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  1. BouncyTEM

    Evil Unleashed - a Doom 1 Tribute Album

    yes! go for it google link should be fixed now too, whoops
  2. https://bouncytem.bandcamp.com/album/evil-unleashed https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N1IIYvTWpPIZb4MZWFIs5p6AUoSRzhUV/view?usp=drive_link After a lot of work this year, a new Album, celebrating Doom's 30th anniversary! a whole new dark ambient soundscape for doom 1! [also a mod file that puts the music ingame in the google drive - should theoretically work in any source port that supports pk3s and oggs, it does in GZ and Eternity] All of doom 1's tracks have been replaced - though episode 4's recycles tracks. These tracks are free to use for your own projects! Just give credit. ...and, with it, something I didn't really want to have to do, but something I need to - a call for help. Without going into too much detail, 2023 has been a *terrible* year for me financially, with a lot of really difficult hardship - and I could use all the support I can get. If you like what you hear, or if you just want to support me, please consider buying the album. Every bit helps.
  3. BouncyTEM

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Oh my god, yes. Downloading now. Very excited! Loved the HELL out of the first one.
  4. BouncyTEM

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Supplice Episode 2 is out now!
  5. BouncyTEM

    Civvie 11 FINALLY Does TNT: Evilution

    huh, kinda figured he'd compress two into this one... wonder which map he's not going to talk much about?
  6. BouncyTEM


    You are not. The wad version is just the basic house map. The pk3's the full experience.
  7. BouncyTEM


    You played the wad. Play the pk3.
  8. BouncyTEM


    Elevator music from Action Doom 2.
  9. In all the years the doom community's been around, have there *ever* been a mapping tool where multiple people can work on a map together, simultaneously? It seems like it'd open a whole new plethora of possibilities and excitement to me - multiplayer mapping, community projects revolving around funny gimmicks or interesting challenges you can force teams to work together on, the ease it'd give for collaborative efforts on a project in general... for some of us who are newer and more inexperienced with mapping, it'd be cool to have a direct mapping tutor to learn from, too. I think it's an idea that'd be worth pursuing. :o Though I do know it probably wouldn't be easy to implement... ^^;
  10. +1 for MyHouse.pk3. It's genuinely legendary and deserves top billing in the cacowards this year. Superbly made, brilliant concept, so much enjoyable content...
  11. BouncyTEM


    This has been one of the most life-changing mods i've ever played. No joke. Incredible experience.
  12. Loving this version of Ice Grotto, Xaser.
  13. https://bouncytem.bandcamp.com/album/spookyween-22-a-quickie-album wasn't what I originally planned this year, real life really did just keep getting in the way, but I was able to salvage what I did make this year enough to make a suitable new album release. Enjoy!
  14. BouncyTEM

    Nitemare 3D Reverse Engineer

    as someone who was a huge fan of nitemare 3d as a kid, i'm very much looking forward to this. Keep it up!
  15. This was a fantastic experience. I very much see the influences you had for making it, and I'm grateful for having experienced it blind. Great work. Loved the music, especially later on.