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  1. Doomy__Doom

    Different music on nightmare specifically (Boom compatible)?

    While you can't do anything to music changers like scrolling them, you can use the technique decino mentioned in this year's April Fools video - make an Arch-Vile vs Pinky race to detect fast monsters/nightmare. I've used it in my Rusty Drill submission to add a blue armor speciific to -fast/NM, similarly you could do something like have 2 doors in the starting room containing different music changers, force player to shoot a switch to trigger the race and open a specific door based on difficulty, requiring the player to pass through the music changer you want.
  2. Doomy__Doom

    Game crashing on loading MAP30 in my wad

    Deleting everything about your Keen dehacked fixes the crash (used dsda -cl9), so recheck whatever that's supposed to do.
  3. You make sure they aren't reusing the exact same frames. Everything under "States" needs to point to unique frames and you'll have to create desired sequences there. Depending on your target dehacked standard, you'll either have to replace some other frames or (dehextra and up) use additional empty frames.
  4. Doomy__Doom

    A lot of Jack

    You'll have to make a dehacked entity that will loop A_Look, assign your sound effect as its "wake-up" sound and then make a setup where a crossing linedef somehow reveals the player to the entity (e.g. opens a closet which contains the invisible, immobile, non-shootable thing) which will then play the sound effect. Auger;Zenith uses a similar method to add ambient rain sounds in limit-removing compatibility, you can reference that for technique ideas.
  5. Doomy__Doom

    How to make only zombieman make custom sounds

    There are also options number 1.1 and 1.2 - DEHEXTRA and DSDHacked, which allow adding new sounds to a variety of "non-advanced" ports without replacing anything. Well, mostly dehextra if you need port variety at the moment.
  6. Gah, I forgot to run my script that tests for missing and mismatching texture transfers. Fixed, link (also in original upload post).
  7. "Boom-compatible" =/= "compatible with DOS Boom". For practical purposes you gotta read it as "PrBoom+ complevel 9 or equivalent".
  8. Map 10 version 1 (gdrive): download version 2: download Map name: User Manual Not Included Author: Doomy__Doom Midi title and composer: Shells by Jimmy Paddock Source port used: dsda-doom -complevel 9 Difficulties: Yes (details in spoiler) Coop starts: Yes A short description of your map (this is optional): Looking for a shipment delivered to a certain UAC-owned warehouse, but looks like an industrial accident isn't going to make things easy. Screenshot (nomo): https://postimg.cc/4m2yzXHz Not exactly my mapping style, I've pretty much only made arena-driven stuff to date. So I had to replay a lot of early Scythes and ballpark the combat feel by writing down elements that caught my attention and trying to weave that in. Let me know if the difficulty is off for the slot. I opted against doomcute and heavy detailing despite urban theme, early Scythe feels more "broad strokes" to me. v2 changelog: - fixed missing sky transfer behind P1 start
  9. Doomy__Doom

    how to use jitter vertices script in dbx

    DBX has lua scripting. UDB switched to javascript and made the panel just visible by default, in DBX you need to first go to "Lua mode" via modes menu or (unbound by default) hotkey, then a "Lua" menu at the top will appear, and then you can look if there is something similar to what you want. If not, your only recourse is to change editors, try to find if someone already made such script, or write a script yourself.
  10. Doomy__Doom

    how do you start out making a map?

    If this question is about "how/where do I place player start so that it doesn't look like Doom II's The Focus?" - the simplest answer to break out is "start the player outdoors". That will force you to invent something that's not a small box room with a door. A more general version of this would be "start a player in a large space". Now you have to fill that space with something and connect it to the layout, and it doesn't have to be door(s). How exactly to fill out space with something interesting - that would depend on the genre of the map. A military base could have a helipad or some "break-in" scenario, a train station could be approached from the tracks or stairs, a beach could involve a boat or a cave, an abstract alien planet could have a canyon dropoff... so on, so forth. You can also... not start the map from the player start at all. For me it's 100% "hey here's a stupid encounter/fight/area idea I want to try, let's make that" and eventually a player start happens, before which I just keep moving it alongside any necessary equipment all over the place.
  11. Doomy__Doom

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    Feature request for controls: add a mouse strafe divisor on/off toggle like VMM (or some other form of "two different values on-the-fly"). Use case: don't have to sacrifice "mouse SR-50" for being able to do glides/zero presses/<insert other high precision set-up tricks>, as the two categories generally require opposite values - low for SR-50, high for precise tricks.
  12. Doomy__Doom

    MBF21; Why do Chaingunners still drop chainguns?

    Have you updated your decohack? This is a bug that was fixed very recently: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2638046 Also, as personal recommendation: if decohack output does unexpected things - investigate the actual dehacked for precisely this type of issue. Decohack is a middleman and it sometimes makes mistakes. Source ports interperet dehacked, not decohack code, so you have to check in two places.
  13. Doomy__Doom

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Solar Struggle

    E2M5 - Abandoned Tunnels This one joins E2M3 in the "nope" category. Too cramped, cacos will inevitably just clog the way forward to key/plasma secret and the shooting gallery will respawn and finish you off. If they somehow don't, starting area respawns or enemies just behind the door will. Perfectly fine on standard difficulties. E2M9 - Artifact Storage I'm lazy to demo, but it's not hard. Rocket the pinky. Rocket shotgunners. Rocket cacos. Rocket more hitscan. Rocket more cacos. Rocket/plasma imps/barons. Rocket 3 more pinkies. Rocket zombie horde. Rocket cacos. Exit. It's a bit reminiscent of E2M1 problem of lacking armor early on, if only because the detour to the weird secrets area (one shell pickup???) is completely optional. Getting past the YD teleporter may get unpleasant with point blank hitscan respawns if you dawdle too much.
  14. I guess I'll take map 10. If there are any specific requirements as to how Doomguy should or shouldn't be slinged (slung?) into the Future(tm), such as time machine or demonic portal, as well as death exit necessity (assuming no by default) I'm all ears.
  15. A shower thought I can't exactly elaborate on at the moment - I can read the title question as either "What turns you off when selecting wads to play?" or "What turns you off while playing a wad you've selected to give your time to?", which will probably have different answers (basically pure expectations vs expectations not matching reality or something).