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  1. Very cool idea, I want to participate, please. Shotgunners and Hellknights.
  2. tuturbo1991

    What country are you from?

  3. tuturbo1991

    DOOM Chaves | DOOM El Chavo

    I grew up watching Chaves and me and my friends still quote the characters to this day. Great job and thank you for the effort.
  4. tuturbo1991

    Most recent movie you saw

    The Last Duel
  5. I would like to thank all contributors to the UBD project for the excellent and hard work put into each update.
  6. Sure, but one thing to notice is that the file is not a WAD, but a simple ZIP folder. I upploaded it on my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tcAsQoO4cD6EEuujJYp7w9oCLxECWGr1/view?usp=sharing If you want to get the file directly from fileplanet.com without the "exe downloader tempering", the link is bellow: https://download.fileplanet.com/ftp1/fpnew/action/half-life/graphics/textures/studio/cwb_texpack8_bmp.zip?st=UffwgMs3AAKIaT8hMOICAA&e=1640821536
  7. This is the contents of the file donwloaded from the URL provided as the CWB 8: The readme.txt has the same text as the file description in that page, as follows: CWB Texture Pack ---------------- All textures in this pack are copyright 1998 - 2001 Christopher Buecheler. License to use these textures is granted under the following explicit specifications: 1. The project in which the textures are to be used is 100% non-commercial. No money will be charged for its creation or distribution. 2. Christopher Buecheler is credited in a text document included in the distribution. GameSpy Industries is exempt from these conditions, and may publish these textures on CD or other media to be sold commercially. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to obtain a license to use these products in a form that does not meet the above standards, or you have questions about the above text, please contact me directly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler shaithis@gamespy.com - [primary] cwb@cuse.org - [backup] Design Director - Core Services GameSpy Industries http://www.texturestudio.com http://www.gamespy.com
  8. My first time experiencing Doom was by watching my cousin playing the PSX version back in 1998. I played it a few years later on the PC.
  9. tuturbo1991

    MMOs that you played?

    My most played MMO was Ragnarok Online. It was pretty big here in Brazil in the mid 2000s.
  10. tuturbo1991

    What is your Specs?

    Windows 10 box: CPU: i5-8400 2.80GHz RAM: 16GB DDR4 GPU: RX 570 4GB HDD: 2x 2TB HDD + 1x 240GB SSD SCR: 1920x1080p 1ms @144Hz Linux box: Raspberry Pi 3B+
  11. tuturbo1991

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Unfortunately I don't know. I don't live in the US.
  12. tuturbo1991

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    One day, if you can, you should try Açaí or the pure Guaraná juice. 1000x better (trust me, I am from Brazil).