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  1. Xeebleton

    some old PsyDoom maps I made

    yeah these maps are really just me messing around and having fun with the map editor. CorruptKeep was supposed to be a map of actual substance, but I just kinda slacked off and never got it done beyond what you played (tho I might come back to it). CrossPlat (short for Cross Platform) is also fairly clearly a (not so good) remake of Doom 64's first map. oddly enough, I didnt add any DM starts to that map, despite it being the only one where it would actually make sense to add those. FunniMap is the first ever map I made for PsyDoom, which is why its quite basic (even using the default textures doom builder PSX uses for sectors) I dont really have any comment(s) for ORIGPSX. it's just a recreation of ORIGWAD with some balancing and DM starts (I dont see why anyone would want to play DM in that map but its there I guess)
  2. these maps were from about a year or two ago. they were on my old laptop, which couldnt boot due to windows issues, but today I was able to restore them, and now I'm putting them here. these were really just made for fun, which is why I didnt release them until now. all of them should be working and complete, except for CorruptKeep, which works, but cannot be completed due to it not having an exit. you can do whatever the hell you want with these maps as long as Im credited. psy_oldmaps.zip SCREENSHOTS
  3. congrats on the release! it was fun to make my map! however, there is a small issue, you seemed to have tagged the wrong guy for my map DOOM 2 (tho it could have been due to confusion as I have changed my username lol). Also, the titlepic seems to crash ports like dsda-doom, as it uses a png file format instead of lmp.
  4. Xeebleton

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    the mod is "Agent" by Chazlee on ModDB https://imgur.com/a/JRWt1KU
  5. Xeebleton

    What were your very first mapping attempts like?

    look no further than this map. its the reason I have a shitposting warning on my profile. alternatively you can play this wad, which is less shit, but still bad.
  6. less minor fixes/additions extramap_doodlesgdxRev5-GPedit.zip
  7. very minor fixes/additions extramap_doodlesgdxRev5-GPedit.zip
  8. Xeebleton

    games that can run on potato PC(s)

    play Max Payne. its a low-end game (can even run on Win95!), really fun, and has a great story. dont forget to install mods such as the startup hang fix and the difficulty fix
  9. Xeebleton

    The Definitive Steam Deck Doom Source Port Guide

    I've attempted Chocolate Doom, but the menu would decide to bug out for whatever reason, not letting me close choco doom, and making me force-close my steam deck (holding the power button) to do anything but play it. not sure if this problem happened to you. okay so: -this was mainly made to run with the most compatibility and performance as possible. a proton patch could always mess things up (and from what I heard, it has at times), so linux flatpaks (if there are any) can be really helpful in case it happens. I only used wine/proton on ports that either take a lot of effort to get or just dont have a linux ver at all. -yeah, for some reason, GZDoom uses the controller perfectly fine on wine/proton. idk why specifically on windows tho, while the linux flatpak decides to fuck up as soon as you enable gamepad. -I don't think its "too much bullshit". really, the more harder one with a flatpak was Zandronum, and it's just putting files a specific folder. GZDoom (with GZDeck) pretty much lays it out clearly. ironically enough, the ones in the list that took the most effort were the windows programs, and the struggle was not even for WADs to begin with, it was for the music, as the steam deck does not have a MIDI interpreter for some odd reason. but other than those your method is definitely easier than mine lmao, aside from the music, as that could be a problem in ports like Eternity. one thing I would also like to note is that for some reason, at least for me, Heartland seems to just freeze when starting MAP01. so keep in mind of that if you've wanted to play that WAD, and notify me for any fixes or solutions or whatnot.
  10. Xeebleton

    The Definitive Steam Deck Doom Source Port Guide

    added new ports for classic doom, and a new category.
  11. Xeebleton

    Source Ports on Steam Deck and what I've found

    I decided to make a guide to get a bunch of source ports working on the Deck.
  12. This is inspired by this here thread and the sonic steam deck guide. My findings of how to play any source port on the go with Valve's Steam Deck. Because why not play Doom on the go? I will be updating this post as (or if) I test more and more ports. These are all tested with a 512GB Standard Steam Deck. WORTH NOTING: All of these (obviously) require you to go to Desktop Mode. You can access it by pressing the steam button, going to "power", then selecting "switch to desktop". Classic Doom Console Doom Misc. Doom Other Id Titles
  13. never mind, this is the last. -fixed some textures in the E2 area and the computer area that looked off -changed the teleporter secret from w1 to wr -removed some unnecessary decorations in the altar room -added some blood decorations in the hell room -added more coop monsters extramap_doodlesgdxRev8.zip
  14. I made some changes to my map. this should be the last rev to my map. -made the monsters in the e2-like room deaf -added a visual hint for the soulsphere + megaarmor secret (inspired by Doom 64 For Doom II) -added some extra MP-Only stuff -changes some thing places. extramap_doodlesgdxRev7.zip
  15. made some pretty minor changes and fixes. namely a graphics bug on software regarding some bars in a secret, new torches added, some things were placed weirdly, and swapped items for 2 secrets. extramap_doodlesgdx.zip