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  1. Ralphis`

    Sorry Tobester!

    i think planetdoom is gonna own everything
  2. Ralphis`


    [quote]Good luck. There's been loads[1] of attempts to create a public doom channel to chat in that pretty much failed, from the official doomworld channel to the doom spin-offs etc. Still best of luck. [1] I would say 'tens' as in 'thousands', 'hundreds', etc. but it just doesn't sound as good.[quote] #unidoom - Only surviving #doomroom spinoff :P
  3. Ralphis`

    Who here likes PSX doom?

    You're so full of yourself bbg!!!!!!!
  4. Ralphis`


    Come to #unidoom so I can randomly kickban you
  5. Ralphis`

    I almost died again

    Good luck man
  6. Ralphis`

    is it true... i dont think so

    It's just amazon's estimated time of when it will be out
  7. Ralphis`


    I enjoy IRC because i get to kick bbg around on it
  8. Ralphis`

    help finding hell revealed

  9. Ralphis`

    doom guy in 8-bit

  10. Ralphis`

    doom guy in 8-bit

    WHOA, I should make a megaman 2 ips with this stuff. I could replace Flashman with the baron
  11. Ralphis`

    Comparing the speed of SNES Doom...

    17. E1M9 was 17 and E2M9 was 16.
  12. Ralphis`

    what version

    You can turn sound pitch on in zdoom. I don't remember the command specifically but you could ask around the zdoom forums
  13. Ralphis`

    Hm annoucement.

    I have to admit I've always been an asshole. But from this day forward, I'm going to try not to be.
  14. Ralphis`

    looking for a couple of wads...

    The best I can do for you is ledges.wad. You can get it, along with lots of other DM files, at http://ralphis.slipgate.org/ in the Files Section! Enjoy