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  1. I wouldn't call it a DAW, when you can't change your MIDI settings ..:-)
  2. T-shirt, shorts AND SOCKS. Are you german?
  3. "Does this really belong to CLASSIC DOOM?" EDIT: directly while typing these words, the whole thing was moved to /Newfangled/DOOM3 :-)))
  4. I know some places, but you need a timemachine to get there :-)
  5. The cover from the booklet is a smaller version of the cover of the German D2 CD V 1.666. UPDATE: Can also be found on some other versions, I guess. I agree with Maes; why don't you install it and compare the checksums? -Here- is a small table. @Swift78: one quick question:Could you please post the content of the 'readme'? Might be interesting for all of us :-) BTW: This is the content of the 'regular'(=30th September 1994) german V 1.666:
  6. Doesn't this belong to "Doom Editing"?
  7. Back in those days I thought HACX is a sacrileg and I did not like it at all. Maybe I should give it a 2nd chance.. Anyway HACX 2 looks quite impressive...
  8. Shouldn't this be moved to "SOURCE PORTS"?
  9. KILL THEM ALL! @nsa,bnd&co : just kidding
  10. THAT is the reason, why I hated HL a long time. I thought "Come on, this is a GAME, it should entertain and make fun, we don't need a reaload button, that's too much real live." Today I think, reload can increase the tension of a game. But the best games around still don't need that... BTW- just noticed : Nice typo "reaload"!
  11. Oops, I just did the same. Anyway, a second third mirror is better than none :)
  12. The girls adore me even more since playing doom
  13. visit 4chan and come back when all the kleenex is gone.
  14. After messing around a long and unsatisfying time with my supa-dupa-cando-everything launcher "doom processing unit" ten years ago or so, I stopped using launcher-utilities at all. You get never exactly what you need and checking/installing/configurating every tool takes simply too much time. Further on, I am using Linux, and there aren't soo many launchers around...:-) For me the fastest solution is good old command line! For the curious: here is a screenshot of my ridiculous abomination Doom Processing Unit :-)