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  1. Indeed, Its been a long time since I switched from continuous to pistol start UV, I enjoy megawads much more now. This way you play as intended and you can appreciate the mappers design choices. I regret playing continuous Eviternity or Ancient Aliens, but with time managed to make it through Sunder and others pistol start.
  2. Soulless

    The Summer of Slaughter - RC2 | 38 Map Slaughter Compilation

    Really enjoying this set, finished 1st episode plus the secrets maps, Morumotto by danlex was really epic. Congrats to everyone involved, I feel this PUSS is going to be among my fav for sure.
  3. Soulless

    favorite video game soundtracks

    This got me into jazz when I was a teenage metal-head. Such a classy soundtrack.
  4. Soulless

    DESTRUCTOGASM - now on ID Games🍗

    Damn that was a hard map! The start was really spicy and I havent played any doom in a while so, lots of tries until I kinda got it figured out. No issues with balance or any other stuff to adress, is one of those violent clippy maps, maybe smaller but that isnt a problem. Cool secrets to make things more interesting (7/10). Thanks for the dose of doom mister.
  5. Not ordered, too hard to pick just 10. -Doom -Redneck Rampage -Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Arcade) -Quake 2 -Half-Life 2 -Portal -GTA:San Andreas -Grim Fandango -The Binding of Isaac (Repentance) -The Talos Principle
  6. Soulless

    Nensha - single boom map (now on idgames!)

    Finally got the time to play this map. Great work overall, combat was quite cool, loved the selection of monsters for every section and surprised by the lack of more pain elementals for the space given. I like these kind of maps where you progress and can see every place you´ve been. Music was a great choice. Good one!
  7. Soulless

    TrenchFoot total conversion

    CountryCide is great, loved the atmosphere and layout, even though combat could have been better but everything works pretty well. It was a good time really!
  8. Just made it through this madness (UV pistol-start) and it didnt dissapoint, at 1st played just a few maps each day but from map 17 onwards was just dying and laughing all the time, highly recommended for veteran doomers and newbies. It was cool to see another sequel for Bludgeonator haha, nice touch. Map30 map was a great ending for this memorable megawad. Bravo Clippy!
  9. Soulless

    The Old Bean Factory

    I had tons of fun with this map, and the details here and there were really good and tasteful, like the melted candle. I found 6 secrets and missed 20 monsters when I was at the very end, used IDDT to find 2 more secrets, and glad I did because the "Armory" secret is epic. Thanks for this map, loved every inch of it.
  10. The more I play your maps the more I see your love for damaging floors, its a very Clippy thing. The map itself is pretty fun, well it was until that cyber came from outta nowhere! glad I had the BFG. Jokes aside it has the right dose of everything you normally do, but the layout has a more classic feel to it, simple ideas with an extra polish work perfectly. Balance was great (only had bullets at the end), not so sure if you go secretless, I did find 4/7. Good times.
  11. Fantastic map as expected. I did found the same problem as @big smoke (red door) and a little Hom in an underwater spot while trying to figure out a soulsphere secret. Heres a couple of screens:
  12. What a sweet "doom" accident. After playing this map I kept playing the current megawad im in, D2TWID map 14 "The Flooded Library". As usual I check the author if I enjoyed the map, to my surprise I received accidentally a double dose of Jimmy.
  13. Amazing, probably my favourite single-map from this year. Thanks a lot for your time making these, such memorable quality maps. Tip for those that are going to play this one, you need/must to find the Easter egg, pure art!
  14. Soulless

    [Released] Infection

    Same here, Im currently on map04 and despite the challenge I think Im going to play continuous for the rest of the set. I forgot to read the full description because of those fancy screenies.
  15. Soulless

    1 way ticket, a ONE SECTOR map - vanilla !!

    Straight fun, love this experimental type of maps, it was perfect to chill out after work. Not sure but I think it might be a faster way to beat the map, I guess luck is a big factor when it comes to the randomness of the monsters movement, mancubus where the hardest block for sure. Heres my 4th attempt I believe: