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  1. DoomGater

    Choosing Only 5 wads to Play Forever

    Didn't read the whole tread, BUT: I would prefer to download an IWAD -let's say DOOM2.WAD first. Without doing so, all those pwads are useless.... :-) My choice would comprehend the whole canon: DOOM.WAD, DOOM2.WAD, TNT.WAD, PLUTONIA.WAD and SIGIL.WAD
  2. DoomGater

    Some good doom launchers or just use bats?

    Use batches! At least that's what I did with DGDDT ("doomgate's dumb doom tool") back in 2005 :-) It's easy and is always working. (Maybe I should re-create a new version.) Is there a VisualBasic6 for Linux? (duck and run...)
  3. DoomGater

    Inexpressible 1 a 12 map wad remake

    Isn't that basically advocating pirated music? I do not like this tolerated here on DW.
  4. DoomGater

    Doom 32X Resurrection - YouTube

    Very thoughtful, well educated and kind. I like that. :-) BTW: Nice vid!
  5. DoomGater

    Doom Stupid Strategies - Spinning

    Why do I feel sick? Should I laugh? Nope. But Yip, This it is a bad idea.
  6. DoomGater

    New here, offering playtesting

    Hello. Welcome to this shiny place.
  7. There are no dumb questions....only dumb answers. I did map, yes. But long ago, in the days, when doom run solely under DOS. I am still producing music in several formats and midi files surely are not unknown to me. But I don't know nothing about your Gothic 2, but I noticed there is an evil twin. What's your portfolio, is there a website of any kind to give an idea, what you have in mind? Who's already on board, what's their story? You have to give information to inspire people. And: Don't be so desperate to hire complete strangers for a project you care about.
  8. DoomGater

    So, how old are you ?

    Which day? We want to send some birthday frags...:-)
  9. Hard work, dedication, devotion, and knowledge would help.
  10. DoomGater

    change the default iwad location directory

    Hmm, This is a question concerning gzdoom/lzdoom, which are highly sophisticated and appreciated ports of the doom engine. Which leads me to my question: Why wasn't this question posted here?
  11. Make it good and you'll remembered.
  12. DoomGater


    Anyway. shouldn't this go here?
  13. DoomGater

    So, how old are you ?

    UPDATE (just to raise my post counter and impress some newbies): 56 and still fragging.
  14. Hmm. shouldn't we simply merge all stuff from /idgames into one huge gigawad (of course with weekly updated versions)? So we would have all maps put nicely together in one place and nobody would have to look for pwads or fuss around with this stupid -file xyz command line thingie.