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  1. So I know how to imply brightmaps on custom textures but I'm struggling on how to apply brightmaps on patches and texture folders in the filter folders. For example here in map 01 in Master Levels for Doom 2 Or here in Map 27 in TNT. I checked in slade to see if both were the same size and they were. Just like the original disaster texture. None of the brightmaps here are aligning with the textures. Is there a way to patch this? Do you make a brightmaps folder in the filter folder? So much to wrap my head around. In other maps, Despite having brightmaps set in the auto folder in the Brightmaps files, They don't seem to wanna work. I got the names of each texture down but I'm still not getting what I want. Can someone help me out here? I could probably share a download in private DMs.
  2. Well again, I don't use Zscript.
  3. Damn... guess I'll just leave the armor the way it is then.
  4. Alright, glad to know it can be done because I'm making a special armor that not only gives you 250 things of health but can also bounce back visible projectiles. But hitscans and archvile attacks can still hurt you. Only issue is I can't seem to find the damage type for both those attacks.
  5. Okay so let's I were to make a reflection power-up and wanted all projectiles (even custom ones) to bounce back without taking your health but still have Archvile attacks and hitscans damage you, would this have to mean I'd have to create a damage factor like how I'd do with monsters? I don't think using invulnerability would be it and not give me what I need. I'm a decorate type modder so anything regarding Zscript I'd prefer to pass. If what I'm asking is possible let me know in replies. I'm also asking this in case any future modders come around and wanna seek some answers on what they could be curious about. Like how I am right now.
  6. Ani

    3DO Baron monster

  7. Ani

    3DO Baron monster

    Hello, I noticed the mediafire link is gone. Are there other means to access this mod? I'd love to give this a go and try it's sounds for my Doom 64 mod.
  8. Wasn't expected I'd find a way around but I was suggested at a discord to just use the class system like how Brutal Doom did with it's game modes. It may not be what I envisioned but it works either way. That's one plan off my list nontheless. I'm pretty satisfied ^^
  9. Well I intended to do what Doom 64 CE did where you get an option to toggle between them in the settings but thanks I suppose.
  10. Ani

    Changing Character Movement Speed

    Old thread I know but is there a way to create an option to toggle between custom speed and default speed?
  11. While I'm waiting for new stuff to come in for my main project, I figured I'd throw in a little side mod for fun! Introducing Uzi's powerful railgun she invented. This gives the BFG a run for it's money unlike most railguns which behaves more like plasma snipers. This only runs on GZDoom as my other mods do. Uzi's Railgun.zip
  12. Ani

    How I became a Doom fan

    Just gotta warn you, you may not like the shotgun-
  13. Ani

    How I became a Doom fan

    Remember I was a kid when I had this mindset. This isn't me anymore
  14. Ani

    How I became a Doom fan

    At around the early and mid 2010s, I became aware of the existence of ID Software thanks to AVGN's episode on bible games where he covered Super Noah's Ark 3D. The more I watched the Nerd series, more references to Doom popped up. I shrugged it aside as a kid as I was more into platformers and 3rd person open world games. What was crazy was that when I got an N64 for christmas, my first FPS game was actually GoldenEye. It was a decent game for my taste just because of the level designs alone. But again, I was into platformers. However I still acknowledged GoldenEye's place in history. Clearly at the time, I was not ready for FPS games based on my taste at the time. Fast forward to 2020, Doom Eternal's release date came around and it happened to be around the same time as Animal Crossing Horizon. The Isabelle and Doomguy memes started to pop around in my feed and the Slayer intrigued me. I found it amusing and adorable how a strong and mute man in a M rated environment interacting with a being from a polar opposite environment. I looked into the slayer's background and was reminded what he was originally from. Out of curiosity, I bought the Xbox collector's edition of Doom 3 which had the classic games. I started the classic games and had a lot fun, it really opened my eyes and gave me FPS instincts I didn't think I would have. That was when I was officially a Doom fan. I spent 2 years and a half playing the other games and my all time favorite in the series is Doom 64. I just love how it takes a darker goth like look while maintaining the style that was established earlier. I grew very supportive for games with mod support and eventually when I ran out of games to play, I got into map making. Then I got into modding. I'm happy to be a part of this community and I hope to learn and grow more on making Doom related content. I got 2 special things in the works and once I'm done, I might use this knowledge on making mods on other things I'm into, make total conversions, etc. If you have questions, feel free to hit me up! I'd love to bring things I probably missed here.