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  1. i got to pick this time wee! YERDEATH.WAD (Map10) - soulsphere NERVES.WAD (Map01) - megasphere HOOVER.WAD (Map18) - godmode NAZICAVE.WAD (Map01) - blursphere
  2. BIGMAC2.WAD i think i may have played this before on a doom roulette... an absolutely stuffed little office complex thingie with tons of doomcute on it. gotta appreciate the toilet designs, syncs and what i interpreted to be a vending machine of some sort? very cool quite a funny map in concept, which gets elevated by the absurd monster placement. good shit. luleta_pandora_bigmac2.zip
  3. category: 1 died with 15 kills at 1:10 i was in a bad mood for some reason before i started playing. getting spit-roasted by two barons didn't help. i was originally not gonna upload it cuz i was embarrassed but, fuck it. im_luleta_sharp.zip
  4. ykno the drill :o i nominate the following wads: CHEM.WAD (doom2 map05) - soulsphere BARONBBQ.WAD (doom1 e2m5) - mega CHKURBAK.WAD (doom2 map01) - invuln CITY.WAD (doom 2 map01) - inviso
  5. Luleta

    PUSS XX: Hell Yeah (Event Thread)

    Map Name: ugly ships Author: Luleta Music: Gang Plank Galleon from Donkey Kong Country Sky: SKYHX3 from 32in24-15tex.wad Format: boom Difficulty Settings: nope Gimmicks Used: +city full of zombies +a pirate ship Build time: 1 hour and 10 mins + like 30 mins of bugfixing :P Comments: garbage open map that's like a city getting invaded by revenant pirates. it sucks, enjoy Screenshot: download
  6. Luleta

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    000emg map02 pacifist - 0:08.03 000emg02p008.zip
  7. Pandora is a community project megawad comprised of shovelware-esque levels. despite the premise of shovelware levels some of these are genuinely great fun creative levels that are super fun to run or play casually. DSDA idgames the demo prefix i used is "pand22" to differentiate it from a different wads named pandora? map01 uvmax - 0:25.60 pand2201m025.zip map01 pacifist - 0:03.77 pand2201p03377.zip map02 uvmax - 0:56.91 pand2202m056.zip map03 uvmax - 1:13.71 pand2203m113.zip map04 uvmax - 1:04.83 pand2204m104.zip map05 uvmax - 3:51.26 pand2205m351.zip map05 pacifist - 0:39.43 pand2205p039.zip map06 uvmax - 3:28.57 pand2206m328.zip map07 uvmax - 8:05.80 pand2207m805.zip
  8. idk if anyone cares but i did demos for most of the maps, and plan on doing demos for every single map
  9. Luleta

    128 Linedefs, 64 Things demos [-complevel 2]

    128 Linedefs, 64 Things is a vanilla community project where each map could at most only have 128 linedefs or 64 things. the megawad contains 32 maps (+3 bonus maps) Suggested demo prefix is "1l6t" i've been hoarding a bunch of demos before i did maxes for all maps, but i noticed people were already uploading runs so imma get them out of the way :^3 map01 uvmax - 0:37.66 1l6t01m037.zip map01 pacifist - 0:06.80 1l6t01p006.zip map 02 uvmax - 0:37.63 1l6t02m037.zip map03 uvmax - 1:06.86 1l6t03m106.zip map03 pacifist - 0:15.14 1l6t03p015.zip map04 uvmax - 0:24.20 1l6t04m024.zip map04 pacifist - 0:03.57 1l6t04p00357.zip map04 nmspeed - 0:03.26 1l6t04n00326.zip map05 uvmax - 0:43.14 1l6t05m043.zip map06 uvmax - 0:53.91 1l6t06m053.zip map07 uvmax - 0:52.89 1l6t07m052.zip map08 uvmax - 1:26.11 1l6t08m126.zip map08 pacifist - 0:53.01 1l6t08p053.zip map09 uvmax - 1:07.14 1l6t09m107.zip map10 uvmax - 0:42.86 1l6t10m042.zip map11 uvmax - 1:21.60 1l6t11m121.zip map12 uvmax - 1:23.34 1l6t12m123.zip map12 pacifist - 0:29.66 1l6t12p029.zip map 13 uvmax - 1:06.14 1l6t13m106.zip map 13 tyson - 1:28.23 1l6t13t128.zip map14 uvmax - 0:31.60 1l6t14m031.zip map14 pacifist - 0:16.26 1l6t14p016.zip map15 uvmax - 1:02.66 1l6t15m102.zip map16 uvmax - 1:54.71 1l6t16m154.zip map17 uvmax - 1:20.91 1l6t17m120.zip map17 pacifist - 0:10.91 1l6t17p010.zip map18 uvmax - 1:50.51 1l6t18m150.zip map19 uvmax - 1:01.40 1l6t19m101.zip map20 uvmax - 0:5 5.40 1l6t20m055.zip map21 uvmax - 0:55.11 1l6t21m055.zip map22 uvmax - 2:02.86 1l6t22m202.zip map23 uvmax - 3:06.14 1l6t23m306.zip map23 pacifist - 0:41.80 1l6t23p041.zip map24 uvmax - 1:17.14 1l6t24m117.zip map24 pacifist - 0:39.40 1l6t24p039.zip map26 pacifist - 0:01.97 1l6t26p0197.zip map31 uvmax - 2:33.14 1l6t31m233.zip map31 pacifist - 0:24.66 1l6t31p024.zip map32 uvmax - 1:17.37 1l6t32m117.zip map32 pacifist - 0:20.34 1l6t32p020.zip ill do maxes for the rest of the maps later, unless someone beats me to it ;^P
  10. Luleta

    PUSS XX: Hell Yeah (Event Thread)

    is that a challenge?
  11. Luleta

    PUSS XX: Hell Yeah (Event Thread)

    Map Name: uh oh! you found the toothpaste?! Author: Luleta Music: Starlight Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog (got the midi from vgmusic) Sky: the e1 sky from the 64kb challenge vanilla edition Format: boom Difficulty Settings: nope Gimmicks Used: +A Skullgate that requires the Blue Skull Key to Exit +A House with multiple points on entry +Something Doomcute Build time: 1 hour and like 30-ish minutes. and a whiiile to try to get the custom sky to work :/ Comments: doomguy is gonna take a bath in someone's garden with his lil blue inflatable pool, but he doesn't have any soap. so he enters their house and steals their blue skull shaped soap. uhhh and also, you brush someone's teeth :^) Screenshots: download
  12. Luleta

    PUSS XX: Hell Yeah (Event Thread)

    Map Name: GOATMAN3D Author: Luleta Music: PACMAN.mid from Wolfenstein's e3l10 Sky: none Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: nuh uh Gimmicks Used: - Doom 1 Bestiary and no super shotgun? -No Hitscan map? +Maze with a silent teleport at each end +Another id level remake (never said it had to be a doom level ;3) +13 monsters Build time: about 1 hour and 30 mins and then like an hour of balancing and testing lol Comments: this has to be the dumbest map i've ever made, but i like it. basically the e3l10 layout from Wolfenstein 3D copied onto doom with a twist :^) Screenshots: download
  13. Luleta

    PUSS XX: Hell Yeah (Event Thread)

    Map Name: they don't count Author: Luleta Music: The Demons from Adrians Pen by Bobby Prince (ykno from e2m2) Sky: none Format: boom Difficulty Settings: nope Gimmicks Used: No Hitscan Map 13 Monsters Hellish Setting A Bunch of Crushers Only Doom 1 Bestiary and No Super Shotgun Build Time: 1 hour 20 mins ish Comments: a lil berserk map with the doom1 mons, only 13 monsters cuz they don't count :^3 Screenshot: download
  14. HIT&RUN.WAD once again democracy fails, i could've been chilling cooking some pinkie meat with daddy baron at BARONBBQ.WAD. maybe next time. anywaysss, back to hit and run... i feel like this is supposed to be a deathmatch map :P the layout is interesting enough and there are areas that make sense for deathmatch. as a singleplayer map however, quite boring and not remarkable. looks nice enough tho. pandora_luleta_hitnrun.zip two demos because i pressed the exit switch without realizing (its unmarked :P)