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  1. FEDEX

    [DEMO] [MOD] Police's Pistol.wad

    Hi ! I think you should add in the OP (if you want to have some feedback) - Iwad needed - Sourceport compatibility - Some (3 at least) screenshots Etc...
  2. Thank you @Endless for reviewing this important part of history. It is so very well designed (for a 1994 wad) that could fit nowadays with community projects like Pandora
  3. FEDEX

    Smooth Bolognese Blood and Gore v2.31

    Congrat for this! I love gore mods, that change only cosmetic and don't affect the gameplay. Is it compatible with the last version of LZdoom? (Ver. 3.88b)
  4. FEDEX

    Broken e1m1 ( FIXED)

    Very poor info about the wad in the OP, but don't judge a book by its cover ..
  5. They're so many good ones.. but at this moment came in mind: Mark Klem - Junkie Smack Tristan Clark - Stardust Stuart Rynn - Stars Christopher Jon Wilkins - chris3mid (agree 100% with @Piper Maru Honorable mention: D'Sparil Keeps (Heretic)
  6. Don't take it badly, but i think you should warn before, people were counting on you
  7. FEDEX

    Have i "Technically" Beaten Doom?

    For example if you play doom.wad version 1.2 (1993) you have ep.1 , ep.2 and ep.3, so technically yes :)
  8. FEDEX

    Does anyone have old versions of Heretical Doom?

    Hi there, try to ask in this thread:
  9. FEDEX

    Doom Advanced - A Doom II Total Conversion

    Any screenshot maybe?
  10. FEDEX

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    Thank you @Dynamo ,great contribution!
  11. FEDEX

    Make your own difficulty!

    @Dub BagThose f*cking revenants, of course @bofu i like your "Kill or be killed" difficult , sounds very interesting
  12. Hi @Doomlover77 yes, i've downloaded them, thank you :) i've answered your mail. Today i'll have a try
  13. Hi @Doomlover77 excuse my delay in responding, yes they were great! Feel free to send me more stuff :D
  14. Well .. i think you'll have more chance to become feedback if you add all the info (iwad made for, port tested, etc..) and a couple of screenshots
  15. FEDEX

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Just do it :)