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  1. Panzermann11

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of them. Reading the story, the guys in charge seem like a bunch of whiny shitbags.
  2. Panzermann11

    James McCaffrey Dead at 65

    Seems like everyone I know who had a battle with cancer tend to lose all the time shortly after... I'm curious on what this means for the Max Payne remakes, if they're planning on recasting. And we keep driving into the night, it's a late goodbye, such a late goodbye...
  3. Panzermann11

    Best years of your life?

    Definitely 2010-2012. Where I experienced many amazing TV shows on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network like Regular Show, Phineas and Ferb, Mr. Bean, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Adventure Time, discovered the internet, its wonderful culture, and tons of fun Flash games and videos on YouTube.
  4. Panzermann11

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    No thanks, I'm not interested in being a bard.
  5. Panzermann11

    What's your favorite color?

    There's a favourite set of colours I forgot to mention, it's red, green, blue and yellow. They're always very appealing to me since I was little, one of the main reasons why I adore controllers like the European/Japanese SNES, Dreamcast, and Xbox.
  6. Panzermann11

    Recommend me Anime!

    @Rudolph, I think he meant "Boku no Pico". It's... well... I'm probably gonna get myself in serious trouble if I go into details.
  7. Man, I swear, Embracer is like EA. Almost every game studio they touch seem to eventually die. Probably won't be a while before Deep Silver roundhouse kicks the bucket aswell.
  8. Panzermann11

    RIP E3 1995-2023 :(

    E3 striked out as interesting to me. Back then, E3 was mostly a simple series of amazing showcases for video games, for example Half-Life 2. Nowadays, it felt like a big-ass ultra-crazy wannabe stand up comedy show for the most part. I remember watching the supercuts on YouTube and it made me laugh my ass off so hard.
  9. One of the Halo composers (Kazuma Jinnouchi) also worked on these MGS games.
  10. Panzermann11

    Console Emulation Thread

    I've got a BSP D3. One of the things I love about it is the face buttons have PlayStation's symbols and Xbox's letters altogether. I really wish I could find more gamepads like this. Would've saved me from a lot of confusion when playing emulated PS games.
  11. Panzermann11

    Word Roulette!

    Cherry First-person shooter
  12. Panzermann11

    opinions on pineapple on pizza?

    As someone who ate pineapple pizza, it's pretty good. It's like Comic Sans, everyone seems to hate it, but some don't get what's the big deal about it, me included.
  13. I realized this old GMod animation was made by none other than Kommander friggin' Karl.
  14. Panzermann11

    GTA VI Trailer

    Glad to see I'm not the only person with a similar mindset. I feel like the GTA series have been taking a turn, oftentimes for the worse. The Rockstar we know today isn't the same as the Rockstar from the 3D and early-HD era, so I'm pretty skeptical about it.
  15. Panzermann11

    What comedians do you dig on?

    Rowan Atkinson! I used to watch the Mr. Bean series, both animated and live-action when I was little.