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  1. Soulless

    Junkfood 2 [Slaughter, Boom]

    Ye, playing on Gzdoom 4.10. Already on map 17 and havent encountered any other issues. I will try dsda-doom if I came across any other bug. Fun stuff gotta say!
  2. Soulless

    Junkfood 2 [Slaughter, Boom]

    Came across some weird stuff on MAP12: Sunny day in Hell Couldnt kill these cyberdemons:
  3. Soulless

    There was a guy in our house

    Damn, glad its just a weird story to tell. I have a baseball bat just in case, you wont believe how bad is the situation with squatters in my country. Its horribly common to hear about people that went on vacation and couldnt get inside their home when they tried to open the lock. That said, Im pretty sure your "coffe guy" wasnt inside your home to make it his own house, its scarier when you dont know the reason, so yes, lock those doors and get yourself some protection, maybe an SSG and a chainsaw? or just keep that wooden sewing chair. Jokes aside, take care bud.
  4. Soulless

    DBP58: Immortal Warfare

    Really cool stuff, just finished "The Jackal" and noticed you can get a little softlock on the way for the secret computer map, just when you try to climb a little block there enough space to get trapped.
  5. Soulless

    Caligula [VANILLA]

    Very hard and stupid fun. Seriously, your maps always gives me a sense of cursed wad, it doesnt matter if you add some detail or not. Always eager to punish myself with your maps. This goes after some practice, even then I died a couple of times.
  6. I enjoyed the concept, each time I entered a portal was like time travel to good old times. Layouts and connections are sweet and its really easy to navigate. The map really has a special vibe, loved it.
  7. Soulless

    DBK03: Shrine of the Silver CyberPrimate

    Great return of the DBK, awesome stuff as expected. The bonus maps are short but challenging, great addition, and the credits map is crazy haha, loved it, my personal record was 695 with a couple of saves.
  8. Almost missed this double feature, I liked a lot that factory bean map and had this one on my list. As expected 1st one has that previously seen urban style which I love, is short, sweet and nicely detailed. Hotfix on the other hand is a harder map ambiented inside the computer domains, full or circuits and other components. Enjoyed both maps, great work! A little video of Hotfix93:
  9. Amazing, excellent work! I did play Stanley Parable a few times in the past, and its perfectly recreated, not that you need to play the original game before playing this wad, it holds on its own for sure. Loved all the details and secrets, I found 5 in total. Also missed like 7 monsters but I guess they were linked to secrets I missed. The only thing I found weird was the elevator before the big fight with imps and Hellknights, it kept going up like it was bugged, had to spam the switch after a while to get it down again, that and the text being a lil bit too fast. The bonus map/bad ending was cool too. Thanks for creating this homage, It was glorious!
  10. I like these classic maps with the Clippy infused treatment. I did find the 1st one more enjoyable, but thats just me I guess. Missed 2 secrets on 1st map, Soulsphere & rocket ammo pack. Same for the 2nd one, couldnt reach blue armor, and that dangerously placed BFG. Good times buddy!
  11. Cool slimey map, I dig the visuals a lot. The only thing that bugged me was the textures used (TEKWALL4) for elevator, after some exploration and secret hunting I got really lost and couldnt find the exit again, but just because I forgot the floor raised and could use it as an elevator, a minor thing I guess. I did find a HOM on the big fight area in some stairs at the start I believe. Also 1 monster was missing after finding every secret, so not sure about it, I should have use IDDT to locate it, but totally forgot. Its a very enjoyable map as usual, good times!
  12. Soulless

    Lakeside - An Egyptian Themed Map

    Shiny and relaxing map, I played a couple of times to find the secrets, really enjoyed the soothing atmosphere and the midi suits the map perfectly. Heres a speedy run:
  13. Those screenies look amazing, cant wait to play it!
  14. Soulless

    The Cognition Engine - Single Map

    Really cool map, enjoyed the aesthetics and combat and the secrets were cool (9/11). Good stuff!
  15. Soulless


    Damn, theres too much stuff to mention, I just wanted to play a little doomcute map! It was an incredible doom experience, but after reading most of the info on the thread I know that theres a lot more to see..., I got the "for sale" ending. I would love to watch a 100% playthrough. Good times!