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  1. Dubium

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    It is not a part of Midnight Isle. I still work on it, albeit very slowly. In the meantime, this megawad is much more prioritized.
  2. Dubium

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Screenshots from my new 32-map megawad project named "Neverland" It mainly uses the COMTEX texture pack, which is quite underrated (even though it is so cool). I hope this megawad can help popularize COMTEX, the same way Eviternity popularized OTEX.
  3. Dubium

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    MAP01 of my new megawad project
  4. Dubium

    The 2022 Cacowards

    Congratulations for all the winner! Looking forward to see the 2023 cacowards as well.
  5. Dubium

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    David is the second most popular masculine name in the United States. 10,905,563 (1 out of 28) Americans are named David. Approximately 92,597 Davids are born each year.
  6. I guess I will join, so please put me on the list. Although, considering my schedule, I can't make a promise
  7. @Budoka Hmmm... In my case, the download didn't start when I clicked the link at first. But after pressing it multiple times, it finally started, not sure why. --------- Just played MAP01-MAP03. I enjoyed it. It was challenging but it is still manageable. I personally would not call the mapset "very hard" unless there are actually very hard fights in later maps that I haven't playes. I mean, compared to Stardate or Sunder, this one is much easier. Anyway, I was a dumbass who didn't read the play info properly, so I ended up playing the maps in Boom compatibility instead of MBF on DSDA v0.24.2. But during my playthrough, I did not encounter any issues related to comp. level. There is a slime trail in MAP02 and this weird effect on the ceiling in MAP03 though. They still persist regardless of comp. level Additionally, I'm not entirely sure why but there is a MIDI in MAP08, which is weird because there is no custom map in the slot.
  8. Wait a minute... I'm already a huge fan of your wads due to your attention to detail, and now you are telling me that this one is also very hard and Plutonia-ish? Damn man, I can't ask for more. I always love visually beautiful hard maps. I will definitely play this one and let you know you if I encounter any bugs
  9. Lmao. This anime is also the first thing that crosses my mind when I see the word "Overflow" 😂 Anyway. Good map, Somniac
  10. Dubium

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    @General Rainbow Bacon Perhaps "MAP55: Schism" in the 30-monster community project? Half of the map is red while the other half is blue, the theme change happens exactly in the middle of the room, and you start at the south end of the map. It doesn't feature a lot of silver textures though, so I'm not sure if this is the one you are looking for. But I'm letting you know anyway, just in case I think "MAP32: Split" in Good Morning Phobos also has the same visual gimmick where half of the map is (a little bit) red and the other half is blue. It also features silver textures to a certain extent. Although, I can't remember it exactly as I haven't played the map myself. But again, I'm letting you know anyway, just in case
  11. Hello folks, v1.7 is here. Please check the update section in the original post to see new changes. I might as well make this announcement for those who are curious. MAP04-MAP07 of Midnight Isle are planned to be larger than the previous ones. Unfortunately, my PC is pretty slow and old, so UDB gets choppy when I try to make large and very detailed maps. It is irritating. Therefore, I have decided to wait until I can afford a faster new PC before working on this project again. God knows when that time will come. In the meantime, I will work on a megawad that mainly focuses on smaller maps (but with the same level of detailing as Midnight Isle, I guess). Such a wad will be much easier and faster to work on with this potato PC.
  12. Dubium

    What is Your Job/Career?

    I work at a small travel agent company as a web programmer and designer. A functional website might be necessary for the company as it enables our consumers to book a flight or a tour package through it. But I must admit, the process of building the website has been quite slow because the qualifications that I have were mostly attained by learning programming from free resources on the Internet. I do not have a degree in computer science or something like that. To compensate for this, I also make digital posters showing our recent tour packages using editing apps like Canva, then post them on our social media accounts, and do some other small tasks. Honestly, I do not like this job, but I am just trying to save for college, so I try not to complain too much.
  13. Aw man. That is definitely not intended. I will find a way to prevent players from cheesing the fight that way. Thanks for reporting it Thanks for the highlight, my man. Your playthrough videos are always fun to watch. Also, thank you for finding out about the bug in which the cell packs in the PE spam room get stuck on GZDoom Great to know. Good luck!
  14. Huh, how did you do it? In earlier versions, I'm aware players can cheese the fight by entering the cove and standing on the ice platform where the red key is. But I have implemented a mechanism to prevent that by raising the ice hills to block the access to the cove. Unless those hills were not raised during your playthrough due to an issue in a voodoo doll closet... Or maybe you are talking about a different spot? If that is the case, would you please send a screenshot of this "corner" so I can see where it is, exactly?