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  1. Gaia74

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    Honestly, this is the first Christmas that I buy a lot of things only for the people I appreciate, in other Christmas I had neither the age nor the money, but now, it feels good to be able to prepare things and think about bringing some happiness. As for seeing what I will get for myself, I don't know, I have nothing in mind, maybe a few chocolates will suffice for me
  2. Gaia74

    IkaDoom - Ikaruga In Doom

    Bump! (sorry) update time and the final one (or should be) go to the first post to download n.n Features: -Chain Mechanic: Yes!, that one of Ikaruga, where you need to kill 3 of the same color successively to get a cure that accumulates with the chain streak up to a limit of 10 -Graphical Changes: Hud changes, weapons animations, and more -Return fire more problem: Now have random speed, good luck -And more: Bugfixing, balance, messages in the hud, sounds, etc.
  3. Gaia74

    IkaDoom - Ikaruga In Doom

    Bump! (sorry) update time! first post edited :P Also congrats in defeat God-Like n.n @Archanhell Features: -New Difficulty: Metempsychosis, for those who want more... -Return Fire: Just like Ikaruga, the demons can now return the fire if you kill them with the same polarity, now charge the shield can be more easy, but change shield no..., you can activate it at any time in the menu :) -God Like Music: For those who wanted to hear the Ikaruga ost, there you go -Graphical Changes: Some weapons now change based in your shield -And more: Bugfixing, multiplayer tested, and balance
  4. Gaia74

    IkaDoom - Ikaruga In Doom

    Update time, get in the first post! yay... Features: -God like Fight: A challenge to those who dare to challenge the big demon, accessible via game options being able to enter at any time, but make sure you are armed for battle :) -Particles: Some new effects and bugfixings :P Credits:
  5. Congrats doomkid on the release! n.n
  6. Gaia74

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    I think these also deserve a nomination :p - Angelic Aviary - Doom Fighters - Descent Doom - Corruption Cards - Combined arms - Time Tripper
  7. Gaia74

    IkaDoom - Ikaruga In Doom

    Thanks! I actually thought of making a mapset, but certainly mapping is not my thing :'), Radiant silvergun would also be interesting tbh
  8. Gaia74

    IkaDoom - Ikaruga In Doom

    What if we mix Ikaruga, that Bullet Hell with Doom?, IkaDoom Is that. IkaDoom is a modding exercise made in about 2 weeks, a very simple mod in which the gameplay of Ikaruga is brought into doom, bringing the 2 polarities black red - white blue to everything, as well as the absorption of the projectiles that you can unleash in a free and powerful attack, tested in GZDoom 4.7.0, and Zandronum 3.0 Screenshots: Features: -Polarities, choose your shield color wisely, although you can protect yourself from the attacks of one color, sometimes it will be better to take a risk and take advantage of the double damage that you can inflict if you fire a projectile of a different color than the enemy's. -Absorption, If you consume enough projectiles of the color you protect yourself from, you can unleash all that energy in a free and powerful attack -Divines, demons created by a god like just to kill you and feel bullet hell in person, but don't worry, you can decide whether to play with them or not by selecting the difficulty. -Bullet Hell, you are invulnerable to a type of projectile, I am sure it will not save you from the amount of shots that arrive Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lT_EN4EHciT1aXJfTkhkf2XWMB-AWt3d/view?usp=sharing Credits: