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  1. Ani

    Murder Drones: Damnation (A WIP Doom project)

    Amazing. The hand just needs to be moved up further to the gun so it doesn't look like he's holding it in a weird way
  2. Ani

    Murder Drones: Damnation (A WIP Doom project)

    I think it would be better to just make it a sideways weapon. Making it a center held weapon just looks awkward.
  3. Ani

    Murder Drones: Damnation (A WIP Doom project)

    Okay. Sorry if I sounded icky. It's not you or anything.
  4. Ani

    Murder Drones: Damnation (A WIP Doom project)

    I may try that but you'll may have to do some polishing since I'm no sprite enhancer.
  5. Ani

    Murder Drones: Damnation (A WIP Doom project)

    At best Cyn should be a boss. Maybe wait till season 1 is done though so we can get an idea on her full capabilities and see if they'll work in GZDoom. I like to wait till an entire thing is complete so that a tie in can be best represented without and inconsistencies.
  6. Ani

    Murder Drones: Damnation (A WIP Doom project)

    I dunno about Cyn. I feel she would break the game. Maybe Doll?
  7. Care to link that?
  8. That I don't mind. Gives me more activity here and stuff to talk about.
  9. Whenever Civvie does Half Life 2
  10. This is Secret Wars baby
  11. Understandable. I'll give this dude credit though for giving me more activity here and give me something to talk about in these slow times.
  12. Alright. My issue personally was where one person in a community likes other things beyond that space and when combining the two, others in one community or the other get real nasty with that one person and ends up being ridiculed. Maybe I'm speaking from my experience in a few personal circles I frequented at a younger age, but it's happened so many times, it becomes predictable for me. But because of how you expressed your disinterest, I can respect that because you never expressed out of ridicule or cynicism . Most I've seen would needlessly attack and act irrationally or insufferable. that's why I expressed how we should be open to people from other fandoms and be more civil. I'll be legitimately surprised if someone is able to pull off the Digital Circus world in a limited engine. but I feel at the moment it's too early for this concept to go anywhere. It will take some passion and dedication for the thing this kid wants to come to reality but either the kid needs to be patient or get into modding themselves if they want that end goal to come to them.
  13. Ani

    Murder Drones: Damnation (A WIP Doom project)

    You know you can make a class system like in Hexen and turn this to a total conversion. If you need help with that I can try and help you out. This can be a learning experience for both of us.
  14. That's a bias coming from you. A picky one. Whether you think something is beautiful or not is subjective and based on personal taste. Things are going to have different types of appeal. At the very least be civil around those different from you.
  15. I know what you mean dw