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  1. tuturbo1991

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    My first time experiencing Doom was by watching my cousin playing the PSX version back in 1998. I played it a few years later on the PC.
  2. tuturbo1991

    MMOs that you played?

    My most played MMO was Ragnarok Online. It was pretty big here in Brazil in the mid 2000s.
  3. tuturbo1991

    What is your Specs?

    Windows 10 box: CPU: i5-8400 2.80GHz RAM: 16GB DDR4 GPU: RX 570 4GB HDD: 2x 2TB HDD + 1x 240GB SSD SCR: 1920x1080p 1ms @144Hz Linux box: Raspberry Pi 3B+
  4. tuturbo1991

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Unfortunately I don't know. I don't live in the US.
  5. tuturbo1991

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    One day, if you can, you should try Açaí or the pure Guaraná juice. 1000x better (trust me, I am from Brazil).
  6. tuturbo1991

    What do you love most about doom?

    The simple yet deep gameplay, the great amount of custom maps and the very easy to learn mapmaking.
  7. tuturbo1991

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    5 used math books (ranging from the 1970s to the 1990s) and 1 anthropology book about a very popular and illegal gambling game in Brazil.
  8. tuturbo1991

    Favourite video games

  9. tuturbo1991

    The oldest active Doom member

    I'm 29, will be 30 in two months. I first played Doom in 2003 on my cousin's PSX. I didn't have a PC until 2007, when I played Doom1 on Skulltag. I tried the multiplayer, but my internet was not good. Got into other games and played Doom 2 just in 2011. Then university happend, so I started playing less and less videogames. Got back to DOOM in 2017 by playing the 2016 reboot, then to the classics in 2018 after watching someone on youtube playing really well (I think it was decino). Finally, I started mapping last year as a way to relax and calm my mind throughout the lockdown. Being playing and relaxing with mapmaking frequently ever since.
  10. tuturbo1991

    Why Are Arsenals In A Lot Of FPS Games So Standard?

    I think the standardization comes from the necessity to appeal to broad audience which are used to hop between multiples games, specially in the free2play domain.
  11. tuturbo1991

    What were the first three PWADs you downloaded?

    Preacher The Classic Episode No Sleep for the Dead
  12. tuturbo1991

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    In brazilian portuguese (and I suppose other regional variances too), "Tutu" is a very common nickname for those called "Artur", my birth name. Also, I watch Formula 1 races (and other motorsport categories) since I was a child, hence the "turbo". The final touch is my year of birth, 1991. In the end you have a mix: tutu + turbo + 1991.