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  1. Kachakeño

    Joke Question: Doom AI or COD AI

    lol these comments are funnier than this trying-to-be-funny question.
  2. Kachakeño

    After Doom (seven maps )

    You did one of the best non-linear map (Knee Deep In Hell) and one of the best boss ever designed (Iconosaurus), so I'm satisfied with the five maps of After Doom you made. I wish you good luck in your next projects.
  3. Kachakeño

    You Make Kamen Rider For Doom 2!!??

    There are weapons and skin mods of Kamen Rider for MM8BDM. Although, It'd be interesting something like TF2 and similars with Kamen Rider characters and weapons.
  4. Running Doom 64 CE with GZDoom on my Redmi Note 8 using Delta Touch. Installation is a bit difficult, but it works and is running at 50/60 fps with exaggerated settings. 



    1. Kachakeño


      Of course: close spaces and low resolution (640x400) did help me to get these results. 

  5. Kachakeño

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    I've tested on the latest GZDoom and LZDoom running from Delta Touch with my Redmi Note 8. It runs very well in both ports. The only differences are performance and visual effects, but I'm gonna focus on performance because is obvious who wins when it comes to graphics. Both ports have the same problem: drops fps when it comes to open areas; however, this issue is less noticeable in GZDoom (which is ironic considering LZDoom's visual limitations).
  6. Kachakeño

    ESTIX Doom in 2d (cancelled)

    Tested with GZDoom and LZDoom on Redmi Note 8 (Delta Touch). Works without any issue. I don't even have any problem with the aiming trouble you mentioned before. Good stuff, btw.
  7. Testing TECHNICOLOR.PK3 on my Redmi Note 8 with Delta Touch running GZDoom 4.6

    I didn't know it had those beautiful Quake-like effects. 


  8. Kachakeño

    Female Slayer

    Like I said: the "armor" wouldn't be made to protect. In that case, we're not talking about the player or an NPC, but a hologram. Slayer can throw man-shape hologram; so, what about a hologram of an "armed" gal? The hologram can be also an explosive; so, when demons are distracted by "her", BOOM, BABY! Very useful when you're in the middle of a deadly swarm.
  9. Kachakeño

    Female Slayer

    Demons not necessarily need to be satisfied with killing innocent people, but making them suffer and also another mean to be satisfied (if you know what I'm talking about). So their search for satisfaction can be used to distract and attack them without panic them. I know this doesn't sound like something we can do on any conventional Doom game, but innovation isn't a bad idea (at least not at all).
  10. Kachakeño

    Female Slayer

    Just think about this: demons are blinded by all kinds of sins (including lust). So this "armor" is not designed to be protected against attacks, but to attract demons so she can make a surprise attack (like a Venus fly trap).
  11. Kachakeño


    I guess they complain about that because they play it at higher resolutions. I don't even have any problem with (almost) any gameplay and map mods while I'm playing at 800x600. Their PC's even have better specs than mine and I can't believe they have those "problems".
  12. I've tested on LZDoom 3.87a. It's runs with very bad fps drops making it completely unplayable. I understand that's because of those details you added, but... Good grief! It really needs to improve map's optimization.
  13. Kachakeño

    All the Wiser- a collection of birthday maps

    I've tested on LZDoom 3.86a. It runs with no problem; but the last three maps drops fps (probably due to the threes' 3D models and portals), although those issues don't make the maps unplayable at all. Using gameplay mods like Doom 3D and PB can make those issues even worse due to the bad optimization of the gameplay mods I've mentioned before; however and fortunately, I couldn't say the same thing with others like SmoothDoom and ZRift, but can affect monsters' position.