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  1. Soulless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    @galileo31dos01 I wont forget your map, or the name "El kukui" buddy, Its been years since I had to lower diffuculty, you made me flinch! MAP 26 - Sea of Blood It kinda reminded me "Bloodsea Keep" from Master levels which I remember fondly. I think its a beautiful layout, fantastic in a classic doom way. Its a breather after a few violent maps, even though the final trap can get you easily if blocked. Nice one.
  2. Soulless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    MAP 24 - Otsegolectric This one gave me Doom2 vibes. Quite a hectic map, I had to run doing laps trying to make demons infight, but I barely did and had a bad time with the central Cyber demon. Ammo balance is quite good, but health not so much, I would change 1 blue armor that I didnt use for a soulsphere, that would be great. Ended with 19 hp and no medkits to my knowledge, tight one. MAP 25 - Monolith So I started with 19 hp, to find out I was in the middle of a slaughter/wave map, Hell yeah! After a couple of archie deaths I came across a room full of medkits and a Blue armor, that was salvation for a second. The plot here is simple go through the portals one by one to get the much needed keys. One key = one lethal wave, that mixed with whatever you havent cleaned before was a perfect arena to run and gun.
  3. Soulless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    Some bonus maps annotations: 36 Field Trip: Such an amusing level, much love for sliding there "Down"-Stone the Crow midi song, Love to death that band. 37 Cokey Nuts: Yet another pleasant doom "trip", those palm trees are cute haha, theres something special about these little kind of maps, maybe is just the relaxing "vacation vibe" it gives me. 43 Sleeping giants: I didnt mind cleaning another Slaughter map, but I was afraid to get the same "Kukui" results, that means, lowering difficulty to HMP. Funny how the most difficult thing was finding the yellow key, which was buried into a ton of corpses, I almost gave up thinking it was a bug! 45 Circus Charlie: This was painful, so many tries and ridiculous saves. The map was funnier towards the end, and surprisingly I completed another Tyson run. 46 Complexe Militaro-Industriel: My 1st attempt was horrid, a bad strategy ended with the monster count growing at the speed of light due to a myriad of Pain elementals giving birth at the same time. 2nd attempt I just killed the "upstairs" Cyberdemon and made myself a shelter, in need of supplies, lure them around from above, then jump get the goodies and get back to an elevator probably infested by mancubus and arachnotrons. Rinse and repeat until theres room to reach the keys guarded by archviles. I have to say it was a pleasure to beat, not too many times I enjoy a Slaughter map. 47 Coffe Break Torture Porn: The name itself although funny, reeks madness, just like the map. Last section of the map was annoyingly funny, like a mini-game where you have to avoid armors and medkits, better than Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3. 48 Subterfuge: Scary as hell, kind of experimental, with monster encounters working as flashbacks from a deranged mind. Dark and confuse, but it fits as the last map of the bunch. I did enjoy most of the bonus maps. map 43 Can you see the tip of the key? is right there! map46 My 1st attempt in a nutshell map48 the end!
  4. Soulless

    vorpal's 2020 wad picks from the community

    Nice to see any of my maps in this list, and thanks for the compilation itself, I will surely come back to try some of these community creations.
  5. Soulless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    MAP 22 - A touch of Evil Probably the most scary map of the set, add the eerie music and the result is terrific. Solid atmosphere, and great enemy placement. The hellish/bizarre enviroment is simple but I wouldnt change anything. I enjoyed every bit of the map but sadly there were 2 pinkies that didnt want to spawn, its a minor thing for a great map. MAP 23 - Solitude Denied Since Im playing Continuos play with saves, I had to start this one low on health, so I trained this one before-hand to find secrets etc. Thankfully, my buddy @Horus placed a Berserker around. The balance for ammo & health is really good and the combat had me switching weapons a lot, which is great. Layout is simple but effective, no time to get bored or lost, even though I would have changed a bit the toxic slime path with some caves, but since this is up to 20 sectors, its fine. Heres the video:
  6. Soulless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    MAP 21 - Enter the fist Damn, I never thought I would try a Tyson run on UV, but it was really fun. Great design for this melee purpose, aswell as the enemies chosen. Great start for this episode.

    I did know you had a map in this WAD, so here it is hehe.

    I will post it on the Megawad Club when we reach it.

    Highly enjoyable map buddy, and just 20 damn sectors, Bravo!

    1. Horus


      Awesome, thanks for the playthrough Soulless, that was a great run! I've never played my map on continuous, so it's good to see that it's pretty much the same experience as pistol start. It's amusing to see that not a single player skips those health & armor bonuses I put on the rock section, those things are addictive to collect lol. Not every player thinks to try out the other rocks for that backpack though!


      I'll do a post-mortem write-up on my map in the DWMC thread when the time comes

  8. Soulless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    Map 19 - The Three Towers Gigantic map, perfect for exploration, although it wasnt really to much to see visually and only 1 secret (quite good). The progression was good, but since everything is so big, I got a bit lost a couple of times. Final area was great, movement and infight is the key to survive and theres plenty of cell ammo too if you wanna kill em yourself. Map 20 - Stealth Mode Excellent map! I cant believe how much fun I had trying to beat this, I even made a video (continuous play, but no deaths/saves) after some tries. So damn menacing to walk around, I tried to not shoot too early, but those well connected doors can make a Cyber have a glimpse of you without noticing. Last Cyberdemon was a pain in the ass, great spot for an uncomfortable shooting. Loved the concept and the action, one of my favourites so far!
  9. Soulless

    The First Song Of Each Metal Genre

    Death Metal : Not counting demos, just official releases, so "Master" / "Death Strike" are sadly out. - Possessed - Seven Churches 85 ( Funny how the guitarist ended playing for the band Primus ) - Death - Scream Bloody Gore 87 (Godfather of the genre) - Necrophagia - Season of the Dead 87 ( Rather thrashy, but influential for the genre nontheless )
  10. Ive decided to not rework my "old" maps, which I wanted to use in a map set, but instead working on newer ones. I feel that those earlier maps are what they are, and the result of the skills I had at the time. I prefer to invest my time in something newer and probably, better.
  11. Soulless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    Map 18 - Spire in the cascade of Glimmers Loved the Abstract touch, the sky may look a bit ugly, but it gives this mechanical atmosphere all around. Progression can be confusing at first sight, but nothing obscure. The ending is frantic, It got me running like a chicken, trying to find a safe spot. I couldnt kill the Cyber due to lack of health (27hp) and no suits left, had to exit the map with 99% kills, and barely alive for the next one. Harsh, but I do like it. Since I skipped the secret maps by accident I pistol started them. Map 31 - El Kukui Tired of dying on UV finally completed it on HMP, not into slaughter maps but always satisfaying to clean em all. Map 32 - Cemetery Lapdanse Cool "disco" ambiented map, loved that lapdance mancubus, the lights, etc, very amusing to play. Was refreshing after El Kukui!
  12. Yo, Burguer King Cheese Sauce is my personal megasphere, a lil dip, and im 200 hp automatically. Made by the gods for the mortals.
  13. Soulless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    @kalaeth, Yeah man, That caco cloud was way too big, It got me running like a headless chicken portal through portal while shooting, but its epic when you start to see caco corpses rising because the ones alive are pushing from below. I loved and hated that part haha

    Excellent map buddy, I had to make a video for this one!

    I will post it on the megawad club when people get around your map.

    1. Steve88


      Thank you so much for the playthrough.  It was fun seeing you stealth play it for a good chunk!

  15. Still thinking about making a map set, but I think I need to make a few more, and then figure out how to actually do it haha. About the map, glad you liked it. Hope more people play the map, im sure a few got reluctant just by the term "Slaughter" on the map name, but its the perfect definition. I still havent managed to make a non-linear map, but I try to make the player see other areas beforehand as much as I can. As you said progression is guided, and theres no way you can get the blue key before the red key. About the secrets and plasma gun well, I thought theres enough ammo, mainly rockets, around (moreover if you find the backpack), thats why I did it secret, but you are right, some secrets grants nothing, unless you find the gun 1st, I should have tweaked that a bit. The BFG secret is there for you from the start, at a prize. At 1st it was going to be the "Blue key" area, but as always, map got a bit out of hand, and I didnt want to double the size. Thank you for playing and for the excellent commentary buddy!