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Status Updates posted by Xcalibur344

  1. UNF

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    2. Xcalibur344



      Wanna see my speedrun?

    3. Gaia74


      You need something?

    4. Xcalibur344


      image.png.5f35a3b714fa5932c977d33e37a0c442.pngnt://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/1608391166987695080 BAAAAAD

  2. Hey shitass wanna see my unf?


  3. image.png.2d3d409485f63b415698f705c8bb9cae.png
    A sprite that creates

  4. a cover that I never did :,)


  5. unknown.png.a4020bd5cbf33a4a61b8302010279b7c.pngunknown-1.png.62ec1b464c422555d93221fdc84976b8.pngDOOM RTX



    I was curious to create a configuration in reshade although I care if I have rtx oh no but these results came out fine

  6. Well, sorry for the inactivity since I was doing some things I'm also about to abandon the modding in doom since I do not want to continue with this and I will not say reasons why

    1. MidnightMage


      ok. Well don't worry about it. Do whatever you need to do, Doom modding is just a hobby.

      The community will still be here if you ever want to return.

  7. Well, I made my first doom map that is finished fix some bugs I hope you play it


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    2. Xcalibur344


      So to not be in trouble I'm going to cancel my mod

    3. Hitboi


      No don't cancel it, just remove everything but keep map01 assets and you're fine

    4. Hitboi


      removed everything and kept map01!


      Btw sorry for being rude on my impression, i actually enjoyed the new improvements and the style change, that was a neat experience, but i expected the map to be a bit longer, but it only adds extra seconds for the new trap and new monster replacements which is very ok to me

  8. tumblr_3b0407b7c9ff4660ed26a97133281a9e_52b514f1_640.png.9e7eb2fdcca35ac51609e2b041e944e3.png                Happy Thursday

  9. It sounds very absurd to say it but what are the caco wards about

  10. When I finish with the development I will be very inactive but it may be in a day that I return

  11. Well, I have had personal problems in my life but I wanted to tell you that I am almost finishing the development of the mod, they did not help me since I wanted to put the ability to recharge but it could not be put since I do not want them to say that it is a clone of duke nukem oh something so good see you on October 17 (Launch of my mod)

  12. Well, you want to apologize for being inactive and not working with my mod a bit since I have had some problems in my personal life but I am now taking a break

  13. Well I had to remove the betas as now they are no longer needed