state if it's untouched and fix it.
  6. yeah, that would be a good fix for gzdoom imo
  7. nuff said, that arch vile is so crushed now
  8. Finished map 26 (originally a map 29 but turned out too easy), difficulties not yet implemented. Map 27 (a dark horror map) is also on its way.
  9. Wow I really screwed up some parts about this map. Nice video (as usual), thanks for pointing out the damaging floor ledge, I had never noticed that (never walked on it, rather) also that arch-vile isn't supposed to come out, on Prboom+ he keeps resurrecting those shotgunners (like the archie resurrecting chaingunners on plutonia, but i'm not a chaingunner person, i'm more of a shotgunner person myself) so yeah, the only way to kill him is splash damaging him on prboom. Yeah, thanks for pointing a lot of things out that were off. Glad you played on GZDoom, you didn't exploit a huge vanilla bug in this map.
  10. Also updated new version on the main topic. Changelog: Fixed missing texture in map 20. Added episode selections. Probably gonna change the graphics for them.
  11. Look- I know I said we'll be having episode 2 tomorrow, but here it is TODAY!! Here's the newest version, with TWELVE new levels (maps 12-20, map 23, 25 and 31) So far 24 maps have been finished. And the second episode has tech-based maps with a few corruptions here and there. Third episode is... "the void" CHANGELOG: 12 new maps New textures throughout the previous maps and the new maps. Cleaned up the file from existing Doom II textures NO LONGER RUNS WITH CHOCOLATE DOOM OR DOSBOX
  12. Wow, I like the way you think. The screenshots are from the very first version, so the sky is the default one, but the version on doomworld has this red sky:
  13. Next update (which might as well be tomorrow) will include 10 new levels (maps 12-20 + map 31, which is mandatory). I only need to test it out in a single-segment run and replace the CWILV graphics
  14. We are now on doomworld/idgames! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/unholyjo