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  1. Colusio

    I need suggestions

    I had fun doing speedruns in Entryway and it made my fingers better. I guess it helps with getting the timings of the monsters.
  2. Colusio

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    The forum is very active so this silence of four months in real life shouldn't happen. I think a not for profit is what this website and all creators and players deserve.
  3. Colusio


    This is a nice small "old school" level with lovely creativity. The wolfenstein influences are obvious, the beginning has doom realism and in the end there's (probable unwanted) doom abstraction-ism. It's a little unfair: enough ammo but not at the right time, it's E3M1 ( dead end ) and you wouldn't want to go the toilet there in a hurry. Recommended if you like vintage maps
  4. Colusio

    The /newstuff Chronicles #492

    An ad hominem argument is a false argument, so it can't share nor like your opinion, I don't even have an account on Facebook. Btw I discovered that I can't play Valiant due the fact weapons disappear after switching.I used PrBoom-Plus v2.5.1.4 with complevel 11. Pity, looks like a worthy winner.
  5. Colusio

    It seems we don't really exist.

    13 new levels since beginning this month, hobomaster22 celebrated his thirdy-third anniversary and this filthy casual wants a community chest 4 1/2.
  6. Colusio

    Smoothing out the sprited

    Just played on the lowest resolution prboom could do* 640x480 (* from the menu) on a 13inch laptop. Pixels. Downloaded chocolate-doom, launched it "chocolate-doom -window -width 320 height 200 -1" and pixels again. The engine didn't listen really to the commands: I_InitGraphics: 8bpp color depth not supported. I_InitGraphics: Auto-adjusted to 320x240x32bpp. But doom never was smooth, ain't it ?
  7. Colusio

    Should the shotgun have been #2?

    Those double keys are a hinderance, most of the time I try to avoid picking up the chainsaw. Pity because it's very satisfying weapon.
  8. Colusio

    ZDoom 2.6.0 released

    That secret hint system is a great idea, I hope it will be picked up by prboom+.
  9. Colusio

    [B0S] Presents... A.L.T. (not my work)

    Only played the first two levels (made by the same author). I'm highly impressed, I played the story. @j4rio For me the sound replacements (in the first two levels) made the enivronment immersive.
  10. Colusio

    Games like DOOM

    Why not show doom on your smartphone or ipad? (if you have one).
  11. He drank from the Lethe. I think he edited that wiki entry about his whereabouts himself, I hope he'll return.
  12. Colusio

    After 2 Years Another Map Attempt

    Maybe you could change the link in your first post to the latest version. The last red light in the first room with the yellow door (pov: start position) is halved. Maybe this has something to do with my resolution (1368*768) I liked that final room in your first version btw. Was the intention that the player runs past the spider? The final room in the second version looks better but less surprising. You managed to make a compact level that gave me a sense of accomplishment after playing it. Thanks.
  13. Colusio

    The /newstuff Chronicles #400

    Accept Jezus, idiot reviewer of doomworld.
  14. Colusio

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    No, I don't have any music player on nor do I have any special effects program running.( but I had the creative soundblaster X-FI MB installed previously) The driver I'm using is "the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver " Realtek calls this R2.55 I downloaded nirsoft's blue screen viewer, there was no bsod and there's nothing in the standard logs. I saw there's an update available from realtrek, R2.66 I will install this one.
  15. Colusio

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I've random freezes on windows 7 for at least the last 3 versions. It's sound related. I'm playing fullscreen, ctrl alt del doesn't work, so I have to restart. My hardware: Asrock z68 pro3 which uses Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec.