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  1. pilottobombadier

    Funny Metal Meme Quotes?

    Here's some for ya: I think that's a good start :p
  2. pilottobombadier

    XIII Classic is free on GOG right now

    Much appreciated. Already added to my library.
  3. pilottobombadier

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    That I already knew. I'm familiar with Retroarch, that's the emulator that I have across most of my devices.
  4. pilottobombadier

    Metallica get a taste of their own medicine at Blizzcon

    I dislike Metallica, but if neither they nor their management interfered, this is bullshit. I would not call this irony so much as a warning concerning digital rights. As others have pointed out, this is indicating that they're getting way out of hand. Regarding Napster, as much as I loved that platform, Metallica was one of the few artists in that case that were in the right. Completely. Their freedom as artists (never mind a business and a brand) was literally threatened when someone took their unreleased song and put it on there. Even if they were fucking douchebags about it (and they were), I side with them on this, and I really think anyone ragging on them about it needs to recheck their priorities.
  5. pilottobombadier

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Please welcome our new DJ, CheddarShark XL!
  6. pilottobombadier

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been playing a few games. Gave up on Doom Eternal for now, cannot play that at night after a day of work, too mentally exhausted. Playing a bit of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. It's a decent game but the menus are fucking cumbersome. Also working on Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Do not go from Vita to PS4 unless you'd finished it on the Vita. But really fun ARPG, and calming. Also returned to Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires for another Chaos difficulty run. In the process of joining a kingdom, mercenary missions are too unbalanced to continue. Finally, playing Doom 2 with Brutality 3.0, working throigh Cleimos 2.
  7. pilottobombadier

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm often remiss with this stuff, but I'd love to SNES, NES, or Genesis it up with other people. Do share!
  8. pilottobombadier

    What is the appeal behind Fantasy?

    I'm a fan of both sci-fi and fantasy. I think the biggest difference between the two is that Fantasy still maintains elements of its religion-y roots (it has to because magic, sometimes actual living gods, etc. etc. etc.), while simultaneously often taking the piss out of them. Sci-Fi, on the other hand, eschews all of that bullshit (religion; aside from a little bit of lip service because people gonna people), replaces it with scientific discovery and a modern take on ethics and philosophy. While often taking the piss out of human arrogance and simultaneously gloating about how our arrogance got us where we are. Although that might also be satirical. At any rate, there really isn't much to "get" with Fantasy, unless there's something to get, like a satirical bent. Otherwise, it's often a grand adventure. Science Fiction tends to be the other way around, or a combination of both at best. Both genres tend to lend themselves very well to horror, too. Also bear in mind that either can simply be a backdrop for something else, like a dramedy or a mystery.
  9. pilottobombadier

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Some Genesis: Alpha One: Some Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires: Ys 8 Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Not my own gameplay screens, most of these are being played on PS4.
  10. pilottobombadier

    Favorite game soundtrack that nobody knows about?

    Looks like a Griffin. You can blame the picture quality. Seriously, I though that was a single engine :p
  11. pilottobombadier

    What is your opinion on Id Software's RAGE?

    So, to clarify, it literally depends on how you play the game. But I'll tell you, the gunplay in Rage 2 never gets old.
  12. pilottobombadier

    What is your opinion on Id Software's RAGE?

    I think it was panned for being too short, which is true, although the game is as long as you make it. If you just do the story stuff, I think you can beat the game in less than 10 hours - actually pretty sure you can beat it in less than five. But, if you do all of the possible missions, it is way longer than that. Also, the first expansion is really good, the second is terrible, and you have to buy the official addons with virtual currency, so you wind up spending more than it's actually worth, which is janky. But - BUT - I cannot recommend Rage 2's core game enough. Never mind the visuals, etc. (which are fantastic).
  13. pilottobombadier

    Would You Make Quake 1 Similar To Quake 2?

    With current technology, I'd make both games like Quake 4, but good.
  14. pilottobombadier

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Moving on to Doom Eternal slowly. I find it very hard to play when tired or stressed, or tired and stressed. Still haven't seen any improvements in game balance... So, I've also given myself a project; decided to jailbreak my Vita and start installing PC ports. Half-Life, interestingly enough, is one of those, but it seems glitchy although that may be a GPU clock issue that I've since addressed. Chocolate Doom runs pretty well, though, with Doom/2, Heretic, Hexen and Strife all running. But otherwise, thoroughly intrigued. Also spending some time with the Capcom brawler pack on PS4 (no doubt it's little different on PC). Fuck those games were cheap. Just went through Knights of the Round, and I couldn't believe how often the bosses blocked - while attacking. King of Dragons was pretty zen, though. But it makes you think, fuck, I should get a couple of those cabinets and start my own arcade!! Also toying around with Risk of Rain 2 (was on sale), it's very different. I was hoping it would have couch co-op, but it does not, so wifey and I can only play the first one, although she likes the 2d quality of the first one...and 3d games are rarely her cup of tea.
  15. pilottobombadier

    Does time travel really HAVE to create paradoxes?

    Pot calling the kettle black? ;) Also, I wouldn't waste the time to kill Hitler at all. It wouldn't do shit, the Nazis will most likely still rise. Plus, it may put Stalin in a much better position militarily, and instead you have a second world war with Soviet Russia at a later point in our timeline. Never mind the paradoxes, people never really discuss the consequences.