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  1. Joe

    Star Trek (2009)

    What if HE's completely ugly???????
  2. Joe

    Star Trek (2009)

    That and the fact you don't actually need to pounce on every single woman you meet like some kind of rabid dog. I mean, what if she's completely ugly?
  3. Joe

    The Great Hair Mystery

    I imagine most of them would be in your clothes, bed or too small to easily see.
  4. I have a twitter account. I like to stalk artists and writers and reading the pages they link to. This sentence is amazing. Could perhaps have benefited from a superfluous physical length constraint to make it a more concise communication.
  5. They did with the palette swap :P The idea of doom being perfect (or at least perfectly doom) is a valid one simply because it IS doom. Doom is objectively the perfect Doom by virtue of being the thing itself. People may subjectively say it's not perfect because they see flaws in it or because it hasn't got such-and-such a feature, but they are merely saying it's not how they want it to be. A billion tiny flaws in a cube may conspire to make it a sphere. Doom is not without issues but without those issues it would not be Doom. This is just me being entirely pedantic though.
  6. Joe

    New Wolfenstein Trailer

    Darn those pesky nazis, what mischief are they up to this time?
  7. Joe


    It probably doesn't have any major advantages, but having a standard way (top to bottom makes most sense as that's the way we read) is better than not having a standard way, at least when you're teaching people to write. The only (unlikely) problem is if someone tries to make other people change even if they're making perfectly acceptable letters just because it's nonstandard.
  8. Joe

    Will another video game crash happen again?

    I didn't say that, mainly because i'm not an idiot, but thanks for assuming it anyway. My point was that the fact 2 people are working on it, as opposed to a couple hundred, will mean they are more emotionally invested in it as a whole. I'm aware it's possible to put a lot of love into things. I've written, programmed, drawn and composed. I'm just don't think that someone who is only writing the renderer or the sound code or the ai will love the game as much as someone who wrote the entire thing. Who's to say that everyone working on the game wants to love it tenderly? They may love making games and gaming itself but what if they don't like what they're working on currently? What if the game itself is being churned out for the publisher or the design is shit and so on. All speculation, but it'll happen. I'm fully aware people can love the stuff they're working on, but at the end of the day you're working on the designers' baby with 200 other people. You are not going to love it as your own.
  9. Joe

    Will another video game crash happen again?

    I think the thing about today's games is they are made by 300 people for companies who want to make money and take years to make. With doom you had less than 10 people working on it, probably similar amounts of people even on big titles like Sonic. I think with more and more people involved the initial vision gets warped in over the years the game is being made in with hundreds of people projecting their own slightly different vision of what they're doing. Adding on deadlines and pressure as they try to get a massive game done quick, or the fact they're just churning a game out (licensed titles and the like) doesn't help much. I'd say overall the ratio of crap to good has changed over the years, there was a lot of crap in the past, but with the increase of popularity in gaming there's a lot more people looking to make money with shit. Games like doom were made by people who really loved games and wanted to make them. Making money was a part of it but they started as hobbyists and gamers. You get games on the spectrum/c64/amiga, for example, made by a total of 2 people, a programmer and an artist. They're a bit shitty by today's standards but there was probably a lot more love put into them. Nostalgia is a factor, but most people can tell quality when they see it, even as a kid.
  10. There was a song in the David Byrne/Brian Eno album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts that got cut cause it had sampled people chanting the qu'ran, "Way back when the record first came out, in 1981, it might have been '82, we got a request from an Islamic organization in London, and they said, 'We consider this blasphemy that you put grooves to the chanting of the Holy Book.' And we thought, 'Okay, in deference to somebody's religion, we'll take it off.'" Looking around, there seems to be a thing for muslims to dislike music as it's idle talk which misleads from the path of allah. Both singing and instruments. If that lot's true (it seems to be from a proper site run by actual muslims) then sticking the quran over some drums/guitar/synth as eno and byrne are liable to is pretty much blasphemy. I may be wrong though, and would like to think so as i dunno how you'd willingly go without music. I imagine using it in a game and with music is like doubly leading astray, and if that's what you believe you're not gonna be happy.
  11. Joe

    Amusing or weird dreams

    I dreamed I was following John Coltrane and his band around a shopping centre, repeatedly asking if I could jam with his band. He said "Are you SURE you want to?", so I replied "YES" and he just looked at me and walked off again with his mates. He then played Naima and opened a gateway to the eldritch netherworlds.
  12. Joe

    The End - What Will It Be?

    The End will be a 12 minute psychedelic rock opus.
  13. Joe

    The dial-up/broadband paradox

    I would never do that.
  14. Joe

    The dial-up/broadband paradox

    Haha, nice. Personally i find it insulting you classed me as a troll, you're implying that your opinion on matters is right and just because i disagree i'm trolling you. Pretty much confirms the pseudo-intellectual tag. Same thing with calling it bullshit. It seems pretty correct to me. My posts were potentially flamey but not strictly intended as such, i merely disagreed with things you had said or implied, i only swore like 4 times (i toned it down), i don't see anything wrong with my arguments and i rewrote each of the posts a good couple of times as i reread and saw different angles and built in ripostes or decided to leave things alone because they had worth. Each joe post is lovingly crafted by master chocolatiers. The thread is not to my liking because it is boring and essentially masturbation. As a member of the forum i feel i have a right to express my opinion about threads, whether you like the opinion or not. BTW i wouldn't have made a second post if you hadn't called me a dolt for saying there was no paradox when there actually was not a paradox. Calling me an idiot because i was right is pretty idiotic. I thought i was on the offensive personally. If you really want to see a rage filled post have a look at the one where i called you a lying moron for taking back your phone like a moron and then lying about it.