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  1. How so? What's the problem with it? Edit: Ah, I see it now. I'll try making a quick fix as soon as possible. Thank you for telling me! The second edit: Should be all fine now.
  2. Bumping the thread because of an update to the .WAD, some changes are: - The status bar, title screen, intermission screen, bossback and the credit screen have been added, all made by @Amaruψ - Some maps have been cleaned up, like MAP01 and MAP02 - Reimagining of MAP03, by @Risk - Work on the remaining levels has begun (MAP18, MAP24 and MAP27) - Brand new MAP29, by @Amaruψ There is also something hidden in the .WAD file, go see if you can find it! :D
  3. volleyvalley


    Would like to take MAP08, sounds interesting.
  4. volleyvalley

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I did some work on my MAP24 of Torment Of Screams, this is the starting area. Hope it looks okay.
  5. volleyvalley

    What is your favourite DOOM wads

    My all-time favourite has to be Alien Vendetta. Looks gorgeous and plays fiendishly for it's time, and is an absolute classic. The same could be said for Scythe II, the 5-level episodic structure make it's themes stand out, and the combat also doesn't slouch! Especially in the last two episodes. Lately, I've started to love Bloodstain, it's a lushious blend of gorgeous detail and fun, frenetic action. I'm on MAP09 so far, yet I'm looking forward to what the next map will offer me, and to me, that's an valuable quality.
  6. volleyvalley

    Rejection - Single Limit-Removing Map

    Sorry for the late reply, I got caught up with a couple of things. I like the level, the variety and detail of the rooms is nice, as is the architecture, but it's a bit too symmetrical in a handful of spots. Some rooms have a few tactically placed windows, more favouring the hitscanners, which gives them a few good sniping spots. The combat is pretty good, giving you an reasonable amount of ammo, while the monsters threathening heavy damage, which makes the combat almost frenetic. The new imp variant is cool, although it doesn't add that much to the combat, aside it trying to scratch off your face! Overall, I liked this map alot. Your outspoken love for the Möller brothers shows, (if that was the intention) this looks something they would've built, if they opted for more open areas and more gripping combat.
  7. volleyvalley

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    "Intermission From Doom" works pretty well for Doom's "Refinery", so I never could understand people who say, that this using that particular track in an level is odd, since it's already used for the intermission. In my opinion, this track works better in levels.
  8. volleyvalley

    Custom MIDI selection when making a map

    I'll usually add the MIDI track before I even start making my map, so I could start building off the level accordingly, based on the mood of the MIDI.
  9. Sounds interesting, I'll take MAP02.
  10. volleyvalley

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Heh, yeah, that does happen to me from time to time. A more recognisable texture on these automatic doors would've definitely been much helpful, than the more regular looking door texture usually used at these spots.
  11. volleyvalley


    Seconding what @kdoom said earlier, why not tidy the maps up first? If you are releasing an older level of yours, why not give it a fresh coat of paint? Having one good, enjoyable .WAD is much better, than a couple of crappy ones.
  12. volleyvalley

    Favorite classic Doom maps/WADs?

    You can never go wrong with the Memento Mori duology.
  13. volleyvalley

    What's your general play style in Doom?

    When playing new .WAD's, I play them casually, that is, not trying to max the level, so when I replay the .WAD at an later date, I still have something to look forward to.
  14. volleyvalley

    how to replace monsters in vanila doom

    What mapping format are you using?
  15. volleyvalley

    Random old map i made

    Some screenshots would be a nice addition.