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  1. Love this TC, very accurate conversion from the psx original. My only real complaint and it's minor, but the secret exit from perfect hatred shouldn't exist if you're going for full on authenticity. Fear should only be accessed via the lost levels pack.
  2. whiteboy567

    Doombringer : Episode 1 Released on Steam!

    Keep up the great work! This is one project I can't wait to delve into
  3. whiteboy567

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    I'm pretty sure this is a total conversion for the PSX version of doom not the PC version last time I checked. There's no secret exit in the playstation version.
  4. Sort of related to my lost levels post. Any way to remove the secret exit from Perfect Hatred? As soon as I see that switch it breaks the immersion. I think authenticity should take precedent over compatibility with another wad.
  5. whiteboy567

    [Released] PSX Doom: The Lost Levels

    While I do appreciate the effort put into this and it's a great Idea. I feel that these levels are not on par with the PSX doom levels. It's as if the PSX limitations weren't strictly enforced and thrown out the window. There are way too many Barons of hell when in the playstation version hell knights would be more plentiful then the Barons. The Cyberdemon is used too often. Some of the coloured light sectors seem over the top. Where as in the playstation version, the lighting sectors were used in a way that builds ambiance. A personal annoyance is the fact that a secret exit was added in Perfect Hatred in the original mapset of the PSX TC whether you're using the PSX doom TC on it's own or adding the lost levels on top. Just seeing that switch breaks the immersion for me. If you guys were ever to revisit this, it'd be great if the notion of "could i burn this onto a playstation disc and have it run on the playstation with no problems" was used for the entire wad.
  6. whiteboy567

    Terrorist Attack in Ottawa

    Yeah it was pretty chaotic downtown today. I was supposed to work an evening shift but they ended up cancelling it with this e-mail: "Concerning the 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM shift on 10/22/2014 MESSAGE: -------------------------------------- Hello, Your shift for this evening has been cancelled. At the request of Ottawa Police and the RCMP we have asked all staff NOT currently inside our downtown Ottawa office to not come into work. Due to the dynamic and fluid situation our evening shift has to be cancelled tonight without pay. Thank you for your understanding through this challenging day."
  7. Chronohunters wads instantly come to mind: TLSD2003 http://www.wad-archive.com/wad/468686918f1d590c2412bdfa1390bc6f TLSD2004 http://www.wad-archive.com/wad/1ed8a96147291262ff02f8188606efd0 TLSXctf1 http://www.wad-archive.com/wad/0af8b239b239b2adbff494fa4c604622 Great memories jamming out to these.
  8. whiteboy567

    The BEST - part Deux.

    Hell revealed again. Don't really understand this second topic, won't everybody be voting for the same wad they nominated?
  9. whiteboy567

    I have to confess something about BTSX

    Honestly, map names and story for a project are some of the most trivial nitpicks i've ever seen. People really give a rats ass about that stuff?
  10. whiteboy567

    I have to confess something about BTSX

    That's a great way to describe it actually, but I mean that in the least offensive way possible to all the authors. Were there actually restrictions when creating the wad? That'd explain a lot. I can't for the life of me differentiate one map from the other when thinking back.
  11. whiteboy567

    I have to confess something about BTSX

    I'm also in agreement, I too was disappointed with BTSX. Like others are saying maybe I was expecting too much. With that being said, it's not a bad wad at all. The list of people who worked on the wad contains some of my favourite mappers out there, the maps themselves are beautiful and well designed. My problem lies in the fact that I just don't think the enemies are that well choreographed. To me, it almost felt like the monsters were sometimes placed randomly just to fill up the maps at points, rather then designing an area around an interesting fight. So my initial impression is that BTSX is a beautiful set of levels but consists of pretty boring gameplay overall. I've yet to mess around in Episode 2.
  12. whiteboy567

    Best Doom Wads?

    Hell Revealed After a rough start, the last 22 or so maps are unrivalled in the gameplay department imo. Still haven't found another wad like it that perfectly nails the difficulty balance and interesting fight situations it provides. Never get bored of pistol starting them. Not only that, but it makes for one of the most fun and memorable coop wads out there!
  13. I agree with Salahmander, the club doom music doesn't fit at all. IMO the track should only stick to club doom, otherwise it completely ruins the atmosphere. Level looks nice regardless.
  14. whiteboy567

    What are some good 3DS games?

    You might have to resort to online: http://www.amazon.com/Cave-Story-3D-Nintendo-3DS/dp/B004TMGZ72
  15. whiteboy567

    What are some good 3DS games?

    Mario & Luigi Dream Team Project X Zone Animal Crossing New Leaf Mutant Mudds Guild01(Crimson Shroud) Mario Kart 7 Cave Story 3D Rhythm Thief and the Emperors Treasure Theatre Rhythm Final Fantasy Go! Go! Kokopolo - Harmonious Forest Revenge Kid Icarus: Uprising Shinobi 3D Super Mario 3D Land Resident Evil Revelations Dead or Alive Dimensions