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  1. DoomGater

    3D arena shooters similar to DOOM

    I'd like to help, but I don't have and don't want a google account.
  2. DoomGater

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    THIS LOOKS REALLY AMAZING. Good luck for the remaining work- Hurry up , time is fleeting!! :-)
  3. DoomGater

    Best Megawad ever (In Your Opinion)

    No question about it, it's clearly Eternal Doom (Team TNT) http://teamtnt.doomgate.de/ixet.htm
  4. DoomGater

    B.F.G and U.A.C stand for...

    Yes, we do. RTFM.
  5. DoomGater

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    2nd that.THIS one is forever: (TEAM TNT's ETERNAL DOOM) The other one will as quickly be forgotten as 'Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.'
  6. DoomGater

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Not to mention the browser version and Linux...
  7. DoomGater

    Does jumping/crouching help during fights?

    There is no bunnyhopping in DOOM and - as someone else said a long time ago: A hero does not crouch. You must be talking about some other game, But not about DOOM.
  8. DoomGater

    What is the worst movie/movies you have ever seen?

    Of course and without ANY doubt: MOORMONSTER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywR2nUXPD7Y
  9. DoomGater

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    To me she looks like a young male, who prefers other young males. I'd prefer heroines with stronger female attributes.
  10. TeamTNT reunites and Return To Oblivion will be published 10th Dec. 2018!
  11. DoomGater

    Track ball doesn't work.

    Seems like Joeboys computer broke down completely, or why doesn't he give us more details? BTW: I'm a trackie, too. Trackballs do not require as much space as a mouse, the work on any surface and they don't run away, when the surface is tilted. Logi M570 rulez ;-)
  12. DoomGater

    What is your favourite secret Level?

    Hmm, if I tell you, it's not secret any more....
  13. No. Never. Backups are my fetish. I have about 9 or 10 HDDs lying around here and 2 Hardware RAID Systems with remote access. NO Cloud. :-)
  14. DoomGater

    I Need Some Help With Research

    Aha. WHEN was the deadline??
  15. DoomGater

    What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    M A I D E N, of course! \m/