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  1. Rytrik

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Doom Boom Boom?
  2. Rytrik

    Corn on pizza

    Since I know you have an Italian background, I trust your assessment of the situation.
  3. Rytrik

    save spamming while playing

    Do whatever you want with saves, as save slots were intentionally added to the game by the id Team and were explicitly mentioned in the manual. That's my view.
  4. Rytrik

    What weapon is that?!

    Probably because they've never played a Doom game and they have a Doom-related question, so they looked for a Doom forum to find assistance. Searching "Doom Forum" on any search engine shows Doomworld as the top result. Hence why they're here and asking their question in the appropriate sub-forum.
  5. Rytrik

    So I emailed John Romero and here's what he said

    What do you mean "we used to not know what game SIGIL 2 was going to be on"? Haven't we known that it's on Doom 2 since ~July 6th, when John Romero was on Bridgeburner's stream?
  6. Rytrik

    The meme of "Movies are getting worse"

    While the "Marvel formulaic" is usually true, I do highly recommend watching Shang-Chi, particularly in IMAX. IMO, it's one of the best movies Marvel has put out and does break many of the moulds of past movies. Plus the action & martial arts are absolutely top notch; a love letter to action/martial arts.
  7. Rytrik

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Invested money aka purchasing my future financial freedom.
  8. Rytrik

    favorite gun

  9. Rytrik

    Update 6.66 Information (Fall release)

    How does it hurt everyone? I don't know their reasoning either. Maybe they're not including DLC demons in vanilla for balance purposes? Maybe it's thematic/lore purposes? Maybe the OG levels aren't conducive to the DLC demons? it's anyone's guess. What about horde mode? Just a guess, but it's probably easier to make 1 horde mode for everyone, rather than separate horde modes for base vs DLC. That's my theory. Could be totally incorrect.
  10. Rytrik

    Update 6.66 Information (Fall release)

    This is a good change and I'm glad they're doing it. @Zemini, I'm sure we can have DLC demons in vanilla master levels. However, why do you think they'd set up Horde mode to have both vanilla game and DLC demons, but vanilla master levels do not have DLC demons; only vanilla demons? What do you think their reasoning might be?
  11. Rytrik

    Let's discuss the term boomer shooters....

    I'm curious about your argument. Why are you attaching Person Generations to the console generations? Are you saying that those are the persons who played the games? When you say "it's just a way to classify generations in which games came out", what exactly do you mean?
  12. Rytrik

    Least favourite mechanic?

    That is absolutely beautiful. A+
  13. Rytrik

    Least favourite mechanic?

    The "Quit Game" option in the menu.
  14. Rytrik

    Quake II RTX question (UPDATE: Nail & Crescent)

    This looks quite awesome!
  15. Rytrik

    McDonald's Canada fails spectacularly on Twitter

    One might say that it was a.... Spicy McFuckup.