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  1. DoomGater

    do you use cheats in doom?

    Better start using "Hey, not too rough" otherwise it'll get too demanding, even for a vet like you.
  2. DoomGater

    Is this real?

    ~2:30 wasted lifetime. As I sit here, my finger is hovering. POST or DELETE? Doesn't matter - time is wasted anyway.
  3. DoomGater

    Realistic Forest in Vanilla DOOM

    I hate trees. They just suck away all the oxygen.
  4. DoomGater

    SC-88 Soundfont?

    Just by the way and maybe a little bit off topic: did you know, that Roland used a special algorithm to store samples in best possible quality sacrificing as little as possible memory space? RDAC (Roland Digital Audio Codec) works similar to Frauenhofer's MP3. But basically ALL Sound Canvas (and by the way, the JV series , too) are using only 8-Bit-resolution. :-O
  5. DoomGater

    So, how old are you ?

    Only in this insignificant physical realm of mortal matter. In our collective consciousness they will remain and you will be forgotten. BTW:111010.11 and still fraggin'
  6. DoomGater

    SC-88 Soundfont?

    It's a bit hidden, but you can also DL single files from that archive. here is a direct link to the mentioned soundfont: https://archive.org/download/sc-55-roland-25-gm-soundfonts/SC-55_Roland_25_GM_Soundfonts.zip/SC-55 EmperorGrieferus 79mb.sf2 Why DL 1.2G , if 80M is enough ;-) ?
  7. DoomGater

    Doom textures missing in Doom 2

    No offense intended, I was just kidding :-) !
  8. DoomGater


    "Looking better" is a very subjective criterion. There are so-called hires packs, which enable a finer resolution, but whether these really look better is open to debate. duckduckgo is your friend. @gifty:2fast4me! :-)
  9. DoomGater

    Rocchetta Plin Plin SoundFont V 2.03

    I'd appreciate it even more, it it was 100% your work.
  10. DoomGater

    Doom textures missing in Doom 2

    So in your opinion, the absence of jurisdiction justifies questionable behavior. Do you work in politics or in industry?
  11. DoomGater

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    Damn. I realize I've made myself very unpopular here because all this previously posted religious nonsense is getting on my nerves. But let's cut to the chase: isn't there any fellow doomer in his area who can give him a place to stay? At least for one or two weeks to catch some breath? This is not about christianity, it's about humanity.
  12. DoomGater


    wasn't that a thing from FastDoom? https://github.com/bnied/FastDoom/tree/master
  13. Better idea: We start a fundraiser/kickstarter thingie to get money. Then we buy the DOOM IP and bring it back where it belongs(*).
  14. DoomGater

    Doom textures missing in Doom 2

    That's exactly, what I mean. You just think "nobody cares anymore, I don't give a fuck!" an WHAM shit his the fan. If you have an option to avoid such trouble....go for it an make use of it ! :-)