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  1. ill letcha know when i finish my map. i don't wanna pick a midi right away because maps change overtime and i don't wanna have my midi restrict my themeing.
  2. just add different colored wolfenstein ss so they can be like power rangers :D
  3. Luleta

    [Community Project] Morior Invictus (Deadline? Close, but not yet.)

    just like shigeru miyamoto once said: "when game delay it ok good game is wait bad game no wait forever is game bad yes :D"
  4. Luleta

    Your definition of 100%?

    items are silly, a lot of mappers put items on places for just decoration. picking them all up just makes things boring and slow imo. besides, avoiding certain items in a speedrun setting adds a lil strategy. do i waste time gettin this mega or risk doing this fight without picking it up?
  5. Luleta

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Kit Kat Bar map01 uv max - 6:05.60 kkbm605.zip beat this map the beggining is rng imo (edited because i did a recording on complevel 9 when the description says cl17 -_-"")
  6. Luleta

    Shovelware Society #18 - WAX.WAD!

    aren't we all just meat 2 in the end?
  7. there's 6 days left and we're missing maps: 24 and 35 maybe we should @ the people who haven't done the maps or given any news? @dotQLL
  8. Luleta

    Shovelware Society #18 - WAX.WAD!

    ok, i have been given the HONOR to pick four wads from D!Zone Gold to vote on, react to this post with the specified powerup to vote: CORE.WAD - soulsphere URMEAT2.WAD - megasphere ARCHIE.WAD - godmode VACATION.WAD - blursphere these are all doom2 levels because i don't trust 90's mappers to not make me shotgun 40 barons in a row.
  9. Luleta

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    A lesson of ducking BFG9000! map01 uvmax - 0:48.17 enemybfgm048.zip map01 pacifist - 0:30.74 enemybfgp030.zip wax2 map01 pacifist - 0:13.94 wax2p013.zip The Bloody Corridor map01 pacifist - 0:10.69 bloodcor01p010.zip Ars Doom (repackaged edition) map01 uvmax - 2:48.31 arsm248.zip map01 pacifist - 0:39.60 arsp039.zip some more idgames exploring, enemybfg and arsdoom are p cool and interesting imo!
  10. thats great! just saying maybe links to the wads on the main post for playtesting but thats pretty good. i dont wanna boss around, just throwing suggestions haha
  11. its good practise to update the main post with maps that are being worked on, maps that are done, and who did or is doing them. it helps keeping things organised and how done the project is c:
  12. Luleta

    Shovelware Society #18 - WAX.WAD!

    wax2 sux here is my fda, try not to die of boredom if u watch it lol wax2fda.zip
  13. Luleta

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    The aqueous rise and fall. map13 uvmax - 3:06.69 aqueous13m306.zip WILLE1M1 e1m1 uvmax - 2:31.91 wille1m1m231.zip e1m1 pacifist - 0:39.31 wille1m1p039.zip PAMELA ANDERSON in DOOM map01 uvmax - 1:42.54 pamela01m142.zip PuNk DoOm map01 uvmax - 2:38.06 punk01m238.zip bunch of misc demos from misc wads i got on doom roulette :^D
  14. @Pegleg played ur map just now and i liked the layout, very nice got some nit picks. besides that very nice map c: here's a playtest demo, died like 3 times at the exit and one from me being a dumb speedrunner brained idiot 1l6t09playtest.zip
  15. if map09 is still free, i would like to join c: