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  1. Holy shit. I didn't think someone would still map for me even though I dropped out of the project as soon as it started. Sorry, I didn't check the thread sooner. This looks really rad, you seem to emulate the style I described pretty well judging on the screenshots. I'll play it on Sunday. Thanks!
  2. Dubium

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    Hmmm... I'm screwed, because the dog is too cute I don't even want to fight him back. 8/10
  3. Congrats on finishing the wad! Hope to see this on /idgames soon
  4. Dubium

    Girly WADs?

    Hmmm... Perhaps sincity2100's Alice Clancy's Shattered Dimensions...
  5. I tried the first 4 maps out of curiosity. Here are my thoughts. MAP01: I think this is a good opener. I like the outside area where I can roam around shooting enemies like a maniac (Although I failed to notice the radiation suits, so I made the section unnecessarily harder by taking damage from the floor). I also like how there are 5 secrets in the map, some of which have secret fights, it creates a good sense of exploration. I can tell this map is harder than an average MAP01 in a megawad (even compared to MAP01 of Sunlust and Plutonia), with 2 archviles and other mid-tier enemies. But I don't mind because I like hard maps in general. MAP02: This is probably the best map among the first five maps I played. Firstly, the music is good. Secondly, I like the fights in general. There are so many explosive barrels players can use against enemies. The outside area is also fun to roam around. The final fight caught me off-guard but it was great. MAP03: I like how there is an intersection in the middle and other areas in the map are connected by it. The fights are also good in general, especially the finale. It was much harder than I thought, I died several times due to the horde of revenants and HKs, but again-- I don't mind hard fights. Also, I like the music. MAP04: This map is okay. But I must admit I admit the visual is not as sophisticated as MAP01-MAP03. I can't describe why this is the case, I just feel previous maps have better aesthetics. But on a good note, the fights are good as usual, especially the red key fight where enemies start teleporting around the cage. However, I think the invul secret is way too easy to find. I mean, I didn't even bother trying, but I somehow managed to find the secret by accident. The invul definitely makes the cyberdemon fight much easier, which makes me feel bad for taking it. Overall, I enjoyed what I have played so far. The first few maps are quite hard, but again-- I don't mind at all because I'm already accustomed to Sunlust, Plutonia, and Sunder stuff. Additionally, I must agree with pampoo, the custom colours, sprites, and sounds feel like hit or miss. But it's mostly because of my own personal taste. I personally think the original sprites and sounds are already good, so they don't need to be replaced. But I think most other people don't mind, so it is not a big deal, supposedly. I will probably continue playing later.
  6. Dubium

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

  7. Dubium

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    My vision after taking LSD
  8. Dubium

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    I don't know much about Thomas & Friends. But a few days ago I found this horror parody of the show. It's amazing. I recommend watching it if you want to ruin your childhood for whatever reasons... It is amazing. https://youtu.be/462KBuAhncU
  9. Dubium

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Why do you look like Lee Jackson?
  10. Dubium

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    It is not a part of Midnight Isle. I still work on it, albeit very slowly. In the meantime, this megawad is much more prioritized.
  11. Dubium

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Screenshots from my new 32-map megawad project named "Neverland" It mainly uses the COMTEX texture pack, which is quite underrated (even though it is so cool). I hope this megawad can help popularize COMTEX, the same way Eviternity popularized OTEX.
  12. Dubium

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    MAP01 of my new megawad project