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  1. Zoti

    (Doom 2) Dominatrix - E4M1 remake

    I often let myself be surprised by the remakes of old Doom maps! The behavior acquired while playing the original must adapt to the new strategies of the remake. So I died a lot more often here than in the original but that didn't frustrate me due to the quality of this one!
  2. For a first map is very generous! Mix of Doom/Hexen mobs..., numerous secrets, neat level design with an impressive last area and some welcome touches of humor! For my taste there is a bit of a lack of enemies in the large areas (it would also perhaps have been necessary to close the entrance to the cemetery during the combat to prevent the player from being able to escape/fight outside!). But that doesn't affect the pleasure of playing it.
  3. Zoti

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Having really liked the maps of @plusw (absent from DW since January 2022) there are two which are no longer accessible: Soiled stones Stream If anyone has them in advance, thank you!
  4. Very disappointed, really very disappointed...that we had to wait 18 years for this excellent map! ;) The fights are intense, the atmosphere and level design impeccable and your mapping method is not a problem for me which alternates old/new Doom maps. Hoping that you don't have to wait another 18 years for your next project!
  5. Zoti

    Invaded Facility - Doom II

    A very pleasant map where the starting zone I tested the behavior of the Mancubus and Arach if we place them on the elevators to attack the Revenants! It was very enjoyable. Otherwise, as is often the case, I'm not very economical with ammunition, which played tricks on me when faced with an unhappy Cyber!
  6. An excellent map with a level design that doesn't leave the player too much space and the player must be vigilant at all times. The use and placement of Barrons is also well thought out and adds tension!
  7. A real pleasure! This new vision of Hangar is dynamic and contains secrets that are not all easy to find! And a big thank you to the Mancubus (ideally placed) for their help in the fights! ;)
  8. There are a lot of hangar recreations, this one is neither the most exciting nor maybe the worst!
  9. I played this good map twice. Once with the available weapons and the other only with berzerk/infigting. It was intense, especially against cyber, but great fun!
  10. Zoti

    Treatment Terror (single map)

    Very good map which is short but with non-stop action, solid level design and which reserves some good surprises.
  11. It's actually a fairly easy map but that doesn't stop it from being enjoyable to play. In addition, as I was not very economical with ammunition, I finished the game with berzerk and it was fun!
  12. Zoti

    Complex (single level)

    The fairly uniform choice of textures which could be a disadvantage I really like and gives an atmosphere that I appreciate in this map! And then it's easier to find the secrets!;)
  13. Zoti

    Only Pistol For You!!! WAD Game

    I like the principle but I find that the anxiety that one might have of having to face monsters with a gun is greatly diminished by the excessive power of it! Perhaps we should have given a normal pistol first and then a “super pistol” to fight the more powerful monsters! The simplicity of the level design didn't bother me and the secret level is really scary!;)
  14. Zoti

    Chthonian Carnage

    A very solid map! Good progression with a well thought out level design for the tricky passages which are intense but not frustrating! My explorer side would have liked secrets that were a little more difficult to find but that doesn't affect the quality of the map!
  15. Zoti


    Thanks for the link, I'll add them to my very long list of maps to play one day!