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  1. been trying (and failing) to get an sdcard for 2 months now


    feels like every single sd card on the planet is a fake one


    like why is it so hard to get a 64gb sdcard that actually works?

    1. forgettable pyromaniac

      forgettable pyromaniac

      although they aren't perfect, onn branded ones from Walmart have been somewhat consistent for me, try one of those?

    2. omx32x


      unfortunaly theres no walmart in my country and no "replacement" either


      at least on a big chain store its safer since they are more legit but i have to rely on small independent stores for it with sucks


      i think i will need to buy it straight from the manufacture site

    3. forgettable pyromaniac

      forgettable pyromaniac

      damn, alright. yeah, from the manufacturer's site would be best in that case.

  2. omx32x

    Quake Remastered

    i have to say the switch version is perfection i had low expectations coming from the doom ports with does not let you make simple changes like the controls (and the aim kinda sucks) but quake remastered has no right to be THIS good and from all fps games i played on the switch i think it has the most responsive aim highly recommend it
  3. omx32x

    unpopular retro opinions

    man i hate when people say that like pc gaming was literally getting bigger during the videogame crash so only console games were dying and ONLY in the US other markets didnt crash so while gaming today would be very different they were never going to die
  4. omx32x

    Twitter's New Ownership

    i dont think all that much will change to be honest i really doubt musk will allow free speech in the level he says he will twitter already has a lot of freedom when we compare to other mainstream social media sites and there are notorious groups that abuse it like maps so i dont think having even more freedom will change anything
  5. omx32x

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    am i the only one who thinks 32 maps is too much? i usually get bored by a wad on level 12-15
  6. omx32x

    Linux for Gaming? Recommend me distros!

    what games do you usually play? if its old games then i would say go for it at least on my experience linux has better support for old games then windows
  7. well thats unexpected

  8. omx32x

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    found this on ad mortem
  9. image.png.10df733e0b065c7a639d3f6766e8d7c0.png


    very early screenshots of my game

  10. anyone wants to see a very early screenshot of my game?

  11. omx32x

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    if a leak truly happened i dont think its the smartest idea to add 2FA right now we dont know if they can have access to phone numbers with this leak and i think its better if we wait until it is truly patched before we add even more information to the site
  12. oh god there was a database leak

    1. Noiser


      Não se preocupe, não é nada grave. As nossas senhas são criptografadas.

    2. omx32x


      foi só o susto mesmo kkk

    3. URROVA


      There is no important information on dw leaked databases so dont worry, just change your password just in case

  13. i was joking when i proposed that i think this thread is cool in concept but it needs a revamp to make it work