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  1. I won't have time to make a map by the deadline, I'm giving away the slot
  2. I like the variety of visual motifs, almost every location stands out at least a little, and working with mid textures is cool, I will really look forward to the full version.
  3. Track Federal

    Chthonian Carnage

    Looks great
  4. Egyptian setting is always fun, i will take map 11
  5. My map is about 60 % complete, i think i will release it next week
  6. I haven't written anything in a long time, I've just been busy working on other projects. Assembly Line is about 50% complete
  7. Track Federal

    Cool wads for kids and teenagers?

    When I think about wads for teenagers, various humorous and arcade community works come to mind, so I can recommend: - Overboard by Mouldy - DBP13: Alien Bastards! - DBP30: The Magnificent Five - Ray Mohawk 2 by Doomkid - Revolution! and latest re-release of Harmony by Thomas van der Velden - Doomguy Gets a Puppy by Big Ol' Billy - The Old Bean Factory, Escape from Slime City and HOTFIX93 by kwc - Doom City by Shamus Young
  8. Yes, but I think it's too early to talk about that
  9. I don't understand what you find strange, the idea was that this statusbar is from the original gray wall texture with a dark stripe, so it looks like the original statusbar but at the same time different. Also i made a few changes
  10. I made a custom statusbar for this project, what do you think people?
  11. It will be my personal opinion, but I'm interested in what others think about it To be honest I really don't like brown sky, maybe make it closer to the gray version from ultimate doom?
  12. Mixing sky textures sounds interesting