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  1. Betus Alpha

    The True Reason my Doom Mods aren't the best designed.

    I had parental consent to sign up for Doomworld.
  2. So my mods are not really up to "good enough" quality standards. I understand that my maps are bad and I am only a beginner, a rookie almost. If you want to see the reason I REALLY make sloppy doom mods, click the spoiler. so if you read it, I hope you'll understand.
  3. sometimes when I play GZDoom, I alt tab out of it and the mouse is still visible, can still move around, but cannot click in any way shape or form. Let it be left click, right click, hell! Even the middle mouse click won't work! So does anyone have a solution? I also have tried exiting fullscreen and alt tabbing and it still does the mouse glitch. Also I'm sorry If I put this in the wrong category. I don't know which one to put it in so this is the one I picked.
  4. alright! No doomworld page. Just a sneak peek for MAP11 in Doom: the expedition part 3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/qs4iw1d21igtdeh/Doom+expedition+part+3+MAP11+preview.zip/file maps: MAP01 to MAP11 custom music: B4NM, Nutty Deathmatch and The Revenant Problem. custom enemies: Realm667
  5. oh. They aren't mine. They are from realm667.
  6. I mean... You aren't wrong.
  7. huh. That's weird. I remember filling the "sewage factory" map with ammo pickups but I guess I uploaded a version before that
  8. Here it is. Expedition Part 2! All the details are in the doomworld page!!!! :)
  9. This WAD has all the levels from Expedition 1 but remade and there are 4 new levels! I won't spoil too much so no, no screenshots. That's how awesome I think this wad will be! ACS: yes Custom music: Nutty Deathmatch, B4NM Custom monsters, pickups, and decorations: Realm667 Download: here of course! Thanks for everything. (I would not mind if you recorded you're experience of this WAD)
  10. Thanks for playing! Expedition Part 2 will have plenty of ammo. Trust me on it. Sorry about not telling you but in MAP01 you are supposed to crouch under the broken door. Also I am making it that there is more ammo in MAP05 because there was none.
  11. here ya go! I really worked hard on this and I hope you like it!
  12. Doom: The Expedition Part 1 is an unofficial doom wad that I made. Note that it is NOT an IWAD. It is a PWAD and contains custom: Decorations, Monsters, And Music. Sources used for the music are: Nutty Deathmatch (made by Milian) and Before The Nightmare (made by manof4000. Also the music used from this WAD is not actually created by the creator. The music is just ripped from other games.) Sources used for the enemies and decor: Realm667 ACS Scripts are used throughout the levels, but not that much. There are no custom textures. Difficulty Skill: would recommend "Hurt Me Plenty" for the skill. I think @thelamp already knows his job (to make a video on this wad) also I would be happy to watch your guys experience so don't hesitate to record a video of you playing my wad! :) (you don't have to but you can if you want) Download here
  13. Betus Alpha

    Trying to convert MIDI to mp3 without the sound being HD

    Kind of. But I don't know how to work the github converters
  14. how do I convert MIDI files from Slade 3 to mp3 without it sounding like a modern MIDI I want the Mp3 to sound like a FluidSynth MIDI