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  1. DoomGater

    Looking to disable my account

    Shouldn't there be such option - due to recent data protection laws and the 'right to be forgotten'? (But frankly speaking - who cares. If you don't need your account - don't use it) Do as ketmar told: Change your email address, change your display name and forget your password.
  2. BTW: There is a place for posts like this
  3. DoomGater

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    The GOG release runs fine.If you prefer the Win95 version (which came with the original release in 1997), this runs fine under Wine. The new version was quiet lame and had technical problems right from the start.
  4. DoomGater

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    ok, there are the most obvious games like Quake,Unreal, Half-Life, Duke, Blood and Shadow Warrior but there are also : - Painkiller - Descent 1/2/3 - Forsaken - RIFT, the russian Quake! - and we should not forget Redneck Rampage!! BTW; Does CARMAGEDDON count? The Eagle is a weapon!
  5. DoomGater

    My newest accomplishment!

    Chapeau! So, might we address you now as a DOOM MASTER, Sire?
  6. DoomGater

    Tips for Newbies?

    Learn the tricks of the trade. Wallrunning, proper strafing, rocket jumping (ok, rarely used for pure speedrunnings). Read Anthony Bailey: "Zigzagging Through A Strange Universe" and RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN!
  7. DoomGater

    prboom+ questions

    BTW: There' a place for posts like this: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/6-source-ports/
  8. DoomGater

    Hello, fellow kids!

    I am too old. Which movis is that?
  9. DoomGater

    Does anyone unironically use I'm Too Young To Die

    I can't give you too many details. Let's say it is a highly specialized call center. We know the problems of our customers and could help sleepwalking. It's a good job! :-)
  10. DoomGater

    I need help when playing doom multiplayer

    I find this hard to read and understand. Help is on the way. Beside that, go your own way, act responsibly and confidently and don't put too much value on the opinion of others.
  11. Buy them. Don't be a worthless freeloader without honor.
  12. DoomGater

    Does anyone unironically use I'm Too Young To Die

    From time to time I go wad-"sightseeing" (preferably while having a boring phone call with a customer). As I am to proud to iddqd , I use I'm Too Young To Die.
  13. DoomGater

    What demon annoys you the most?

    Well for me, it is clearly my aunt Anne and my old math teacher. No wee Doom monster can annoy me. Kill&Continue. No annoyance done.
  14. DoomGater

    Hello, fellow kids!

    Hi Meddy, Semi-right. O course there were hard, technologically challenging and sad moments in the history of doomworld, but here are so many talented and devoted doomers, techs and admins, who gladly jump in whenever needed, that the show will go on for quite a very long time, I guess. Please be assured, I am doing my best to keep the balance :-) so...welcome to (y)our DOOM!
  15. DoomGater

    Oh. Hey...

    BTW: There is s special place for posts like this: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/71-doom-eternal/