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  1. The W'rkncacnter ain't nothing to me. They couldn't even consume one very sleepy Battleroid.
  2. oneselfSelf

    Alpha Doom is strange but...

    Do you think people would have enjoyed it as much as people enjoyed the Doom we got? Was Tom Hall really cooking with what he had in mind or would it have been a massive flop? Personally after doing a lot of studying of every alpha build available, I do not think that it would been a huge deal as the series is right now. Too ambitious in some aspects, too boring in others, and some more realized in Rise Of The Triad. My biggest issue, which I'm happy was improved way better over time, was just having really big ass flat "realistic" maps all the time with routes that kind of go nowhere. I cannot imagine enjoying going through them on top of the other mechanics that were planned for the game, like how there was supposed to be five different shields for particular resistance to things or six whole episodes for the game. It just seemed way too much and I couldn't imagine Doom going past the cult following status had the game been like what Hall planned.
  3. oneselfSelf

    maps you find too hard/unfair to revisit

    Weirdly I don't often play custom Megawads, mostly just singular custom levels. I've been meaning to get around to playing a few. Last one I remember finishing was "Doom 2 In City Only" which I had a genuine blast with. That being said I don't have a map that I wouldn't want to revisit from any of the official Doom maps. Hell I don't even mind the city levels in Doom 2 anymore, they barely even feel like the chore most make them out to be.
  4. Alright before it gets out of hand and someone really tries to find this, I need to admit that this is not real and is merely a tribute I created for those crappy shovelware packs like D!Zone. I find them really fascinating and I don't ever think Marathon ever had shovelware made for it, so made a mockup of what it possibly could have looked like if it did. Had this been real though I think it would have been called M!Zone but I wanted to make it obvious that it was a fake so I used a different name. I don't think WizardWorks ever went off the "!Zone" branding.
  5. That's just how a double barrel shotgun is loaded. Albeit this example is showing how to do it fast, but it's usually how you reload it.
  6. oneselfSelf

    An earnest call for more colored lighting

    I'm really picky. An issue I have with the BOOM colormap feature is that it just sticks out like a sore thumb. The colored lighting in PSX/64 manage to blend a lot better compared to it and I wish I could use PSX type lighting in my maps because I genuinely adore it a lot. Another issue is that the only time I can actually use that kind of lighting is if I use UDMF and that greatly limits me because only a few source ports support UDMF and I prefer using more older formats like BOOM. My wish would be to have something like MBF21 but with proper PSX lighting implemented in it. It would genuinely be a dream come true for me.
  7. oneselfSelf

    Why are recent Doomworld threads stupid?

    I strive to create only the most quality of threads.
  8. oneselfSelf

    Fastest Shovels 13 - Speed of PSX

    Done, with 2 hours and 34 minutes to spare. I've never done PSX mapping so I didn't know exactly what I was fully doing but it was pretty fun nonetheless. (I couldn't take good screenshots for this, sorry.) phobosreception.zip
  9. oneselfSelf

    Why android sucks.

    If you mean the post, just report the post and ask it to be locked.
  10. This is the only scan I could find of it. A bit crusty but I cannot find any other listing for this compliation and not even the most in-depth Marathon sites even mention it.
  11. oneselfSelf

    DooM II Thought Experiment

    I find the internal episode names kinda boring so I will personally call the episodes "Base Instinct", "Population: 666", & "Evil Unleashed". Seems good enough to reuse the Doom Bible episode names.
  12. oneselfSelf

    Wisdom Tooth

    It's weird that I've seen it happen twice, weirder that it was both related to dental health too...
  13. oneselfSelf

    Is it just me who dislikes Spectres?

    I would argue that they are an interesting reskin compared to the Hell Knight. Demons themselves are powerhouses when they get to you but most of the time you'll notice them easily so it's rare to get seriously caught in a pickle with them. But Specters are a different case depending on the situation. It's the only demon I've ever face where I had to rely on sound the most because they are great at hiding in plain sight by default. Add that with the powerhouse aspect and you can easily get bit hard if you aren't paying attention in the dark.
  14. oneselfSelf

    DooM but Better [My first WAD!!]

    I fucking laughed my ass off seeing the level title "Tomato" with a lil caco next to it and then being met a gazillion cells and fucking cacos around me, 10/10