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  1. Colusio

    Is it just me who dislikes Spectres?

    I feel that the SSG did help with making them pointless except the special use cases mentioned in this tread. I totally agree with fast making them so much better.
  2. Colusio

    Is it just me who dislikes Spectres?

    You need ray tracing for translucency. Translucent spectres would be very very cool. They have the same size, attack, movement and sounds as the pinky's but they are transparent and hollow. A striking example of convergent evolution in hell 's bestiary, maybe the children of a invisible monster that dies just before the doom guy enters.
  3. Playing doom levels happened to me.


  4. Colusio

    Can Doom be considered a horror game?

    When I played beyond kadath it felt like a horror game. I saw this thread and replayed it. A revenant kicked me and I felt death in an open grave. I'm little bit anxious now. The ending of inferno ( episode 3 ) was the only horror moment in Doom for me.
  5. Colusio

    Baron of hell anatomy?

    They absorb bullets and pellets until a certain threshold. Then they'll die immediately due to "poisoning".
  6. Xp has support for full screen in dos. Windows 7 and it's predecessor Vista lost that.
  7. Colusio

    Debut Map! Trouble In Rubble City

    I like maps that create their own world. Doesn't look like the other city levels, I played which made it refreshing. Level progression different then I expected, felt natural. Thanks for making this.
  8. Colusio


    @Doomdude89 Did you kill all the monsters? @that guy23442 Welcome, it was too hard for me,
  9. Played "refueling base" (map10 doom 2) and "stronghold" (map 9 TNT) on uv. All went well and suddenly a was totally overwhelmed. I think uv max of refueling base is possible with this enhancement but I'm not 100% sure. I love this mod.
  10. I enjoyed your map, it feels bigger than it is. The part with the revenants and the card is great. I didn't take the sphere and with luck and cover I barely survived. I somehow managed to get in the courtyard with the red switch. Maybe that window shouldn't be passable.
  11. Colusio

    What is the worst map you can create?

    This inspired me to make e1m1 90 degrees clockwise rotated in my dreams.
  12. Colusio

    what is the best doom wad according to you

    Equinox Lost civilization caverns of darkness I forgot to play NEIS. Love valiant, back to saturn x, speed of doom ... Edit: Memento Mori both of them. I hope someday to play them again on a crt screen.
  13. Colusio

    I need suggestions

    I had fun doing speedruns in Entryway and it made my fingers better. I guess it helps with getting the timings of the monsters.
  14. Colusio

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    The forum is very active so this silence of four months in real life shouldn't happen. I think a not for profit is what this website and all creators and players deserve.