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  1. Blind max without research/repeat play is not a reasonable expectation. Especially when applied to older wads. Older in this context being stuff before the fairly recent mapping and doomtubing boom (2018+-ish?), since many people have started being more explicitly conscious of soft-locking and missables in design and playtesting. It still does not mean blind max is a reasonable expectation in new wads either. Fwiw, my own approach to 100% is to get whatever I get, but from the exit idclip/iddt around to see what I've missed, as my fresh memories of the playthrough allow me to think about "how would it have been different if I've gotten that secret plasma/megaarmor/backpack/whatever".
  2. The gdrive link gives me "Headers Error: hog.wad" when trying to extract it with 7zip. The idgames link extracts without errors, and the original version you attached to the thread on release day also worked fine.
  3. Doomy__Doom

    DooM II Thought Experiment

    The remedy to that is called "not being obliged to play all levels in a wad consecutively without anything else allowed until you're done".
  4. Doomy__Doom

    1 Sector Community Project

    My 2c - it's perfectly fine to exclude specific source ports that don't conform to target compatibility in a project that's all about magic of very hard and deliberate engine abuse. My map definitely won't work on Eternity Engine, GZ might be another candidate (for different a reason) but not sure yet. I'm considering a warning text-texture at the beginning as the way of dealing with it.
  5. Doomy__Doom

    1 SECTOR - Community Project idea

    I'll throw my hat in for any late slot (20+). Assuming eventual new rules/thread will have slots in the first place, that is.
  6. Doomy__Doom

    Reflections and Aspirations: MBF21 in 2024

    Housekeeping w.r.t. add/remove flags and spawnobject definitely deserves some care. A while ago I've made a -cl21 meme map relying on abusing existing dsda count* inner workings, designed to produce silly end of map screen with arbitrary high %s. Essentially faking IoS-spawn-like behavior - prevent updating map totals but count kill%, combined with looping spawner things: thing MTF_CHAINGUNNER { -COUNTKILL } state 408 { CPOS A 0 A_AddFlags(COUNTKILL) } thing MTF_SHOTGUNGUY { -COUNTKILL } state 209 { SPOS A 0 A_AddFlags(COUNTKILL) } thing MTF_ZOMBIEMAN { -COUNTKILL } state 176 { POSS A 0 A_AddFlags(COUNTKILL) } thing MTF_EXTRA03 "HumanSpawner" { ednum 2503 -COUNTKILL clear states States{ Spawn: TNT1 A 1 TNT1 A 0 A_RandomJump(Chain, 64) TNT1 A 0 A_RandomJump(Shot, 85) TNT1 A 1 A_Explode TNT1 A 1 A_SpawnObject(MTF_ZOMBIEMAN) goto Wait Chain: TNT1 A 1 A_Explode TNT1 A 1 A_SpawnObject(MTF_CHAINGUNNER) goto Wait Shot: TNT1 A 1 A_Explode TNT1 A 1 A_SpawnObject(MTF_SHOTGUNGUY) goto Wait Wait: TNT1 A 1050 goto Spawn } } Conversely +COUNTITEM items, such as "thing MTF_AMMO_ROCKET_BOX { +COUNTITEM }", spawned by A_SpawnObject do not up item counters without further effort with states, completely inconsistent with spawning +COUNTKILL things. I guess there's an "easy" vs "flexible" solution choice here, i.e. always counting vs splitting into COUNTITEM/UPDATETALLY.
  7. Doomy__Doom

    How many Doom mods/wads are there total?

    Some estimates for /idgames according to ftp client directory size calculations: /pub/idgames/levels/doom -> 5574 files -> 2680-ish wads /pub/idgames/levels/doom2 -> 21249 files -> 10600-ish wads Roughly half of the files are .txt's placed next to their respective zip archives.
  8. Sus in Dusk Category: 1 Dead on: Map 03 Time of death: 56:24 Kills: 267/384 Demo: dwiron_24-05_dd.zip I competely missed the SSG on map 3, struggled with making progress and, eventually, ammo. To put the icing on the cake I got complevel 2'd. I thought IronEagle's offering had a messy progression, but this is an outright maze with occasional "screw you, should've first taken Y path instead to open progression first" showing. I put in cat 1 - I've read the unspoilered (please do so next time!!!) posts about some kind of trap, but it didn't help any more than the official "not a pushover" info.
  9. Doomy__Doom

    IronEagle Competition 66: Kmega1

    Category: 1* Difficulty: UV Dead: MAP06 - softlock in a comfy hom pit Time: 75:24 Kills: 160/201 Demo: dwie_24-05_dd.zip * I'm submitting cat 1, since I didn't make it to map08 door, my only piece of foreknowledge. Commentary:
  10. Doomy__Doom

    IronEagle Competition 66: Kmega1

    This works and is not that hard to do. Idk if Gz can do anything about it though. Spoilered is a demo-compatible solution (obvious cat 1 spoilers).
  11. Doomy__Doom

    IronEagle Competition 66: Kmega1

    It's a good old tested with "use passes through all specials" enabled problem. Kmetl_8 has no demo on dsdarchive, but I'm assuming that the precise angle refers to a zero press on a side line of the blue door, since one can position to the right side of it and it's ~50 unit gap. Survival should probably be changed to reaching that blue door, like the impassable lines on that D1 set that was played a few months ago.
  12. Doomy__Doom

    How do I add more than 1 level to wad?

    File->Save Map Into
  13. Doomy__Doom

    The DWIronman League dies to: Deus Vult II

    Category: 2 (played years ago, remember nothing except THE TREES) Dead on: map 03 Time of death: 28:02 Kills: 182/291 Demo: dwironman_24-04_dd.zip Me no like trees. Concrete and steel pls.
  14. Doomy__Doom

    IronEagle Competition 65: Slith

    Category: 1 Difficulty: UV Dead on: Map 02 Time of death: 2:11 Kills: 8/105 Demo: dwie_24-04__doomydoom.zip I should've died going for the exit switch on map 1, but the roll was low. You can FEEL the lack of touching Doom recently in this gameplay(lol).
  15. Doomy__Doom

    Reflections and Aspirations: MBF21 in 2024

    An idea I'm prepared to get rekt for but... what if MUSINFO but for monster spawners? As in, a magic index range entity, let's say 2xxxx, which will spit out monsters defined in a lump on a per map basis. Something like (lets call it SPWNINFO for now): <id> <thingtype> <count> <min delay between spawns> <time to stay active for> MAP01 1 Revenant 23 --spawn 23 revs by Zdoom class name, same as umapinfo 2 280 10 -- spawn 10 things using table index 280, to support dehextra/dsdhacked directly MAP02 25 Archvile 5 350 -- spawn 5 viles with at least 10 sec/350 tics delay between spawns 26 DoomImp 200 0 3500 -- try to spawn up to 200 imps asap during 3500 tics from the moment spawner stops idling, remove spawner after time passes 27 Revenant -1 350 3500 -- keep'em coming for 100 sec/3500 tics with at least 10 sec/350 tics second delay between spawns And so map01 would have entities 20001-20002 and map02 would have 20025-20027. Spawners would still have to be activated by usual means of sight/sound respect difficulty and ambush map flags check for free spawn space in a fashion similar to teleportation logic, possibly with some form of direct telefrag control for map30s and/or mapper not being happy about "standing on a spawn spot" tactic actively try to spawn thing (i.e. check more frequently than delay value) if the spawn fails maybe be "killable" by instakill floors and/or crushers maybe be teleportable and be spawnable via dehacked codepointers maybe have a field for initial delay before 1st spawn Why: Regulating spawn speed without a degree in monster fluid dynamics Replacement viles et.al. that run out automatically without bloating killcount Waves that naturally run out on a timer (Partially) concealing kill total on stats without going "nothing is COUNTKILL haha" Copypasting rows or Revs isn't particularly fun Convinient repopulation of roaming monsters (think "_ Archvile 2 6300" to spawn as you turn a corner, and then a new one 3 minutes later) Save on lines/blockmap space for maps that really push traditional format limits? Why not: one could certainly just decohack together similar things as needed, especially if the proposition on generic counters passes more lumps for the lump god some closet setups are likely faster to make anyway (similar to "do everything with scripts" trap for inexperienced user) can't easily edit from just map editor "don't trust killcount" can become a default assumption (not that it's bad in and of itself and can already be done with mbf21 anyway) <something obvious I did not think of goes here> <something technical that's obvious to port developers goes here>