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  1. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    Her/Hex are offering fantastic atmosphere and architecture.Heretic's morph ovum is one of the funniest multiplayer power ups ever: You're a weak chicken, but you can fly (hmm, sort of...) and reach locations, which are unaccessible in normal shape. And HeXen:DEATHKINGS is simply unbelievable complicated :-) . I Love both games, but DOOM is better, simply because Doom's weapon balance is best of all games ever and that is the most important think for long time replay value.
  2. Thor: Ragnarok tribute to Doom?

    BTW: Does anybody remember RAGNAROK - The Search For Aasgard ?? Those were the days :-) Since Ty left, no chance at all to finish unfinished TNT-Business...:-(...
  3. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    I could offer 20GB with unlimited traffic permanently (@strato.de), but unfortunately, not more..:-(
  4. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    7z! Zip! 7z! Zip!
  5. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    Oops, THAT takes me back....I've dl'd a copy, too. But it was back in the 90's and the whole shebang fits on ONE DVD :-)) BTW: are there any estimations about the qualitz, maybe based on Doomworld's ratings? I have the bad feeling, that 80-90% is just digital rubbish....
  6. Nightmare!

    For those about to frag - we salute you!
  7. Ah, my fault! You're talking about BW LIMITING, not compression. But afaik nobody does that any more. BTW:without any DR at all, a record wouldnot necessary have no groove, but in the worst case it would cut radially thru the disc... directly from the rim to the center...:-)
  8. Exactly Wrong. Highly compressed masters are quite common for Vinyl. Vinly can't have extreme bass and/or extreme dynamics. And both of them are absent in brickwalls...
  9. Which Instrument Should I use in my MIDI?

    THAT is indeed an option. Many 'vocal' songs make perfect background tracks, when you omit the vocals...But all melodies played by flute, sax, Aaahs/Ooohs or synth-guitar tend go get cheesy too easily... If it sounds too thin without the melody, just double the guitar, make the bass louder or add percussion...just some ideas... Can we hear a result?
  10. What's your favourite MIDI soundfont?

    Aha.. I generally tend to prefer hardware over any soundfont; the ability to edit the presets (envelopes, filters, modulation, FX etc. ) is most important to me to finetuning an arrangement. So for Doom it is clearly the original SoundCanvas and for most other MIDI's (if it should be Roland-compatible) it is my SK88Pro (best and most powerful SoundCanvas) . Otherwise: Yammie's Tyros or Genos do their job astonishingly well, FOR MY TASTE.
  11. What's your favourite MIDI soundfont?

    BTW: M$ bought this from Roland...:-)
  12. What's your favourite MIDI soundfont?

    Of course, but for Doom the SC55/155/SCC-1 is best, because the soundtrack was made for them.
  13. What's your favourite MIDI soundfont?

    The SC-55 Soundset is ok, but the MT-32 sucks badly. BTW sysex-wise it's not compatible. But best choice is still the good old SCC-1 (or SC-55/155) :-)
  14. Which Instrument Should I use in my MIDI?

    For heavens sake: NEVER use ANY song featuring a prominent vocal line! If it has to be Maiden, than take losfer words.....
  15. They won't release a 1:1 copy of the old games because they could not sell enough quantities. - Newcomer are not attracted by a DOS Game (And as a replica, any re-release MUST be the DOS version...) - every -at least- semi-hardcore-doomer i know already has a copy of the original and/or CE etc... I agree with Fraggle: Anthology Re-Release would be nice , but I am afraid that Bethseda would spoil it and mix it with some of their new shit...:-) BTW and a little bit OT: modern vinyl does not sound as good as it could because it is a copy from a digital master. To make a good vinyl, it is crucial to have analogue technologies all the way from recording, mixing to mastering (AAA recording). Nobody does that nowadays. BTW2 and even more OT: [FeedingTheTrollMode] Bob Ludwig and Bob Clearmountain clearly stated, that the CD is by far the better sounding, superior medium.[/FeedingTheTrollMode]