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  1. Is something wrong with the download link? I can't access (connection time out)
  2. Its not easy to make a whole episode. Congrat.!
  3. FEDEX

    A Doom WAD I've been working on

    Forgot to add the wad file?
  4. Can you add another file host? Doomshack doesn't work for me since lat month, and i don't know why
  5. Right click, save target as..
  6. @Amiga Angel hi, how can i access to doomshack? I receive a connection error everytime i try to download something from this file host. Thx
  7. FEDEX

    Techbase Terror - My first WAD

    I think doomshack have some problems since a couple of days.. i think you should upload somewhere else
  8. FEDEX

    Snow Wave (idgames release)

    IDgames did not update the file yet..
  9. Hi there, i recommend you to put your request in this thread: I think maybe you'll have more chance asking there..
  10. I think you forget to add the wad file..
  11. Thanks for the info 👍
  12. I've compared with the RC1 and both are the same file (date and time of the .wad file: 21 feb - 18:31pm)