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  1. Soulless

    The End

    Sharing here the playtest video from an early version. Was great to play a bigger map this time around, and those little precious cacodemons were a great add, trying to get our buddy along is both hard and fun. - The trailer is hilarious buddy haha
  2. Soulless

    Tricked and Trapped - Mapset

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts @LVENdead. You nailed it, that was the main goal, and also attempting some non-linear approach for some of the maps. Glad you enjoyed the mapset buddy.
  3. Soulless

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    Found some wrond textures maps 05 & 06: https://imgur.com/a/EDLNsUc
  4. Soulless

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    So much fun playing this, cool concept. I was wondering if the guys on the texture windows were actually real musicians and then I found one with Mortiis, everything makes sense now haha. Cant wait to finish the whole set.
  5. Such an amazing adventure. There were several moments were I had to detour just to enjoy the exploration (6/10 secrets found), but most of the times it was easy to backtrack or take alternative lifts/paths. It was a very interesting hour (approx), one of my favourite maps of the year for sure, tasteful work.
  6. Soulless

    Tricked and Trapped - Mapset

    Thanks for the feedback @Salmon, glad you enjoyed it. You are totally right, and yes, its mainly a visual theme. I took off some switches, just a few so it wouldnt be too annoying. Really surprised map04 is your favourite, is probably the one that stressed me the most, to the point of building 2 different maps and starting from scratch for the final version. Its a relief, trust me!
  7. Soulless

    Tricked and Trapped - Mapset

    Hi doomworld! Tricked and Trapped is composed by 5 maps, made from May to the end of August. Started with Doom II stock textures, but switched to Otex quite fast. Background: After the events of "Festering Cesspool" you find yourself lost in what seems a desolated industrial zone. Most of the paths are blocked by debris, your only way is a dirty hole in the ground, near to an underground factory. Beyond the oddly formed skyline made of wrecked and rusty chimneys, shines the deep blue sea, is not that far and you wonder if theres somehow a shortcut through the sewers. Time to find out. Huge thanks to: @Biodegradable and @Clippy for the Playtesting, thank you for your time guys, much appreciated! Honorable mention to @stewboy for creating and sharing these tunes with the community, and of course @ukiro and @Mechadon for their work. Hope you enjoy the ride. Mapset Info: Name: Tricked and Trapped IWAD: Doom II Texture pack : Otex 1.1 by Ukiro Music: Stewboy Custom Sky: DUSKSKY4 by Mechadon Tested / Compatible: GZDoom Difficulties HMP & UV Freelook: Optional Jump & Crouch: Disabled Forced Pistol Start Maps: Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/8ksFn3z DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/file/4lxmWToR#GaMV2E3K6yXLfC-xKyagfECLOtgcyZrzPYkKj0Y7t30
  8. Cool micromap buddy, was a fun way to start the day. Two secrets found. Looking forward to the "real map".
  9. Soulless

    What is a game you play a lot except Doom?

    Unending Dusk
  10. Soulless

    Belial's Keep - Blood Skulls updated

    Really wanted to play this before but I couldnt. Great hell themed map, the atmosphere is really cool with the combination of that comfy midi and the sound from the enviromental fire pouring out of those holes. It was an enjoyable exploratory journey (25 min or so), even though I could only find 4 out of 8 secrets. Fun fact, I found the chainsaw secret by pure accident while trying to recover from a deadly blow. The final encounter was quite exciting, loved the variety of "cows", and that Lost Soul variation (1st time I see one of those) is spooky and lethal, cool add to the whole plot. The 3d geometry was really cool visually, and fun to navigate. Another great Smeghammer map here!
  11. Finally! Really impressed on how tiny and simple the map is for all the fun it was. That was exactly what happened (not intended, just accidentally) during my second attempt. Great choice on monsters and use of space. I wish I had the magic to do these speedmaps! @HAK3180 Cool strat buddy, even if its kinda cheese, its there to use if you find it, Its great to watch any new playthrough from you, really miss your thread.
  12. Soulless

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    Switched from beta version to rc1 on map E3M5, and after finding all the secrets I noticed the monster counter was still 328/372. Its kinda rare since I found all secrets, anyway, amazing map
  13. Just finished the whole thing! like @Salmon, I thought the megawad has that unique personality we already know from previous "Clip-maps". Some maps will leave a good memory for sure: MAP08 "What is this?" As I mentioned in a previous post, is a great homage, tricks and traps with a cool twist. MAP16 "Nowhere" This one is probably my favourite, visually is great yet so simple, 10/10. So everything was going really good (with the exception of MAP04 and MAP17, which I found a bit boring, but around Map21 I found myself kinda loaded, and things started to look too easy, so I started to Pistol start the rest of the wad, Glad I did! Maps 22, 23 and 24 (really cool one) are a fun challenge that would have been too easy on continuous play. The one that hurt me the most was MAP27 "Summit of Insanity", perfect name for this nightmare, and MAP28 "Snugglebasket" wins the prize for the most evil of the bunch. 29 was in the same vein of the previous but I found it way more fair and enjoyable. Final map is a great ending, teleporting paranoia to the max. Sadly coulnt find the secrets on 25, 26 and 28, Overall highly entertaining wad, fun surprises and great personality. 32 fried doom maps ready to dip on your favourite sauce! Great work buddy.
  14. Had some extra time today to give it a try, played until map 11. What a surprise on map 01, totally unexpected crusher almost killed me! I liked the next ones, but map04, not so sure buddy! Maybe the texturing, maybe I was too tired for it haha. Despite that little nugget, everything else until map11 has been quite good. Gotta say your version of "Tricks & Traps" is really good! like a minimalistic homage, and even visually works great, my fav so far. Ill continue reporting my Cliptucky experience later on buddy.
  15. Soulless

    Technicolor Antichrist Box | Anniversary Edition! | FINAL

    I had a blast playing this one (UV). Not sure how much changes from the original because I havent played it, but its quite a challenge. The last section was punishing but fair. Im not used to Supercharge, but recently played Austinados Catharsis and I loved it, same on this one, fits together really well. I guess now I have to play the original to see whats different.