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  1. shroomzy5000

    UAC Blacksite - My First Release - GZDoom

    Post has been updated to point to the proper google drive file :)
  2. shroomzy5000

    UAC Blacksite - My First Release - GZDoom

    haha sorry made a more recent post when i dropped it! here you go! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LRlxI2a0eDPuLcfKZOKdip0GvH6pcWqy?usp=drive_link
  3. shroomzy5000

    What are you listening to?

    This album was in my ear basically the entire time when making the map i just dropped lol
  4. shroomzy5000

    UAC Blacksite - My First Release - AVAILIBLE NOW

    if you can tell me what the BFGs string listing is, inside of smoothdoom, i will add it to the script. I know tons of people really like that mod, and i even wanted to have my WAD use smoothdoom animations, but that was really not my goal with this map. it was to truly understand what i can do with UDB and create the best looking and fun WAD i could with vanilla assets. The next map I release will be using custom textures so ill probably do further research into making the wad use the smoothdoom stuff. Either way im glad you enjoyed it and im working on an update to be released soon to fix some other issues people found and perhaps reduce some of the length! So far im happy to say no one has fully discovered the secret ending that i know of yet haha
  5. shroomzy5000

    UAC Blacksite - My First Release - AVAILIBLE NOW

    @RataUnderground here is the exact script that opens the door, and it works for me if anyone could shed some light on why its not working I would love to get to the bottom of this :) Thank you!
  6. shroomzy5000

    UAC Blacksite - My First Release - AVAILIBLE NOW

    @RataUnderground watching your playthrough has been amazing! I didnt even think anyone would be able to do it without freelook! Im so happy you found the crusher in the yellow skull room! That was an afterthought feature to make the fight less.... annoying? And the LOL door... man i wish I couldve heard the reaction to that haha and your use of infighting throughout the map is masterful. I never thought of most of these encounters being done like that, it clearly shows the gap in skill and experience lol as far as your encounter with the BFG door, i legitimately don't understand why it doesn't work for you. I saw in the video you have the BFG out... I used a checkweapon to run the script that opens the door which doesn't work if the bfg isnt equipped... but you clearly had it equipped. Do you know, were you using any mods that could possibly effect the check weapon? I tried the map after watching and didn't have the same issue! Let me know and Ill be happy to fix!!
  7. shroomzy5000

    UAC Blacksite - My First Release - AVAILIBLE NOW

    Thank you so much for the kind words and honest feedback! I can't wait to watch the video! its still buffering for me but i honestly cant wait, thank you so much for giving it a shot and even uploading! As far as the bfgdoor, i think i see what I did wrong, I used checkweapon in the scripting rather than checkinventory, so if BFG is not your held weapon door wont open! i just fixed that and will release in update soon :)
  8. shroomzy5000

    What do you guys use for custom MIDIs?

    I personally write for a death metal project. All of the songs realease in my WADs and future WADs were composed in guitar pro, mixed in logic, then exported from logic as a MIDI file - after that, its simply a matter of drag and drop the music file into slade. some people that are really good at mapping (aka not me) use really intense structures in slade. the method i used for my first map was far less elgant. basically load in the midi file, move it above the map markers and write a map info definition that plays the s ong
  9. shroomzy5000

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    is this a WAD made specifically to teach people how to light???
  10. shroomzy5000

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    this looks so pretty and cool. do you litterally just get to shoot fireballs and melee??? omg i cant wait
  11. shroomzy5000

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just finished my first WAD :) Custom music too, original soundtrack by me You can get it on my google drive - i also uploaded a .wav version of the song i made for the map for your listening :) My hype feature is that the map has a MIDI and .wav (converted to OGG for file size reasons) that you can switch between in-game without going to a menu Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LRlxI2a0eDPuLcfKZOKdip0GvH6pcWqy?usp=sharing
  12. I actually had this map finished before I was even aware of the community project. Definitely intended as a solo project, and i might be misunderstanding this project? I thought people were just kind of throwing their maps in, based on that first post by obsidian, more or less just submitted mine since i released it today and it seemed to fit the bill, but i completely agree with what you are saying. I didn't think the maps being made were necessarily made for the project, and i totally get it if my wad is rejected due to the size, i dont think i even offically signed up like any of the people at the beginning of the year lol i honestly have no idea what im doing haha XD
  13. shroomzy5000

    [Release] Outpost 13

    This map creates and atmosphere that I just LOVE. And you absolutely nailed the soundtrack. I would almost wager that you started work on the soundtrack before starting the map? Either way, the experience here is fantastic. I also got to learn im absolutely doo doo at sector lighting. yours is so good
  14. shroomzy5000

    UAC Blacksite - My First Release - AVAILIBLE NOW

    thank you for the kind words sir! I only tested in GZDoom and know the pond area in that beginning courtyard is 3Dfloor so you can swim, if there is an easy way to fix that so it works on other ports ill work on it! ill be honest though, ive never even tried another port being so new on the block haha i have much to learn still :)
  15. I can tell you right now the size is 100% my fault because i never wrote a "video game" song before, all the songs in my wads come from mine and a friends metal project, so i naievely thought that to achieve all the looping, an 11 min song would be appropriate. yeah so im not gonna do that again lol