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  1. Savarin

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    Demon meat is good and all, but what about one of these bad boys: Would it go well with the meats? You guys think it tastes refreshing, or sugary? Maybe it tastes like grape soda, that would be sick. (probably tastes like medicine, gross)
  2. Savarin


    Honestly I picked map 07 and my monster types to sort of make a parody or homage of Dead Simple. I don't have much experience with UMAPINFO stuff, so the bossdeath actions were just a bonus to play around with. Depending on how everyone decides if we reorganize based on difficulty or not, I wouldn't mind switching slots or even monster types, however my original idea was the dead simple thing. I could also compare the maps before and after mine, and balance the difficulty accordingly!
  3. I can agree with that I suppose. Even if it was just messing around with friends, it's very far from a proper release of something.
  4. Savarin


    I think people are going way too harsh on this. Does it suck? Absolutely. Most maps you can just skip, and most fights are not balanced at all. But if it was just a speed-mapping experiment you did with some friends, I see no issue at all. Heck, I tried my hand for the first time at a speed-mapping project, I had one hour to do a map and it fucking BLOWS. I understand people not liking the random memes added as textures, after all the "funny reaction face repeating on wall" joke died decades ago. But I think it's innofensive, especially if it was just added last minute as a joke between a group. And you can see a tiny bit of effort here and there, such as the rocketjump map and some fights where you gotta dodge stuff, etc. Not the best, but I've seen way worse.
  5. Savarin


    Map 06 is actually pretty neat. One part, at least.
  6. Savarin

    The game you want to make/be made, that can't

    Lately I've been very interested in fighting games. It's very fun to learn them, and especially playing them with friends. I tend to think what specific franchises would work well on a fighting game style, and I have even imagined original characters and worlds, imagined game mechanics such as how would supers work, parry mechanics and some original assist systems, etc. Besides my OCs, I would really enjoy a fighting game based on Team Fortress 2. The idea sounds so silly and fun to mess with, TF2 has a huge number of guns and playstyles, and the merc classes themselves are very varied and fun, it would work like a charm. Besides that, my dream game which I'd love to develop would probably be an FPS, not story focused at all, but rather focused on exploration and very, very surreal worlds and characters. I'm enjoying the current revival of fun FPS gaming, and since there are so many right now, my idea wouldn't stick out at all. I would still like to make it one day, though...
  7. Savarin

    what is happening in your dreams?

    My dreams are usually very disconnected, every scene has less to do with the previous one. Characters constantly change name, voice and appearence (sometimes extremely fast right in front of me), and the setting has very little to no storyline. Those are 95% of them. The other 5% are either very cool, or very frightening. One that comes to mind right now involved me and my childhood friends in a parking lot we used to play at. "Ok time for hide n' seek" says one of them, but in this version of the game, you instead had to hide from a weird being, it resembled the Sun with a face, it stared right at you with no emotion. I think the kids refered to it as "the planet", but I'm not sure. The planet would chase you if it saw you, and it was extremely fast. It floated ominously and could clip through walls, everyone was extremely terrified of it. When it saw me, I tried running but (classic) my limbs felt like they weighted thousands of pounds. An ominous, buzzing sound got louder and louder behind me, as I tried and tried to run, until I suddenly woke up with a jump. Anyway, sorry for the long post. The 5% dreams usually stay with me forever.
  8. It was so great being a playtester for this! All the forced countless hours of testing dozens of maps, dying over and over learning new Doom skills... Ok but for real, a great release! I recommend it for anyone who wants to see creative little fight puzzles and some challenging maps while also having a relatively small time to beat.
  9. Name: Guidance Midi: Shetland Mine - LieN from Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (transcribed by Tails19935) The midi file is also included on the download btw
  10. I believe it's done, the last version I posted is the RC. Tested it multiple times, even tested it again now on chocky, just one last time (you never know), and everything seems to work. The only crash I had was when I was noclipping around, and maybe looked at too much of the map at once. Don't think that's too much of a problem. here's the download again if u need it If you need anything else plz tell me :D edit- @forgettable pyromaniac oops quoted from the wrong comment, my bad!
  11. Eeeyy, thanks for playing! Always a treat to see a new Bio test run, even if I'm making you deal with my dumb designs hehe... Also, at the end there, you can access the last room through a teleporter that opens in the city area. I designed it like that for co-op purposes. If you don't mind me asking, where there any moments that were outright too annoying? I could balance some stuff around, but am just wondering if I can make the experience better for players ^^ Thanks again :D
  12. @forgettable pyromaniac Finished my map, finally (︶^︶) Name: Guidance Difficulties: all implemented, including co-op and deathmatch (even made an arena!) Midi: Shetland Mine - LieN from Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (transcribed by Tails19935) Textures: both vanilla and from the pack Tested on: chocolate doom, Woof 10.0, dsda-doom 0.24.3 download => Savarin_Morior_Invictus.7z Please tell me if there is any issues, also I included the midi on the WAD already, if that causes any trouble the file is also on the download. Quite proud of this one, even though it took me longer than expected... Also
  13. Savarin


    @Thatonespymain nice, I'm in. I'd like map 07, please :D My monsters are Mancubi and Arachnotrons, because, you know... funny purposes and all
  14. Hehe no, that's intentional, just tought it was a funny idea :D Actually the whole vibe I wanna give off with the design is: Thanks for testing it out, and yeah I still have to fix many softlocks both for single and multiplayer. No worries, everything will be accessible. Also, @noob_killer012345678, I really liked what you were going for on your map's ending, unfortunately since I joined kinda late on the project and due to getting very busy too, I couldn't merge both ideas very well. Sorry :c
  15. Ok so, I definitely have that right here, needs some heavy work still. It's beatable but far from finished, I need to implement difficulties, co-op, fix some texture breaks and all that. (also think of a name and midi for it [the hardest part of mapping]) Here's some screenies: I would love some criticism, especially if my map ends up being too annoying. Also, some areas are definitely up for changing. MAP24_untitled.zip