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    If Doomguy had one-liners...

    "uh oh, this really is a hell on earth" -doomfella
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    ah, shit, here comes pacman.
  3. quickbuckv3 new release avalible!!check edited post above for more info and download! added surprises and fixed tutti frutti crates!! enhanced evilness and decreased meanness >:D please let me know what you think!
  4. ohhhh i see, i didnt know you couldnt have f_sky as both floor and ceiling, is it sector specific? or can i have skybox on the floor on one room and on the ceiling in other? eitherway thank you sooo much for this fix and explanation, ill update the post and credit you for the fix! where should i look for more vanilla limitations like these to prevent future bugs? i also wanna prevent the tutti frutti effect :/
  5. oh wow, doomkid! im a big fan of your youtube content! those revs werent being kind, and that hell knight proyectile was strange, i dont really know what to do about it, is there any way to prevent that? id love to hear a way to fix that HOM, i had no idea it was there, what could've caused it?! i played a previous version on chocolate doom and noticed the weird textures, but i didnt think much of it, because i had no idea what caused it or what it was. any way to prevent future tutti frutti? thanks for the bug reports and for playing of course! ps: ill consider doing an exit fake out with hell knights just for you :3
  6. haha this was fun to watch! i feel like an evil scientist grining to how you fall on my traps x3 im glad you enjoyed it, yes the visuals are not something i do very well, if you have any suggestions on how to make certain areas look better id be glad to read them, tho consider i wanna stick with vanilla textures! i was primairly worried about the fights being tedious so im glad that didnt happen much. you seemed to have fun and that makes me happy! edit: ps i got very scared when you didn't find the button and thought you softlocked ;_; im glad you scanned it better
  7. yeah. i was thinking maybe i could give HMP players an invul instead, the goggles were mainly to help in UV with specters since i already gave a berzerk at the start on a secret and giving a computer area map at the end seemed kinda pointless. i was worried the last fight was too much of a difficulty spike and i attempted to fix that by facing the enemies away from the player, i dont really think the invul would be a good choice cuz i worry it may make the fight too mindless but ill playtest it and see if it works better, at least for HMP and HNTR. ill consider doing more tele traps to spice up backtracking also i may switch the backpack and berzerk as u suggested! thank you for playing i really appreciate your feedback! ^^
  8. oh, there we go, uploaded some screenshots and the file thank you all
  9. accidentally posted :/ how do i delete it? i didnt finish writing -.-"
  10. info: iwad: doom2 maps: map01 difficulty settings: yes, please let me know if HMP and HTR are balanced, advice would be appreciated! advanced engine needed: no, should be completely vanilla compatible! c: known bugs: none that im aware of! D: after learning and experimenting with the basics of dbx i made this quick map chock full of baddies >:3 the midi is "last cave" from cave story please let me know what you think and if you speedrun id love to see it! thank you and have fun also a check out to my friend's slime temple map who i did the midi for and suggested some ideas to! download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oapWCBBoS42vviL4ePP_EbvJFCjRhl3g/view?usp=sharing screenshots: v3changelog: